This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Inferno Slot
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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Inferno Overview

It gets hot in the slot machine world; when the Inferno in UK Slot appears on the screen. The reels are surrounded by flames, which stimulate the player properly. This fiery atmosphere is highlighted with a classic touch.

For once again they are the fruits; which cover most of the fields on the reels.

However, the high chances of winning multiple symbols are particularly noteworthy. It is therefore not unlikely to leave the Inferno in UK with a profit. But what symbols are suitable for large payouts in this slot machine? In any case, the Golden Star comes first.

He appears to be glowing and stands out from the rest of the pictures. This is followed by the bell and the crown, which is also the Scatter of the game. In this Novoline Game you can also watch five fruits.

We start with the grapes, because they have the greatest value. However, all other fruits follow; with an identical and still worthwhile value. These would be the Orange; The Plum; the lemon and the Cherries.

The latter have a special feature and already grant the player two appearances a payout. That’s how it’s played! The number of special symbols in this slot game is actually limited to one. This naturally increases the overview.

The Cherries could; as the only picture which gives out a profit in two matches; pass through as a special feature. In principle, however, above-average payouts are granted; so that a lack of other special symbols does not matter.

Paylines run from left to right and start on the first reel.

At least three matches; with the exception of cherries; are necessary.

The more same images; the higher the payouts. These are added; by the way. As a result, the chances of winning continue to increase. However, only the highest payout counts for each selected line. Scatter the Scatter is to be viewed independently of the rows.

If it appears triple; no matter where; so a profit is issued. This is very useful; since the Scatter has remarkable value.

The crown is therefore always a welcome guest on the reels in this slot game. If you are not satisfied with your winnings, you might want to try Gambling. The maximum bet amount depends on the total bet of the round.

In principle, it is possible to double the profit. However, it is also possible to completely lose the Capital acquired. If you are aware of the risk, you can have a lot of fun with the Gambling feature.



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Arthur Nancy
February 4, 2020

With the symbols appearing on the reels in stacks its fair to assume a full screen of any one symbol should be a possibility, although I've yet to see anything close to that so far. The top six of a kind symbol combination returns just 12.5x your stake, so you definitely need to win on at least a few lines at once in order to grab a decent win. The expanding Inferno symbols really aren't enough to make up for the absence of a bonus round or free spins for me and I found myself getting quite bored very quickly.About those Inferno symbols, the paytable shows a diagram of four of them appearing in adjacent sectors of the playfield, but I'm a little bit suspicious about this - despite playing at least a thousand spins or so on the game I have *never* seen two of the zoom symbols stacked on the reels which would be necessary in order to achieve the combination shown. I think the screenshot may possibly be in error as it would be possible to achieve the four adjacent zoom blocks as long as they were each on a different reel or via the respin that is awarded after one or more zoom blocks first appears, but the screenshot definitely shows stacked zoom symbols which seems a little bit strange. Whatever the case, those zoom blocks are real hard to hit - I've gone 100 spins only seeing them once or twice several times so I'm guessing theres only one per reel and the reel strips are VERY long. As these are the only kind of bonus or feature in the game, I can't imagine I will be the only player to tire of this game quickly. It's a shame because I like the idea of the zoom symbols and with a better paytable and some free spins this could have been a nice game.

Samuel Albie
May 6, 2019

Just as I had predicted, the Free Spins games that I had managed to get all paid poorly, including the only Lunar Phase Bonus Round that came, with payouts of a blardy low 1x up to 19x my total bet amount, and that was all I could get! The Lunar Phase Bonus Round paid only a 12x total bet amount. The base game didn't do any better either for me. In the 2 separate sessions that I played on Inferno , not one payout exceeded 30x my bet amount, and that is damn poor payouts indeed. Yet again, another disappointing Novomatic game for me.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.