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This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Fruit Shop slot
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Fruit Shop Video Review


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Cesar Lamb
December 20, 2019

From its existence way back in the 1980s or so, the fruit machine game survives till this day, but of course, with a facelift and a different game play. Fruit Shop from NetEnt is definitely based on the golden oldie of fruit games, utilizing fruits for its symbols in combination with the Royal cards of 10, J, Q, K and A. Sadly though, the graphics quality has much to be desired, and the sound effects are nothing stunning too. No doubt Fruit Shop was designed and developed many years ago, but I would have expected something much better from NetEnt for Fruit Shop. 1 star down.For a paytable that came out years ago, a 2000x line bet win value for the highest paying symbol is considered low. 5000x would have met the going standard of that time. 2000x may look acceptable by current standards, but the game play does not correspond accordingly, because the game play is purely a straightforward one. The Wild symbol only doubles the win but doesn’t pay for itself, and there are no other paying possibilities to make the overall payouts more exciting or rewarding. Free spins are triggered by fruits, not by scatters, so again nothing extra can be gained for getting those free spins triggering. 2 stars down.Well, okay, at least some free spins can be won in Fruit Shop, but 1 up to 5 free spins certainly doesn’t suffice or satisfy any player demand for good payouts. And in real play, these free spins are seldom fruitful either – wins from them are usually very small. The Wilds do not duplicate, nor become expanded, which would greatly benefit the game in numerous ways, so I just cannot see how big wins can be won in Fruit Shop. 1 star down.Yes, true, at certain times, you can get some nice wins, but mostly at other times, the game just doesn’t pay well at all. When I played it, my credits simply kept sliding down, hardly getting any chance of going up, nor getting a yo-yo effect. At the end of my game, everything was reverted back to square 1, with zero balance. Fruit Shop is yet another game that fell below my expectations.1 star down.

April Miller
November 20, 2019

After hearing so many things about Fruit shop video slot I decided to try it and see how it works out for me. Usually when there is many positive and negative facts about a slot either you will like it or hate it there is no middle ground. Unfortunately I am one of those people that hated it. Theme like in numerous other slots are fruits. It is hard to imagine online or land casino without fruit machines because they are here for a long time and trough the years made a very big audience. I never liked them too much but don't mind gambling on them as long as they pay well.Fruit shop however did not pay at all. Free games on this slot for me have been the biggest disappointment. I never won more than six free spins and all they payed was 10 times bet one time. Most of them go away without any win. The triggering part is not very hard but number of spins is very small and like I said whenever I get smaller amount than 5 they pay nothing. To get 5 free spins on this slot is almost impossible for me because you must match five fruits or have many matching fruit combinations at the same time. When in free spins mode it is easier to get more free spins because card symbols award them as well but if you have bad luck like me and you cant match any winning combinations free spins number wont grow at all. The only thing that kept me from loosing all my money on this slot is the wild symbol which saved the day and I managed to leave this slot with at least part of my money.The Netent did their part good as far as design of slot goes. Nothing to spectacular but decent enough. Sounds are also good and if only slot payed well it would easy become one of my favorites. Unfortunately the main thing and reason we all gamble payouts was a disaster and so will be my rating for fruit shop 5 out of 10 stars.

Marshall Cox
October 31, 2019

Fruit is one of the healthiest product of mother nature. They are mostly sweet of taste, some of them also sour, some are bitter and some of them are also all those three tastes combined. I personally prefer the sweet one because I love all the sweet things in life, including the rush of winning.Fruit Shop is another 15 paylined game from NetEnt. Personally, this game is one of few games I don't play that often. The reason why I didn't play it often is that the game doesn't have much to offer but today I have played this game twice because I felt like it. It didn't do much, I managed to hit 2 cherries and rewarded with 3 free spins. On the first free spin, another 8 spins were added but they didn't do much and I end up with 30 times bet winning.NetEnt has a few 15 paylined games, Steam Tower, Piggy Riches, Aliens, Cosmic Fortune etc and if you ask me which 15 paylined game I prefer to play then the answer would not Fruit Shop. Don't get me wrong though, Fruit Shop is a nice game but it's just not my favorite. I did had luck with this game but that was years ago, when I just a newbie to online gambling. It was a massive win but that was the only time I won that big because after that, I always end up with zero balance. Money won taste sweeter than money earned and that's addictive.I noticed that Fruit Shop had also an upgrade, the graphics are way better, runs smoother than the old version. Fruit Shop is a nice game to play when you're a small gambler. It's a cheap game, it has it's potential but like I said before, I only managed to see it once. One thing I am sure of, Fruit Shop is better than Starburst. It's better because it has something Starburst doesn't : multipliers.

