Siberian Storm


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Siberian Storm
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Siberian Storm Overview

The IGT company decided to embody the snow-white atmosphere of the north on the reels of Siberian Storm fascinating slots. This game invites a casino player into an adventure full of risk and excitement. Enjoy the atmosphere of harsh Siberia and win large sums of money here.

Storyline and game symbols

The game with 94.26% RTP captures not only the theme but also the unique gameplay. Instead of the usual lines and reels, the playing field consists of a ladder, where only 3 symbols are located in the extreme sections, and 5 characters are in the central section. Winning combinations can be collected from both sides. Any winning rotation will give the player 720 options for obtaining additional multipliers. The fascinating and generous world of Siberia is presented by Scatter and Wild, as well as up to 96 free spins per rotation and up to 240 total free spins.

Prize rounds

The prize round can give players of casinos online up to 96 free spins. In the mode of free spins, you can win additional spins (up to 240). An amazing round reveals the untold riches of the extreme north to the players; it’s only worth taking a chance. Here you won’t fight for jackpots, but the biggest prize can be 12500 credits.

Siberian Storm Video Review



Jonathan Mcdaniel
January 24, 2020

Siberian Storm is a chilling IGT slot growling on 720 ways! These ways impact both on the left to right pays as well as right to left, talk about more bang for your buck per spin right? I like this idea! More slots should have this feature in place to benefit our odds a little more than our typical left to right addressing pays. This however bores me half of the time because it is dependent on paylines & left to right plus scatter pays. Interestingly, Siberian storm catches my eyes for it's no paylines and the growl sounds it makes upon hitting the second tiger eye scatter (rawwrr) but the second best thing this cold winter slot can produce are 5 of a kind symbols.....not one but 5 of more combinations depending on the stacks it makes on each reel. The number one for any of you who has guessed correctly are free spins. It has been a long time since I last triggered this feature and the way to get 8 free spins are to line up 5 tiger eye symbols on all 5 reels. There will be stacks of these on all the reels, 3rd reel holding the most for all 5 to produce 8 free spins per 5 of a kind tigers eye. So if there are three 5 of a kind tigers eye, it will equal 24 free spins. The last I remembered, I triggered 32 free spins on a $1.50 bet offering a 47x total win with them. Siberian Storm, the last I checked, either had those 2x paying stacks or I am thinking about Prowling Panther which either case just had normal wilds. So long ago that my icy head left me in a cool mist of questionablility for this slot......lost is the specific term. It is a decent game without much cold freezing big wins so I prefer playing Prowling Panther over Siberian Storm. This slot is more of a 6.5 out of 10!

Andres Holland
October 28, 2019

This is another 720 line game from IGT, with a design that I really don't like. I just cant get use to it, and no matter how much I play I always get surprised when I win some thing. I don't play this game much because in my view there are much better games out there, that you can spend your money on. To be fair the pays are not too bad here and if you get wilds with pictures you can get a big pay. The middle three reels can be filled with wilds and that is what you want to get. The minimum bet on this game is €0.50 and I usually use that bet. When ever I try to raise the bet, the game stops paying almost immediately. Plus on €0.50 I can control my balance and double tap some times. As in the other games of the same make, this game pays both ways. I like that because some times you get very good wins from the other side. My best win on the lines was almost €16, which is not too bad.The feature is the best thing about this game. You get 8 free spins with a chance of re-trigger. The bad thing is that you have to get and eye on each reel to get it. That is very hard to do and when you get four of them it can really piss you off. Thankfully it did not take me too long to get the feature and I must admit I was excited to see what will happen.The only difference is that some of the pictures change and you get 8 free spins. I almost re triggered them on my first spin but the last eye did not come out :( I got few wilds and small wins in general. In total I won €18 and was not too happy.Overall I don't like the way the reels are but I like the graphics. My rating for this game would be 6 out of 10.

Jermaine Harris
June 6, 2019

Playtech slots can be a bit hit and miss at times – for such a large company the graphics and sound can often be substandard and the animation a bit rubbish with the reels jumping around all over the place even on a heavily specified computer. I don’t know what its all about and it does seem to depend a lot on which casino, website or other place the game is running – download casinos seem to perform best as usual – but Marilyn does seem to work quite smoothly, at least on my computer.I’m a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe and recently read her autobiography, its really quite a read and I definitely recommend it to everybody along with the other books written by the same author such as Michael Jacksons biography … that one is pretty chunky to be fair but well worth the read all the same! So I was hoping this would be a great slot game and do the undoubted queen of Hollywood a little justice, but something struck me very soon after firing it up ….

Michael Estrada
May 1, 2019

This is another classic IGT game that moved out of the casinos and onto the internet a long time ago, much to the excitement of players like myself who didn't really expect on-line games would ever be able to match the standard of the expensive machines used on the casino floor. It sounds pretty silly now, but it's just what we were all used to at the time - home video game consoles were no match for the cabinets found in the arcades back then either. Fortunately unlike the arcades the casinos are still going strong, though I suspect they have lost a reasonable percentage of their custom to players who are now happy to gamble from the comfort of their home on machines with a generally higher RTP!Siberian Storm is possibly the first game I ever played that utilised the non standard 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 reel layout as well as 720 ways to win and pays-both-ways (called Multiway Xtra in IGT games). These features were combined by NetEnt in their game Wild Rockets some time later, and it's not unusual to find people who think NetEnt invented these tricks! NetEnt have certainly come up with plenty of unique and innovative slots over the years but you might be surprised to learn just how many they borrowed along the way too.There's a few unusual choices in the winning combinations of this game such as the scatter symbols only return a pay - you need a different symbol to start the bonus round. I'm not sure why IGT chose to do it this way though it may have been necessary to block a few winning combinations with the scatters to get the RTP down to an acceptable level. I'm just guessing here though! To enter free spins you need to land an eye symbol on all five reels from left to right. Thees are stacked on several of the reels and unusually it's possible to be awarded more than one set of free spins from a single winning combination - up to 12 in fact, for a maximum of 96 free spins which can also be retriggered.Many IGT games can be a little bit dull - low variance, lots of dead spins. Siberian Storm isn't one of them though and its telling that slot developers were still borrowing ideas from this game many years after it's release. If you haven't played it before then it's definitely worth hunting it down on your next session!

Jamison Macdonnell
June 6, 2018

Another wonderful entertainment, with a plot of snow-covered Siberian storms, for a large number of advanced gamers, is the Siberian Storm slot, which is among the many slot machines of online casinos. The atmosphere of harsh Siberia is present in the qualitative graphic and sound design of the gameplay. There is a bonus round in which players are awarded 96 free spins and who can give another 240 additional free spins. And if you study all the rules well and correctly use the bonuses and auxiliary functions of the Siberian Storm slot, sooner or later the gamer will receive a generous jackpot in the amount of 12,500 conventional units.

A simple game with excellent cash winnings.


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