God Of Wild Sea


This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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God of Wild Sea Slot
God Of Wild Sea
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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God Of Wild Sea Overview

God of Wild Sea is a slot machine game that describes a beautiful underwater world. That the background is kept in Blue; explains itself accordingly. But what do we see? The ruin of a lost people or the habitat of mermaids and women?

The latter is more likely by the symbolism of the God of Wild Sea Slot. Play God of Wild Sea online: control the Setscreens before we come to the special Features in this slot; let’s first light up; how the player himself puts Hand on this slot. Let’s start right away. Here, each player should first decide for themselves; where his budget for the God of Wild Sea slot is.When the capital issue is resolved, we can deal with the hiring Buttons.

There are arrows up and down. The minimum stake amounts to 0; 25 Euro. A maximum of 100 Euro can be placed per spin.

If you want to risk this sum, you don’t need to press the Button many times. There is a button; which is described with “Max”and immediately sets the Maximum at God of Wild Sea. God of Wild Sea free: lines and autoplay in many slot games it is actually possible to determine the number of rows.

In this case, of course, there is a span which must be observed. In this case, however, a fixed number of 25 lines is specified.

It is also worth noting that these series run from left to right without exception. The most valuable symbols must be two; add the other pictures three times or more.Additional settings can be made with the God of Wild Sea online. We’re talking about Autoplay.

The player may choose how many rounds are played without his intervention. At least five Spins must be selected.

A maximum of 999 rotations can be set. It is also possible to enter a limit for losses or profits.

More information about the Wild and BonusVom Wild have already been heard by almost all slot players. The God of Wild Sea Slot also has a corresponding Symbol. With regard to the one-armed bandits, this picture is comparable to the Joker of a card game.

It has a replacement function.

Only the Bonus picture cannot be replaced by the Wild.With reference to this Casino game we would like to bring an example.

Let’s assume once; that the dolphin on the first and second roller; along a Payline; comes to a standstill.

Since it is not visible on the third role; the profit would normally fail. Thanks to the game; when it appears in continuation of the series; nevertheless, a payout takes place.So there are up to 20 free spins to win free games are the salt in the soup of each slot machine. The Bonus Symbol is in charge of God of Wild Sea. If it appears five times on the reels, there is a Maximum of 20 free spins for the player.

There are still 12 free spins left over for four scatters. And if the Bonus appears three times; so it is at least 8 free Spins.But what does free play mean?

It is a round that does not have to be paid by the player. Consequently, the question arises ; which use is chosen. The answer is clear: the capital used is chosen as the benchmark, which was decisive when the free rounds were reached.

The higher the stake there, the higher it will be over the entire free spins.

God of Wild Sea tips and Tricks: the higher the stake, the more profitable the free games will be. However, there are not so often donated free spins.

Therefore, we recommend a deployment strategy. Each player should be prepared to bet a minimum and maximum amount. After several rounds, without winning; the insert is adjusted upwards.

Finally, a payout is reached; let’s start from the beginning.There is at least the possibility to get into the free games with a larger sum. For God of Wild Sea Games can even add free spins beyond the original maximum 20 free spins. Additional bonus symbols can activate a Maximum of 50 Free Spins. By the way, God may appear by chance and conjure up more Wilds on the playing field.

Conclusion to the God of Wild Sea Slot: fun! God of Wild Sea is really fun. Atmosphere and regular profits go Hand-in-Hand. The Name of the slot comes from the special feature. When the God occurs, he distributes Wilds over the playing field. In addition, up to 50 Free Games can be won in a row. Symbolism and musical background also know to please.

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125% up to €300 + 200 spins
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Welcome offer is valid for New Players only. Welcome offer is valid for the first 5 deposits only. Minimum Deposit of €20 required. Wagering requirement x35

God Of Wild Sea Video Review

God Of Wild Sea


Henry Nathan
November 22, 2019

The only downside to this game is the seemingly low paying base paytable, though it was difficult to establish a baseline because of the fact you choose your bet size based on your current balance. What does 200 coins even mean in that situation? After checking the games settings I was able to set the paytable to display in cash and discovered the top symbol returns just 2x your stake for a five of a kind - very poor indeed, even if it is possible to win on a large number of paylines at once and I did find my free spins rounds were paying out much lower than I would have expected for the large number of wilds and picture symbols I had onscreen. I still feel this is a solid effort by PlaysonStudios and I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for more of their games in the future, but I can't recommend it right now because the payouts seem way too low despite the advertised 96.4% RTP.