Carolyn Bailey
October 17, 2019

NetEnt have become pretty much the on-line kings of low and medium variance slot games and Fruit Shop is a great example of this. The game offers fifteen win lines, which is a nice middle ground between the big wins you have come to expect from a typical nine liner, and the massive flood of 20 and 25 line games that NetEnt has put out over the past couple of years. This is noticeable from the fact that the top symbol in this game, the Cherries, returns 133x your stake, which is considerably higher than many other Netent slots.Firing a few hundred spins through Fruit Shop though, its low variance nature becomes apparent very quickly - my balance barely varied throughout, despite entering the free spins mode more times than I was able to keep track of. Wins are worth double during free spins, and any combination that includes a wild symbol is doubled both during the base game and during free spins, giving a maximum multiplier on the paytable win of 4x.

Orlando Jenkins
October 17, 2019

No weak points for this game, I like it!

Salvador Haynes
October 16, 2019

Fruit shop is a 15 line 5 reel fruit themed video slot by Net Ent, The game features classic fruit machine symbols like Cherries, Lemons, Oranges and Plums. The other symbols features range from 10-A and a fruit shop 2x wild symbol this doubles every line win. The game can be played at minimum of 15p and maximum bet of £150 a spin!The most desirable symbol on this video slot is the cherries as these can give the players not only the best coin payout 2000x line bet 4000x if you get a wild with them and 8000x if you get 5 cherries with wild symbol inside the free spins round! Tasty huh! The unique aspect of Fruit Shop is every line win featuring fruit the player receives free spins! As mentioned before every win in free spins is doubled and multiplied by 4 if you have a wild with them. The other main reason cherries are the best is you can win free spins with only 2 of these whereas with every other fruit symbol you require 3 or more to hit free spins!If you hit any win during free spins including the 10-A symbols you win 1,2,5 free spins respectively. Admittedly I never used to really rate this slot as it used to give so many dead spins and rarely more than 3 of a kind. But after seeing the game go on a win streak I couldn’t have been more wrong! Just last week the game kept winning I started off at 45p a spin and upped it as my balance grew my final bet was £1.50 a spin and then it happened 5 Oranges 2 ways with wild! To win a monstrous £408! The game is well worth grinding out on for this reason. It’s also great for rebuilding a balance if you took a hefty blow to the bankroll on another game.Fruit Shop can be enjoyed by any player of video slots whether they like to bet smaller or bigger you can win big on this game but it does take patience! Don’t expect it to win big immediately this slot just does not work that way unless you are very lucky! Here’s my pRos and CoNs of Fruit Shop:PrOsThe win streaks this goes on are unreal!Doubling wild.Wins doubled during free spins.Free spins are easy to hit as you only need a fruit combination to get them!Free spins can be practically infinite by this I mean never ending until it stops giving you line wins.Great graphics sound fx and quick spin feature!Suitable for novice players and experts alikeI give Fruit Shop 9/10 because I won huge without even hitting the top symbol and my bet wasn’t that big either!

Jerald Silva
September 27, 2019

cOnsCan be really annoying when it only gives 1 free spin and endsCan go on cold runs of no wins(this usually means a big one round the corner though)Lots of near miss hits on this, again this is irritating!It can eat up a big bankroll if you aren’t careful

Samuel Watkins
September 5, 2019

Fruit Shop slot made by Net entertainment, and I am not played this game much. Only couple of times with my own money, and couple of times when casinos give me some freespins on this game.Well, game looks ok, nothing bad I can say. Nothing special also, but I do like animations, sounds, and also I am very like how wild symbol looks.Game has 15 paylines, and therefore min bet here is only 0.15. At this game there is no any scatters, which is good, I think there is always good to have a slot without any scatters or bonus symbols, because sometimes I am very tired from all these symbols which I need to trigger freespins or bonus game. Wild here doubles all wins, and it is good, make game even more interesting, because I am not very like slots where wild just wild and do not have anything extra.There is very interesting way to get freespins. Two cherries on payline give you one freespins, 3 fruits give you one freespin. During freespins any more cherries, or 3 fruits, or 3 of a kind any other symbol award you one freespin more (or more freespins, this all depends on paylines etc, it is very hard to describe).Overall I am happy with this game. Have a recent story about this slot, when I was able to withdraw 70$ from 10 freespins which I got at Next casino. Played only this game, keep playing, upped my bet size a bit, and result was 35$ after 15 freespins played at 0.30 bet. That boost me to 80$ balance, 70$ from which I withdrew and get paid. Very good slot to those, who not want to bet high, and who not want to lose fast. This game most likely will not give you super huge win (only 5 cherries pay really big), but you will get some freespins very often, and will not lose fast.

