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Darling Of Fortune
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Darling Of Fortune Overview

Do you sometimes hope that a good fairy will fulfill all your wishes? Then we have good news for you, because this Fairy is waiting for you now at star games Casino and opens with the new scratchcard Darling of Fortune the opportunity to let one or the other. Unlike slot machines, you don’t have to make any settings in Darling of Fortune. Only the drawing of a lot is required; in order to let you fulfill the desire of big money win. After all, the game is about up to 50,000 euros; those who pass into your possession with a little bit of luck. The online arcade has decided to bring some variety into the game and take you away from all the popular slot games.

Here you have the possibility to fulfill your dream of big money – without any effort. Of course, we don’t want to keep you away; just as you can win a lot of money with Darling of Fortune.

You can find more details on our Stargames site and how to play this slot at Stargames online.; so you can play Darling of Fortune at any time with real chances of winning. But even in the practice mode you have the scratch card available and shows you once; what wins are possible in Real Money Play. On the lot itself, you discover immediately that the maximum win is a whopping € 50,000. Reason enough; to invest the small stake in the amount of only one Euro in the casino Stargames and Look; What is hidden in the fields; which you can gradually rub freely.

As soon as three identical symbols are visible, a payout is made. How high it is; however, remains a surprise.

There is no Paytable for Darling of Fortune. However, as you are used to from Stargames Online Casino; the payouts may sometimes be very lucrative.

Features as Darling of Fortune is a lot and not a Novoline slot machine; of course, there are no Joker or other special features; which could bring you a bit closer to your dream of winning big. As a result, you have to rely entirely on the fairy godmother, who adores the scratch card. In addition to the maximum profit already mentioned, various small and large amounts are hidden behind the lucky symbols; for example, the chimney sweep; clover leaves and the gold Bowl.

As long as you feel like a little change and want to give the Good Fairy a Chance; Darling of Fortune is the ideal game for in between.



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