Enchanted Garden


This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Enchanted Garden Slot
Enchanted Garden
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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Enchanted Garden Overview

Here is a brand-new and extremely intriguing Enchanted Garden in UK provided to your attention.

Enchanted Garden in UK is a cool and interesting slot video game from the RTG software provider which was released in 19.01.2011. This video game makes it possible to win a 25000 with ease since of 5 paylines.

3 reels and 5 paylines generate a strong winning possibility.

If you put on t wish to take threats, position a minimum bet 0.15 and you won’t lose much. However if you put an optimum bet 150 , you can win a 25000.

FLASH was used to create Enchanted Garden in UK from RTG.

Enchanted Garden Video Review

Enchanted Garden


Jesse Cain
November 30, 2019

Enchanted Garden it is Real Time Gaming slot game.This game is not very interesting for me. Of course the reason is probably that symbols and pictures and whole look of the game is not for men, I really think so. Unicorns, some magic princess, and others butterfly etc. Not very like it, and even music and sounds are not very liked by me.There is 20 pay lines, and then min bet is 0.20 . Not much say about this bet size in this game, sometimes I recommend to play with higher bets when game is not very nasty, sometimes I say that best way is enjoy with low bets and do not risk, but with this game I did not know what to say.This game is a bit strange by all matters like I said. Wilds here appear on all reels, but interesting that they appear rare, and I have no idea how to get good payout here. Few times I have many wilds on reels - payout is low, once I had 3 wilds on pay line, on first 3 reels, payout was still low. Once I have one wild for 5 of a kind, payout was good. Probably not very clear explanation, but you need to play this slot to understand.To trigger free spins you need wild on reel 1 and scatter on reel 5. Once I have 5 scatters, and got not very big payout, something like 10$ on min bet, and no feature, of course it is not what I am expect from 5 scatters. Free spins could be really long, for 3 symbols like wilds, or unicorns, or scatters, or just mixed this symbols - you got + few free spins. I believe once i played 50 free spins, but won less than 50 dollars with 1 dollar bet.

Nina Wilson
September 2, 2019

Unicorns, butterflies, sapphires and fairies. Everything you could possibly think of in an old fantasy RTG game. Not quite in my taste but probably a favorite on some young lady getting into the world of online gambling. I definitely think the creator of this game was a woman with a creative imagination because she really managed to nail the theme of this slot game.The graphic is somewhat better than most old RTG slots. I have to say that the first time I played this game the sound reminded me of Warlocks Spell. Both games have fantasy for a theme so maybe they have a same creator. Who knows?The wild symbol of this game is the Fairy Princess and she substitutes all other symbols doubling the win on a winning payline. She only appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 while reel 1 is reserved for the scatter The Fountain. The highest paying symbol of the game is the unicorn and that is the symbol you will want to see most. 5 of these galloping beauties on the reels and you get a staggering 2500 x bet win. The scatter symbol only pays 500 x bet for 5 of these blazing geizers. Considering all, this game doesn't have a big payout table so you cant expect to have some big wins. It also lacks more features. Only free spins, no standard pick up bonus, win-win feature or even a feature guaranteed. Even expanding wilds would come in handy here. The free spins feature is triggered when a scatter lands on reel 1 and wild symbol on reel 5. Than you get 7 free spins which is way too low in my opinion considering the paytable. Anyway the good thing is that you can get extra free spins if you get 3 or more firefly symbols during the free spins. Than you get 3 more extra spins and all wins are tripled.My experience with this game has been nothing worth mentioning. In the free spins feature I usually got20 or 25 x bet never more. Base play wins were always small so I rarely play it anymore. It would be good to see some high fantasy win here from time to time.