Isabel Griffin
August 16, 2019

Fruit shop is a slot by Net Ent game providers is somewhat a classic fruit machine. It’s a colorful slot with all the bright colors of the different fruits. The slot is ordinary in animation and sound effects. The slot is even a bit boring to play as it does not features any bonus game and it is low on returns. I don’t remember any win which I made over 20 times of the bet. The slot is very inexpensive to play, I utilized this and never increased my bet over $0.15 because I was losing enough at even such a low bet. I remember in the 8 free spin that I was awarded with I made a win of 10 coins in one of the free spin while the remaining 7 free spins went idle. Disgusting! The free spins are triggered when there are bet lines with matching fruits and during free spins any wining combination with matching symbols award additional free spin. Thus maximum free spins which can be awarded are 5. The maximum I could trigger was three free spins. Triggering of free spin is though easy but the number of free spins awarded is low. The wild can substitute any symbol and the bet line with it pays x2. The highest paying symbol is cherry which pays 2000 coins when you hit 5 of it on an active play line.I made just 100 spins of the slot and never dared to increase the bet from the starting bet. Its not a slot for me and I did not like it at all. I lost $10.45 from my account after playing the slot and I did not even enjoyed it playing. So I would rate just 4 to the slot on the scale of ten.

Curtis Beck
July 28, 2019

Fruit shop has 5 reels and 15 paylines. This game is based on fruits? Not 100% sure, but I don’t like this slot because of reasons Netent released it but because I love fruits, especially water melon. Back in the day I used to work in a fruit shop on weekends to earn myself some extra cash just to buy some sweet goodies during the week at school and to play some normal video games at the shop. Those were the days I didn’t even know online casinos existed. Imagine how I spent my hard earned money these days LOL. Cherries are not my favourite fruit even though it's the highest paying symbol but I love seeing it on the reels.Now this game is different from your normal, sure it has high paying symbols and wilds with a multiplier. But just for spinning the reels you can land the free spins feature at any time when you create a winning combination with any of the high paying symbols. Depending on which fruit you win with you are awarded with 1 free spin, only the cherry award 2 free spins when you land 2 of them in a winning combination. When you achieve 3 or more symbols in a winning combination you can get up to 5 free spins.During free spins every win you generate gives an additional spin and this includes low symbols winning combinations. If its cherries or 4/5 of a kind win, then it will add extra spins according to the pay table. Wilds seem to appear more as well during free spins.I never had any big wins but this game keeps my balance stable, so for wagering I think this game would be good. My biggest win was 4 cherries on a payline with a wild included.This is not a game I play often because I end up with a loss on this slot, but this a slot worth trying.

Vicki Henderson
July 21, 2019

Wonky Wabbits is great designed game from NetEnt. It is funny and it could provide great wins. It has 5 reels and 15 active paylines.First time when I played this game, I played it for a short session and I was not so happy. I had many dead spins into it and I thought that I had bad run on it, since I made many spins and received nothing. Later I closed the game and a few weeks ago I started to play it again. Now I know that with this game you need to be patience. This game has only one mode and this is wild duplications. If a wild symbols appears on the reels, it is duplicated to the position that creates the highest win. Wild can appears on all reels, two stacked wilds only at reels 2 and 4. You can get up to 14 wilds symbols which are really great for game with 15 paylines. Before I did not know that it could provide such a big winnings. But to get those wilds like I said you need to be patience and wait longer time for them. Especially for half of screen of wilds or anything like that. But the paytable is good, I played at minimum bets and the best results I got were around x47 bet. I think this game is good; I should probably play it more often. The graphics and design are awesome, it is unique and I like that very much. I like when many wilds appear and then starting to duplicate. It is a great feeling, because you know that it will be big win screen animation. I think this game deserve my ratio of 9 stars. Maybe I missed one bonus here to be even more fun with those wabbits.

