Jungle Wild


This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Jungle Wild slot
Jungle Wild
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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Jungle Wild Overview

Jungle Wild in UK: find the hidden temple and get the treasure

Jungle Wild in UK is a wildlife-themed slot machine from WMS released in 2013. This game will take you on an amazing journey into the jungles. Try to find the hidden Mayan temple and become rich! You will meet many wonderful animals on your way, so the adventure is going to be very interesting.

Walk through the jungle

Jungle Wild in UK is a beautiful game with a stylish playing field and smooth animations. It features such symbols as:

  • Various flowers;
  • Parrots;
  • Butterflies;
  • Aztec coins;
  • Jungle Wild in UK logo.

Besides standard symbols, this online slot has wilds and scatters that will help you win more money.

Extra features

Developers from WMS added two types of bonus features into this game:

  • Free spins. It is activated by three or more scatters (Temples);
  • Guaranteed bonus. It triggers at the start of the free spin feature if you play with maximum paylines.

Even though these bonuses are not very original, they can vastly increase your total prize. The game is available in many casinos online and it has a high RTP, which makes it a good option for real money play.

Online Casinos Where You Can Play Jungle Wild

Bonus amount
125% up to €300 + 200 spins
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Welcome offer is valid for New Players only. Welcome offer is valid for the first 5 deposits only. Minimum Deposit of €20 required. Wagering requirement x35

Jungle Wild Video Review


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Michele Martin
April 27, 2020

I guess this slot is not among the best known games in the business but I think the interface we can meet here are really awesome and it should deserve much more attention. As the name suggests this is a product dedicated to Wild life and it’s so beautiful and well-made that I think it must be on the top list of representatives of that subject. The creators cleverly recognized that the very colourful and superb drawn symbols can be visually the most effective if they cover the entire background with black colour. The figures are all very nice and they illustrate wonderful flowers and animals as well as some ancient relics or pyramids. Graphically, this slot very reminds me of Panther Moon by Playtech and I have to say if I must name the most beautiful games I’ve ever played, I’m sure these two would definitely be among the first ones that would come into my minds.Fortunately, Jungle Wild (just like Panther Moon) doesn’t let me down and disappoint me when the conversations start about their game segments because I find Jungle Wild as a very correctly working game and even if it doesn’t offer as much features as some other gamblers seek for in a gambling product but it proved me not once that it has not just the ability to dazzle me with its appearance and be entertaining but also good rewarding and generally a very player-friendly paying slot.Perhaps, the written things on the paytable won’t support me with the above mentioned statement as if we strictly look at the numbers there they don’t seem to be too generous (like the paying ability of the best rewarding 5 of a kind line win which is no more than 2500 times of line bet or the Wild doesn’t possess the power to multiply wins or pay any by own) but believe me that seemingly poorer qualitiesare well compensated by the surprisingly often occurring wins and feature triggering spins. Lot of smaller wins around x4 - x6 times of total bet happens and even the base game can be in real awarding mood at times but the free spins feature is almost always a great partner if some relative great wins are very timely.We need to have at least 3 Pyramid symbols on the screen to get awarded with 5 free spin. During that session we get guaranteed reels that turns into Wilds at every spin and besides these 2 reels other additional Wilds also may appear on the other not selected reels. I know 5 free games is not too much but this side game is so rewarding that I can’t really remember when I won here less than x40 - x50 times of my total bet. My best record came when I played this feature with €1.20 bet and the first, third and fifth reels entirely became Wilds and the other two reels also contained Wilds and the final won amount at the end of the session was very close to €210. I simple really like this feature.Honestly, I’ve really got nothing against this slot and all I can say about it is just positive things. It’s really a pleasure to eye product with very good and open-handed gaming system and the overall entertaining and game enjoying factor is very high, at least for me. Someone may miss the ability of the game to be real exciting but in my opinion neither the theme nor the gorgeous symbols don’t need it and in my opinion that wouldn’t be a real fit to this smooth atmosphere.If other one would mention that this slot would have more features to offer, well, I wouldn’t protest against it but for me this game is very great in this format as it is now. It’s definitely recommended game but unfortunately there not too much casino where it available to play, but I think it’s really worth to look after it.

Romana Mata
November 15, 2019

Only 5 free spins, would have liked it to be a bit more than that.

