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KISS slot
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KISS Overview

The company WMS always surprises its users with the release of video slots with unusual themes. So, the developers of the company presented players with a machine called Kiss, the main subject for which was the popularity of a rock band with a similar name. The manufacturer decided to devote his video slot to the theme of the rock concert, and accordingly invite his users to a virtual performance of the famous American group. The player will have a concert atmosphere, performance along with legends of rock and receiving a fee for diligence and musicality.

Kiss slot machine is dedicated to the famous American rock band, which toured around the world and gathered crowded halls at their performances. Every person who came to their concert was charged with energy and a positive attitude. In memory of this amazing group, the manufacturer of slot machines created a video slot, also called KISS in UK. From this machine, the user will also have a lot of positive emotions, because it is made in accordance with the style of the rock band, contains thematic images and symbols, and also charges with high-quality musical accompaniment.

KISS Video Review


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Tanisha Huynh
December 28, 2019

Just to say again, sometimes some payouts are small, it is difficult to trigger the Free Spins round, and the graphics are very weak.

Elaine Gibbs
June 9, 2019

The origin of the Kiss slot name stays in the same name the well known rock band has. I observe that the gamblers opinions about the slot payouts are divided, but one thing is certain: the rating of this slot is certainly 7/10.In my opinion it is true that the slot payouts sometimes can be very small of some 10 cents, but it is equally true that here there are wins big enough and quite frequent. When I played here the slot was not at all stingy and the total payout approached the announced return of 95%. And when you gamble 100-200 pounds with a loss of only 5-10 pounds this really means something.There are slots having 100 paylines with a higher bet than here, where you always lose big. To me it seems that a bet of 50 cent/100 paylines like for this slot, is just enough taking into account that quite often you win 2-4 pounds/spin. The slot is the only one of its kind with 100 paylines where the spins take place on two separate sets of reels. The first set of reels is the one you know from other slots (only it has four lines) and the second set of reel is gigantic (12 lines). The slot symbols are drawn from the life and work of the “Kiss” rock band. Yet, the graphics are very weak and is one of the reasons for this slot is not receiving a higher grade. The feature that provides the big returns described above is that once every 2-3 spins at least one reel (on both sets) is filled with Wilds from top to bottom. Imagine how is to have a 12-30 wilds on the entire screen? Even if sometimes because the display is gigantic you will earn less, there will be enough moments when you will be very proud of the wins obtained.Too bad that the Free spins come so hard. They require 3 “Kiss” on all 10 reels when only one “Kiss” symbol falls once every 5-10 spins. I have enjoyed these Free spins though I played quite a lot for them (150-200 spins).Apart from the weak graphics I have nothing against this slot. The music of Kiss band that accompanies the spins is very nice.

Patrick Simmons
February 7, 2019

Is it me or is it hot in here?...Nope, it's Sharon Stone.As a teenager I wasn't allowed to watch the movie Basic Instict. Back then, I lived with my grand parents and a few uncles. Though I was 13 the day this movie was on tv and I was eager to see it, my uncles specificly said I cannot see the movie because I wasn't old enough and they sent me off to bed. So I went to bed with a long face but I cannot sleep because I was too curious about the movie. After a few minutes I decided to sneak out through the window and take a peek via the window in the garden. Well, the movie was boring but Sharon Stone became my first crush.Basic Instinct, a game from iSoftbet. I can't remember the first time I played this game but I recently played the game at LuckyCasino. Apparently, I had no luck the first time, otherwise I would remember it. On the second attempt I managed to trigger the bonus round and won about 110x bet. The game looked very nice, real movie characters were shown and that doesn't happen a lot. I believe most iSoftbet games that are based on movies or shows have real characters.It also reminds me of Playtech's The Incredible Hulk because of the shining silver looking icons. It also reminds me of NetEnt's Crime Scene but that might be because of the badge, the gun and the handcuffs. When I played the game last week, I was wondering why the main game pays that low but then I saw the numbers 243 showed vertically. Though the main game pays low, the bonus feature could pay massively. Believe me, I have seen it, it was a bummer when I select the wrong icon on the bonus round. I really don't know if it's just a trick to make us play the game more but I strongly believe the prizes are real.Basic Instinct is one of iSoftbet finest in my opinion and I will give this game a few more tries and who knows I might hit that massive win with only one click. I hope my teenage years crush won't literally crush me next time I play the game, that would be a disaster.

Benny Hagel
December 20, 2018

On the account of the company WMS a large number of interesting online entertainment with an unusual theme. One of them is an exciting gaming machine called Kiss, the main plot for which was the popularity of a rock band with the same name. The manufacturer decided to dedicate Kiss slot to a rock concert theme and, accordingly, invite its users to a virtual performance by a famous American group. Gamers are waiting for the concert atmosphere, performance along with the legends of rock and getting a fee for diligence and musicality. If three identical bonus symbols appear in the Kiss slot machine, the user is entitled to 8 free spins for them with a double multiplier.

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