Spencer Edwards
July 9, 2019

Fruit Shopis a 15 payline, 5 reel slot coming from NetEnt. The slot has a fruit theme and reminds me of some vintage Novamatic slot. The graphic is poor and so are the animations which is a bit strange for NetEnt slots, but who needs graphics when you can hit big in the game. I always say that 15 payline slots are my favorite and can pay big and this slot is living proof for that. At first look you won’t like this game and even after 20-30 spins it won’t impress you, but if it goes on a winning streak you will have a different opinion. If you take a look at the paytable you will see that the cherries have the biggest payout of 2000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. Nothing too special. The wild symbol can come on all reels and has a x 2 multiplier attached. This is great and it can boost your winnings. There is no standard bonus game and the slot functions on a win-free spin system. Depending on the symbols and the number of symbols in a win you can get up to 5 free spins. This is where the interesting part of the game comes in place. If you get a win you are awarded with free spins according to the paytable. For every win in the free spins you get extra spins. This way the number of free spins can be indefinite. The more wins you have the more spins you get. A great thing in the free spins is that even wins with card symbols award extra free spins. The best thing is that all wins in the free spins have a x 2 multiplier and if you have a win with a wild it is with a x 4 mutliplier. So the standard paytable can be at least x 2 or x 4 with a wild. I played this game a lot in Karamba casino because there were a lot of free spins promos for it. Once from 20 free spins I won about 27 euros. By biggest win was around 160 euros on a 1.50 bet but if you take into consideration that you can get a few big wins in several separate features you can be in a big plus in this game.

Joey Richards
June 7, 2019

Other than the cherry symbol though, which is also the one that triggers the free spins, the rest of the paytable wins are really very low - for example the next one down, the plum, awards just 1000 coins which is around 66x your stake. The free spins are a little on the tight side as well - the maximum awarded is just five, although you can win additional free spins by way of retriggers by scoring a regular win of almost any symbol, which is very unique as most games of course only award retriggers as a result of hitting the scatter symbols for a second time around which doesn't happen very often!I find it hard to get excited about this kind of game but I maintain that those with bigger wallets could really have a lot of fun with this kind of game - if you are betting low then pretty much every win will me unimpressive and unexciting, but if your able to bet a little higher and happy with your balance rising slowly then a good run on this kind of game could be extremely profitable... on a lucky day of course!

Rafael Mason
April 23, 2019

Fruit Shop is a video slot which theme are obviously fruits. This is an interesting, brightly colored slot that is brought to us by NetEnt and it has 5 reels and 15 paylines with a minimum bet of 0.15$. I have played this slot only couple of times so far and I haven't had such a bad time which is one of the reasons why i keep coming back to play it again.This game has free spins and a wild symbol. Wild symbol will replace any symbol plus give a 2x multiplier on that winning line and as far as for the free spins you receive them simply by winning. You can FS according to how many and what symbols you have in your winning line. You can get 1, 2 and 5 FS, which can quickly add up for a big win.I started playing this slot with a balance of 150$ and with a bet of 0.45$. The first 20 minutes of my play time were absolutely horrible since i was in a really bad losing streak, i was really close to just switching the slots and ending my session. Since it was really frustrating to get 1 FS and then the feature ends and that kept repeating for a long time, which enabled me to get some decent wins. I had around 85$ left when my luck started changing for the better. I started getting more FS that kept coming and adding up which lead to some decent wins. This kept happening for the next 10 minutes where I managed to raise my balance up to 110$, but then again many empty spins appeared and I was once again in the losing streak so I just decided to quit and come back again later to try my luck again.Overall I think that this is a great game despite the bad luck that I had, I will definitely return to play this game more since I strongly believe that it has a great potential and hopefully it will prove me right. 8/10

Becky Flores
April 22, 2019

I could not say that I do not like something in this game. Probably for someone will be annoying to get 1-2 freespins many time, but I like this way, you get freespins very often.

Glen Snyder
March 24, 2019

Fruit Shop it is game made by Netent. I like this game because it is give unique ability to play with very low balance, and it could recover your losses very quickly, and couple of times I open this game with something like 5 or 10 credits, played it for about 10-15 minutes, and left with 30-50 credits. Very nice indeed. Of course this tactic works not each time, but this really happens.I like how this game looks. Fruits and cards are not that impressive symbols which make me happy, but it look good.I like payouts in this game. Wilds add x 2 multiplier to all wins, which is good because best 5 of a kind which is cherries could pay more than 200 bets with wild win. Other symbols pays different, card symbols not match, and fruits pay good.I like freespins feature. It is very funny here, and very different compared to almost all other freespins. I mean the way you trigger feature. Here you get small number of freespins, but very often. For example, even two of kind cherries add 1 freespins for each payline. 5 of a kinds fruits add 5 freespins. 3 of a kind any fruit also one freespin. All freespins winnings are doubled, and also during freespins any symbol 3 of a kind adds at least one freespin. Very funny to play and very easy to not lost a lot of money.I like everything in this game. This type of game could really help you when you do not have big balance, but still want to continue play. Just try this one, play with lowest stake, and sometimes it will really recover you, tested by me! I give this game best possible rating 10 stars.