Dustin Becker
October 19, 2019

Jungle wild is the game that I will never forget that's for sure.Why you wondering? Well, a few years ago I went to a land based casino alone because I was bored as hell, there was nothing to do nor inside or outside (outside nothing to do? Yes, it was a hard rain).So I decided to go to the casino and at that moment WMS was not online, at least not in the Netherlands.I went playing Jungle wild and this game has less paylines than the online version, this one has 9 paylines and it pays more than the online version. I put a 5 euro bill in the slot and after pushed 3 times the spin button the machine went tilt, I thought I broke the machine. A minute later a casino worker walked towards me and put his hand out and congrats me, he told me that I just won the mystery jackpot worth 1000 euro.First time playing jungle wild did gave me luck and I was 1000 euro richer.The online version of Jungle wild has 30 paylines and last year I played this game at Casino euro with no luck at all, I deposited an amount of 100 euro and lost all of it within 2 hours playing this game, not even got any bonus round. I just couldn't believe my eyes and of course there was some cursing involved but in the end it didn't help a thing.The next thing I did was deposited another 100 euro and stubborn I was I continued playing this game because I had the feeling that it would give all my losses back but unfortunately it was not the case, instead I lost another 50 euro playing this game.That day I decided never to play this game again but my curiosity thought otherwise.The next day I did gave this game another try but this time I played just for fun but with real money.Surprisingly after a few spins I manage to get the bonus round and it gave all my losses back plus a few tenner winnings.Now I know that online Jungle wild has more paylines I never play the land based version ever again.

Benny Bryant
September 15, 2019

The slot Jungle Wild is almost identical to another game of WMS called Magic Wand, maybe a little in appearance but mainly in terms of gameplay, both have a round of 5, 7 and 20 free games to be triggered by the appearance of 3, 4 and 5 scatters during which two wild reels appear during every free spin and sometimes they appear more stacked wilds able to generate sudden big wins; good hitting average during the base game is also one aspect in common, though perhaps the performance of Jungle Wild is a little better because instead of 25, Jungle Wild has 30 paylines and a very active wild symbol contributing to boost the average of successes in a remarkable way; theoretical RTP (Return to Player) of this slot is 95.96%, which is a pretty decent percentage for a game of this nature, in addition I should also add that free round is not a feature particularly difficult to be triggered, at least the round of 5 turns, because I cannot say the same about rounds of 7 and 20 free spins, but even this short round of free games is capable of flowing a lot of adrenaline inside our body, particularly when we are crossing fingers wishing the couple of wild reels get positioned between reels 1 and 3 which would virtually guarantee us a big win.The concept that personally I have of Jungle Wild is very positive, not only because I have got big wins repeatedly during rounds of free spins, but because during the base game my balance seemed sustain at acceptable levels in most cases until it happens a free round feature that is the one designed to boost our balance and help us achieve our profit targets. In short, I think this slot, released by WMS in 2013, is a game that deserves a chance by part of both novice players and professional gamblers, so I hope they do it and only remains for me to wish you good luck in the attempt.

Brooke Moreno
September 1, 2019

Jungle Wild is one of the games that I saw someone play on Youtube and I was very happy to play it when I stumbled upon it. I remember on Youtube some guy was playing it in the Las Vegas casino, and because I really want to go there I wanted to experience their type of slot games. As I understand most of them use WMS games and I honestly see why. All of the games have great graphics and are more attractable than other games. Also I noticed that the games play much better of high bets and I would recommend to everyone to stay away from small bets. I myself try to stick to that strategy but sometimes have no choice but to play small. A perfect bet would be from €0.90 to €1.60. This games is one of my favorites and the reason is that I get really lucky on it. It is the easiest by far to get the feature and good pays on. I always change my game play. I would start off playing normal, then double tap few times and then play normal gain. It works for me and you should give it a try too. On some occasions I was even lucky enough to get the feature straight away after another one has just ended. My best win in the free spins was €196 on a €0.90 bet. I dont even know how I got it, because I had to leave the room when the free spins started and I only came back when they were finished. I actually really like the free spins on this game. Each spin two reels are wild and can give you a huge win. Over all the game is really cool and I really like it. For me it is one of my favorites and I am giving it 10 out of 0. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