Joshua Edward
October 1, 2019

“Aliens” from Playson is not a slot. It is the movie itself! Awesome. I played here for over half a day. It was the toy I was looking for a few days and here it was, I found it between many other new and enticing slots at Slotstory.com. It took me a few hours to detach myself from the action and suspense atmosphere of this slot and to write this review. Even the intro sequence at the beginning of slot is like being detached from the real film. What to say about the game itself! Whenever symbols (which of course represent the aliens of the movie) align, I feel like shivering. The thrill is rising. A multiplier advances on a bar above the slot and I am glad the bar did not hit its end and I have not entered yet the Free Spins round. Yes I wrote well, I am glad the Free Spins round did not started because when they start the tension is unbearable. And the greater the suspense, the bigger the wins are. About the wins I will say just one word: enough! The bar with multipliers mentioned before, indicates the level of infestation with aliens. Every spin decreases the bar length by one unit. Every win increases the bar length by 3-4 units. The bar multipliers are associated each with a symbol in the game. So the bar fills when the wins come one after another. The Free Spins start when this bar indicates the maximum level of infestation with aliens. This round is magnificent. There are actually two steps that can be played, “The Encounter” and “The Hive”. In “The Encounter” you must destroy all the God Of Wild Sea that come your way to reach the nest. In “The Hive”, you have to destroy the Alien Queen. I have not managed to play the second round, and I felt very bad. But probably I would not have lasted because of the suspense. To look for ammunition, to shoot every alien who comes along and I in addition to watch for the spins themselves ... Each time I finished the ammunition before reaching the nest. Too much. I am just kidding because this slot is excellent. Playson has done a great job this time.

Carter Elijah
June 27, 2019

The game is very fussy and you have to know when to quit. It will give you 2 Merlin or 2 keys, and make you think that the feature is coming, but it never will. I have learned that the hard way, and it is no fun. There is also no stop button, which is lame, and you have to wait for the reels to spin.Over all a cool game that can pay big. My rating 7 out of 10.

Lewis Alice
April 29, 2019

Okaaay, what about my first impressions? The game certainly looked so boring and dull to me, I must say, lacking in eye-catching graphics, presentations or colours. The game scenarios are mostly dark and almost lifeless. Animations? What animations? Except for the intro video, there's not much of animations around...just those for the icons and symbols when they become active. Playsonwants to keep it looking simple? Whatever.My first thoughts...what the heck is that spiky ugly thing? Yeah...the seat of the throne...urrrgh! How could any ruler, real or fiction, use THAT as the seat of a throne, I wondered?! It not only looks very painful to sit in, it looks so treacherous as well. So it stayed in my mind that any ruler who seats himself in THAT seat must be a blardy treacherous ruler...a ruler so cruel beyond believe...inhuman in nature...and very very sadistic. True or false? I don't even know now...I still haven't seen the TV series...nor read the book! The game doesn't tell me anything more at all, except for the names of the 4 rulers...Baratheon and Targaryen certainly fit in with names in that kind of era...but Lannister and Stark sounds contemporary to me...like Stark, the Ironman. Yep, Stark in his Ironman suit could easily defeat any of the three kingdoms...or even all of them...but then again, you wouldn't have a hit TV series and game, would you?!Gameplay is the one thing that I do not like the most about any Playsonand Quickfire games! Whenever I compare them with Playtech games...they all lose out without any doubts from me! Quickfire games tend to keep free spins from coming often, or close to one another. Usually only two free games would come closely, rarely three...whilst all others are spaced continents apart! I really really hate this trait! Also, special feature games, none available in God Of Wild Sea though, that could make you wait for a thousand spins or more...and then pays you nothing! Not once...not twice...but three times in a row...before finally paying you a miserable 10xbet win on the fourth game! This has happened to me in another big hit MG/Quickfire game...but that thrashing review will come separately, hahaha.Yeah, you would have realized by now just how much I dislike Playson games! I don't try to hide it...rather...I want to expose it...the more the better...because it actually hurts me whenever I read that someone is loving this MG game, or that MG game...for one reason or another..which I personally cannot accept. Hence, I may be hammering away at MG games, as I want and as I like...but everything said and done are nothing more than my own personal findings. Just take it...or leave it, hehehe.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.