Wilma Nelson
July 5, 2019

Many of us have a garden but this is not an ordinary garden, this is a garden in which to grow the adrenaline and the desire for a good time. In this garden all the magic just as the title of slot machines said. If you've played the Warlock's Spell slot and if you too small daily dose of magic that you've come to the right place, make yourself comfortable, throw your magic wand, because all you will need now is good will and some money in the account. Otherwise, it is a game with 20 payment lines, the figure in the account may not be significant enough only slightly in order to stay and play this magical game until the end. I remember this game by a lot of nice things, I turned one of deposit bonuses on one RTG casino and only on it, fulfilled the wager requirements of 30x deposit + bonus only by playing this game.I hope you are now enough vicious, so we can proceed with the review of the Enchanted Garden slot game. What is most important first mention what is wild and scatter symbol in an enchanted garden. Wild symbol this time wearing a Fairy Princess, while the scatter only for you this time to be a popular symbol of the Garden. The principle of activating the free spins game is similar as in Caesar's Empire slot game, except that here it is necessary that the one of the first four columns on the drum receiving Garden symbol until the fifth Fairy Princess need to start the free spins bonus round. When you get this combination opens up the possibility of winning through 7 free spins with a multiplier of 3x, which is quite enough to achieve some significant gains, I managed several times I believe you are.In essence, this has nothing more to add everything else is the same as in the other 5 reel slots, the minimum bet per line 0.01 maximum $ 5, the total maximum bet is $ 100. There is a standard auto-play option, means everything is exactly the same in terms of shape, way rotation slot machines and generally all other options. In fulfilling the wagering requirement for the deposit bonus, use the car I regularly play mode, I have always had their own rules that 100 autoplay spins do not exceed in total the role of 50% of the current amount of the account at the beginning autoplay games. Only thus can the time to see how much you have won and so you switch to another game and try to restore confidence and with it, a good portion of your money. In general quite fair play so is the score. Rating 8/10

Gordon Berry
June 10, 2019

Enchanted garden video slot it is another one game which brought to us from fresh brains at real time gaming software. This is by the way favorite online video slot for my girlfriend, did not know why, because of unicorns probably? :)This game has 20 paylines, and like many other wilds here have no payout, and appear on reels 2 3 4 5. Wilds double win if substitute, and also wild on reel 5 is needed to trigger free spins. When scatter land on reel 1 and wild land on reel 5 player gets 7 free spins. By the way scatters can appear everywhere, and for 5 scatter player will just be awarded with x 200 total bet, not bad at all, right? Best possible win during base game is 5.000 coins for 5 unicorns with wild, and it is 250 x total bet. I never get it, but my gf has this one few times, probably this game can pay only for girls, who know. Free spins feature here have tripled prizes, but number of free spins is low, so real time gaming guys add one more feature here, when 3+ pictures appear on reels, every picture will add up to 3 free spins. Great thing, once i played more than 30 free spins thanks to this feature. MY best win during base game here is never was more than x 100 total bet, and for me it is hard to imagine that it is easy win. Best feature was x 150 total bet, and that was after around 30 free spins played, so result also not so great.Medium variance game, and payouts are low here in my opinion. I did not play this game anymore, just sometimes when i play real time gaming casino my gf watch and say that i should open this game and give her a mouse to make spins. Sometimes she even win, which is surprise for me, as it is hard to win at real time gaming casino.

Gladys Potter
May 3, 2019

No more what-tic? The first time I heard it. 'Novomatic', not 'no more what-tic', hahaha. Well, don't blame me, I was purely a Playtech fanatic in those days, until last year or so. There are many more provider names that I am still not familiar with, so I'll probably go on with more 'what-tic', 'what-surl' and 'what-eck'! Oh, what the heck, hehehe. But Novomatic certainly isn't a 'what-tic' to me anymore. I've had many plays on their games by now, strange at first, but okay right now, and one of them is Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe. One of the first few Novomatic games that I've played.With a nice smiling blonde lady like that, wouldn't you want to try her out? I did, and many times too! Hahaha. I found it rather strange that Novomatic games play with only 10 lines, unlike other provider games, but I do like the usual starting minimum bets of just 0.20Euro on all of their games, making them affordable to play for everyone. Or was that 0.40Euro staring minimum bet? Gees, it's been a long while since I last played any of their games, so sorry if I got this bit wrong! The bet size increments do tend to be a bit too much, especially on the higher bets range, but you can always stick with the lower bets as you like best. For me, at times I like it small, at times I like it big, depending on my mood and how the game plays.This sweet lucky lady can be very friendly at times, can be very arrogant at other times. When you call for her, she wouldn't come. When you're occupied doing something else, she would suddenly appear. Yep, a number of times she did get my middle finger, but she didn't see that of course! Must always respect a lady! Hahaha. I quite like the free spins game when they do come. Retriggers are not a dream, unlike in Microgaming games, and these can come a few times within one feature game too. I can't remember what was the most number of retriggers I had gotten, but it was probably 3 or 4 times I think. Payouts can be low, but can be decent too, but rarely more than 200x the total bet amount. Nonetheless, my best was 456x my total bet, nothing more than that so far. I wouldn't know what the highest possible win could be, because there aren't any expanding wilds and whatnots, so probably 500x or so might be the maximum. Still, this Lady can be a real lucky charm at the right time on the right day, so I might go on chasing her once in a while, hehehe.

Carlos Nixon
February 17, 2019

Generally low paying and boring base game, and same goes to freespins. You can have a lot of freespins, but payouts low and wins very low.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.