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Lotus Love Overview

Lotus Love is a slot machine dedicated to a very special flower. Moreover, it is hardly surprising that we are in China. This is evident from the overall background decoration, but also from the few people who roam the playing field. The Lotus Love Slot, however, has more to offer than a presentation in red and Gold.

Play Lotus Love online: this is how you first of all we deal with the basics of slot machines. Because many readers may have never served a Slot online.

Basically, the differences to the vending machine in the pub are not exactly large.

Of course, you have more choice Online. With Lotus Love, you can set the number of paylines first.

A maximum of 50 rows are available. These always run from left to right without exception.

In five steps, the lines can eventually be reduced. The insert per line can be set in the control panel next to it. This starts at 0; 01 and ends at 5; 00. This means that the maximum possible total stake in the Lotus Love slot machine is between 0; 05 and 250 euros.Lotus Love for FREE: more features what can players continue to do in this Casino game. There is a function called Autospin.

As the Name implies, Lotus Love automatically takes the turns in this case. The customer may, however, make settings here in advance.

This is the number of automatic rounds, and the amount of pay lines; as well as the use per row.Otherwise, when playing Lotus Love there is actually only the Button in red with the two arrows in it to note. Anyone who clicks on it will start the next round. If there are enough identical symbols on the reels and these also correspond to the valid rules, a payout is imminent. Additional options are available with the Max stake and risk buttons.

Look at the payout table-Part 1: Wildthe pie represents the Joker. In machine language, however, there is talk of a Wild.

This image shows the highest value in Lotus Love online. Also, it does not necessarily need three symbols in series; to ensure a win. Two matches are more than sufficient, if they appear from left to right.

However, the special function of the pie is much more important; than their own profit. Because it can replace other images.

Adopted the Wild appears on the first reel and the woman on the reels two and three; then this can be enough for a payout. Of course, the course of an activated line must be followed.

View of the Paytable-Part 2: often scatter the Scatter and the Freeplay Symbol are one and the same; here too. If the bouquet appears three or more times on the playing field, the player has 10 free games available. These are the rounds of the Lotus Love Slot, which are really worth it. Because there is no need to pay a bet here.It is also important to know that you can collect more free spins during the free spins.

Besides, it is here; as with other machines: the Wild cannot replace the Scatter. Nevertheless, it is especially the free rounds; which make the account balance swell over the dimensions.

Lotus Love tips and Tricks: deployment strategy and risk function we would like to talk about two aspects. One is using an deployment strategy.

This is because the machine pays out regular profits-so our experience. But how can we take advantage of this?

After every second loss in a row, we simply increase the use. However, it is important to set and maintain Limits before.

Suppose you were able to record a rather low profit, so the use of the risk function is close.

However, we advise against this; to try this Feature more than once per win. If you push your luck too often, you will end up paying every payout. By the way, you have a choice between a Banknote and a check.Conclusion to the Lotus Love Slot: fun in the kingdom of the middle China is the theme; more specifically, the Lotus flower.

A wedding is about to take place, and we’re in the middle. The presentation has been successful. The colors Red and Gold are in the foreground. And yet, the Lotus Love slot machine is very clear.

With Free spins and a Wild the standard functions are available. Regular payouts sweeten the experience.

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