Laurence Watkins
June 1, 2019

If you prefer older slots and are tired of the new wave of trendy games, then Jungle Wild from casino software provider WMS is definitely one to look out for. This game is pretty much a classic and I remember playing it like it was yesterday. While I was more of a sports betting fan few years ago, sometimes I made the odd trip to playing slots at my favorite online casinos.And trust me I didn’t know much about how to play slots back then. I was playing 9 euros per spin like a mad man thinking it was the normal thing to do. While now I know better, because playing with such a high bet can turn a player bankrupt extremely quick if the wins are not coming in regularly.Jungle Wild offers 5-reels, 3-rows and 30-paylines. The theme focuses on the jungle and Indian relics. Graphics wise this game is okay considering it was released some time ago. The symbols to look out for are the Jungle Wild emblem which logically acts like a wild and can replace all other symbols with the exception of the scatter. The Indian pyramid acts as a scatter and you need at least 3 of them to trigger the free spins feature. During my base game play the wins came in quite often. Not huge wins, since the max it can pay is only 2500 coins for five of a kind wilds, which is around 83x bet. The Inca masks pay around 25x bet for a 5oak. So logically there isn’t much to be won during base game. I had the 5oak of the Inca masks once, but also often small wins to keep my balance alive.I started off with a balance of 1,000 euros after losing a big bet on a soccer match. What amazes me with this game was the free spins feature though. Here at least two reels completely turn into a wild during each spin. Although the feature only hands out 5 free spins, I got to admit the free round is very exciting and surely will capture your attention. Especially if you manage to get other wild symbols on the remaining reels, which of course is a very difficult task.I ended up winning around 450 euros from my first feature. Only few spins later I managed to trigger it again. But this time I hardly had any win, but remarkably I did receive some sort of consolation prize in the form of a bonus guarantee so I wasn’t left completely empty-handed.I had a profit of approximately 375 euros and decided to move on playing live roulette. Overall a nice low-variance game which is definitely worth a shot for the recreational player.

Carla Rowe
March 31, 2019

Some time ago I came across this game in Trada casino. I had a solid balance so I wanted to try out all of the games here because they don’t have a big selection of slots and there were only about 10 slots I haven’t played. I have to say that I liked the game at first sight and spent about an hour playing here with bets from 0.25 up to 1.25.This a standard 5 reel, 25 payline slot coming from NextGen Gaming. I have to admit this software provider has some great games and I have played almost every game they have in their offer. The theme of the game are Mythical Fairies. The graphic is on a descent level and the sounds are great so it can be a relaxing slot to play. There are two main features in this game, expanding wilds and the free spins bonus. If a Fairy symbol lands on reels 2, 3 or 4 or on all 3 of them if you are really lucky it expands to fill the reel maximizing the number of paylines. This is a great feature in the game and the Fairy symbols come quite often. They land mostly by one but once I did manage to hit 3 of them and I had a great win. If you manage to hit 3 scatters on the reels you are awarded with 10 free spins and all wins are multiplied by 3. The free spins can be retriggered and when the game is paying that happens a lot. In one session I managed to get 4 retriggers. I was playing on a minimum bet and ended up with a 60 euros win which isn’t so big but is still a great win considering the bet. In Trada casino I managed to raise my balance for over 150 euros playing this game. I like it, it can pay good so I recommend it to everyone.

Frank Bode
December 17, 2018

Play on the Jungle Wild slot machines from the WMS casino software developer and enjoy the wilderness in all its glory. The slot theme is full of cute wild animals that you can meet in the jungles of the Amazonia. Fantastic theme is complemented by pleasant music and high-paying features. All this makes the Jungle Wils slot worth seeing. All wins on the Jungle Wild slot machine appear on 30 active pay lines, the number of which you can change using the controls on the toolbar. In this game, the more you bet, the more money you will win.

Launch free spins and expect your jackpot.

Harry Hamilton
October 20, 2018

Perhaps one of the favorites among gamblers on online casino sites is Jungle Wild video slot from the company-developer of WMS slot machines, which gained its popularity among gamers, thanks to a multitude of amazing features, and a very low minimum bet that turn the game into a holiday. On the images of the characters you will see various insects, plants and birds, which are synonymous with the jungle. Moreover, in the depths of the jungle are the remains of a lost civilization and precious treasures of innumerable wealth. Earned your free spins will add chances for a big cash prize.

Very convenient entertainment for low-limit players.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.