Byron Clark
March 10, 2019

Fruit Shop by Netent is old good looking fruit slot, and fruit like very well known as inspiration and must in the entire gambling industry and its creators.No matter what digital future might bring, fruit theme will hold on its glory as long there is human existence and will remain as an iconic theme, inspiration, creation and so on.And whatever you desire its there, from the fruit symbols to the juicy paytable.Standard symbols like lemon, watermelon, oranges to the card symbols, K, J, Q, A and 10. This is 5 reels, 15 paylines and the max, win, is 2000 x coins your bet. Wild symbol which is Fruit Shop logo doubles winnings .Free spins are triggered by fruits not by scatter.Wins with matching fruit symbols will start Free Spins and wins are 2 x multiplier during the free spins session. There is not much excitement or in better words, not at all. Guys liking fruit oldmachines will like it but there is not many possibilities to make some extra money here. Wild itself is non-paying and it pays only when combined with other symbols .I think that several months ago Afi had success and shared some screenshots and then I went to play it for the last time I guess, because, not much can keep me interested in Fruit Shop. Max. you can get is 5 free spins which is both shame and sad. So poor and hard to explain and how to boost your balance then ? I never had success while playing this game and I am not sure about others and my suggestion for fruit-themed game is both inspiration and choice, Fruit Case video slot, powered by Netent which can offer much more than Fruit Shop and where multiplier goes up to 8 x and overall experience brings much more pleasure and fun. Still, if it you really don't want to quit playing Fruit Shop, wish you luck and many free spins.

Daryl Burns
January 9, 2019

Fruit shop it is very interesting video slot game which created by net entertainment. Game has 15 paylines, and i am very good remember my very first impressions, when i try this game for a first time in my life, that was at redbet casino of course, because this casino was the first net entertainment casino that i join. I just not understand how this slot game work at all, i hit 3 cherries, and get 3 free spins, on free spins i hit something else, get 1 more free spin, lol. This is not often thing, because in 95%slot machines you get fixed number of free spins, but here it is a lot of ways to trigger free spins, all fruits 3 of a kind add some free spins, two cherries add 1 free spins, on free spins starting madness, because any winning combination add some free spins. Free spins played with x2 multiplier, and wilds also has x 2 multiplier. My best hit in base game on this slot is 5 best paying symbols with wilds, it pay me almost x 300 total bet. In free spins it will be almost 600 x total bet, and i like such max win possibility. My best free spins feature was nearly x 200 mark, but i played 40 free spins or so, so not so big win for this number of free games i believe. I like this game, it is interesting, and probably in this game i get many free spins, it is really award free spins for anything, not big numbers, but even 2-3 free spins can pay a lot of money, if you get lucky and get 5 of a kind with wild.Great medium variance game from net entertainment, quite unique, and a lot of free spins awarded here. I will definitely play this game again. Big wins is possible, feature awarded almost every 5 spins, and game not so often just come in bad streak. Great think is play this game with bonus funds.

Arnold Owen
January 5, 2019

Lately I've been focusing on playing more games that I usually wouldn't play and because of doing that, I've found many games I really enjoy. At first I wasn't a fan of Fruit Shop, but not so long ago I spent enough time on it and it changed my opinion.First of all, I think that the design is really clever, it is a fruit themed slot with fruit and letter symbols. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines, so the minimum stake is 0.15€ per spin, I really like that you don't need much money to play this game. The maximum bet for a spin is 150€. I can't imagine myself betting this much though.What caught my eye right away is how the free spins are played. Usually you would need scatters that trigger free spins round, but here you don't need that, if you have bet line winnings with matching fruit symbols, you will play free spins. You can get from 1 to 5 free spins, but within them, if you get winnings with matching symbols, you can get extra spins and it really isn't hard.What I really like about this free spins round is that not only all bet line winnings are twice multiplied, but the fact they aren't hard to trigger. I rather enjoy few free spins on regular bases than wait for a free spins round that might not come. So far I have won around 90x bet size winnings and it isn't that hard, recently I had many winnings over 50x bet that came really quickly. Also I really like there's a wild feature both in free spins and main game and it substitutes for all symbols and that way it is easier to get free spins, since you need matching symbols not scatters. Also they double bet line winnings so big winnings can be achieved.Overall I think this is a wonderful game. Free spins are easy to get, there are wilds, design and graphics are beautiful and adding my experience to winning screenshots I have seen from other players, I am sure it can bring great winnings. A must try!


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.