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This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Mega Joker
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Mega Joker Overview

In the CasinoEuro Mega Joker in the UK has a one-armed Bandit of a special kind inserted. At first glance, the player immediately thinks; that he really has a real slot machine in front of him. The presentation is designed so that not only the reels but also the housing of the slot machine can be seen. The buttons for “rotate”; “insert” or “take” can be recognized as correct Buttons accordingly.

At the edge of the colourful playing area of Mega Joker in the UK the symbols are listed. These are described there with values. As a result, the player knows each Slot Spin; how much the symbols are worth.

The symbolism combines many successful components of other Casino Games.

There are typical fruits.

Cherries, lemons and melons; but, the lucky seven has been inserted. In addition, there are plump treasure chests and a bell that hopefully tells of the player’s success. However, the exciting casino game is named after the Joker.

This has a typical Harlequin hat on and is not overlooked at all. This is how the special feature of Mega Joker in the UK is played; which the Game e.g. from the well-known and appreciated Novoline slot games; are the reels themselves. This Casino Game is divided into two parts. In the upper part of the screen, there is a game with 3 reels and in the lower half also.

Accordingly, there are five payout lines. A bonus game sweetens the pleasure at the slot machine.

The bet can be chosen freely and is also suitable for players who like to bet little. The Jackpot is progressive.

It increases accordingly and can, therefore, assume unexpected heights.

Opportunities for profit continue to rise; the longer the player plays. It is particularly important to note that the bonus game does not have to be completed in order to secure the Jackpot.

If three identical symbols appear, the game will be placed in Super Meter mode. The bonus game starts. 20 or 40 coins can be placed. Accordingly, in the event of success, a payout of 1000 or 2000 coins is to be booked.

Furthermore, it is possible to place between 100 and 200 coins in different roles. Here you can win between 100 and 2000 points.

Watch out! The Jackpot is ubiquitous in this game.

It is shown at the bottom of the slot machine, making it a constant incentive for the player to try again.

The number of lines used can be freely determined at the start of the game. The higher the selection, the more likely it is to win. The slot machine is suitable for people who like to have it particularly colorful.



Mega Joker Video Review


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Cory Welch
April 29, 2020

Mega Joker is created in Novomatic and has 40 pay-lines. It is somewhat unusually for a Novomatic game to have even 40 pay-lines and that's what separates this game from other Novomatic games. I was regular player once upon a time in Star Game Casino and I had the chance to try almost all of the Novomatic games. Well now, you can’t expect that the games of this software provider have an extra graphics or some interesting bonus features, but they are simple and that gives them some charm. I would like to call this game an old school slot game. Beside the symbol of Mega Joker that is wild symbol and that changes all other symbols, there is also symbol of 7, a star and symbol with fruits. In other words a classic slot symbols. What this game lacks is a bonus feature. Here you do not have free spins bonus or any other bonus. But, the wild symbol can appear on any reels and also can take all four fields on the reels. That is the only feature which allows you bigger wins here. Actually, there's one more I just remembered while writing this. It is the double up option. After each of your winning, Mega Joker will offer you two options, a Gamble option where you can duplicate your wins for a few times and collect option. That's what I hate about this game. Because after each spin you must click on collect to go on to the next spin unless you have chosen Automatic Spins. In the end, a few words about the wins that I had here. On one occasion I had wins of more than 600 x bet and that was my biggest wins when it comes to this slot game. I remember well that the wild symbols covered almost the entire last 4 reels. Only because of that wins I give a passing grade of 6 stars out of 10 for this game.

Jacqueline Caldwell
December 11, 2019

Not too many times I have a chance to play with Novomatic products because the casinos I mostly visit don’t offer this these slots to play or simply I just don’t know about the game that it’s from this platform but what I surely know Mega Joker is a fine representative of Novomatic and more or less but I like this game. This is a simple 40-payline fruit slot (with traditional cherry, strawberry, lemon, melon figures but we can see stars, 7’s and Joker characters too) with very symmetrical arrangement and a classic design with no any ornate elements. I still like its simplicity and nice colourful symbols and I think it’s visual purity is a real advantage here. The only thing I hate is the annoying old school background sound so because it’s an option to turn it off it’s really not an issue here anymore.The game’s most unique attribute is that it uses an extra horizontal line on the reels and to be honest it took me for a while I noticed because somehow it wasn’t so evident at first sight but other than that what we see in the appearance is exactly what we got in game segments, too. I don’t know when or ever have played a 40-payline slot that has no feature at all. There are no free spins, bonuses, wild or used multiplier and the only plus the slot gives is the substituting Joker appear in stacked format on the reels so theoretically there’s a slim possibility in an extremely lucky situation that whole screen turn into Wilds as every single positions on the reels contains a Wild. In moneywise standpoint that would mean a 40x6000 coins win, that would be quite something. The single best 5 of a kind win can be achieved with 5 Stars, scatter (but the Scatter here don’t mean any added function) when the payout is great 48000 times of line bet.It is still a real mystery for me but playing the game I don’t feel any real difference comparing to other slots and not even in payout tendency. I got some nice results, great wins and some longer cold streaks just like I get at almost every other slots that have all the features that a modern game can provide. Honestly I don’t know how it does it but of course the stacked Wild formula can be the main reason. Anyway, despite being such featureless game it still has the ability to entertain me and give back some nice returns and as I’ve never had any problem with its view rather I find it beautiful I can say it’s a surprisingly good game. It mixes well the specific attributes of a classic and a modern slot and it’s an overall very decent product (but someone should explain me once what was the point for bringing in another line to the slot?)

Della Chavez
December 5, 2019

Mega Joker brings the old school slot machine bang up to date, these symbols might look more at home on a set of 3x3 reels than the 4x5 grid here but thankfully the setup works just as well in this configuration. The animation is a little choppy but I get the impression that this is at least partly intentional to enhance the games attempt at looking and feeling like a hybrid, old vs new if you will. This is backed up by the sound effects which are also largely reminiscent of the slot machines of old, whereas the 40 paylines and stacked wild symbols are definitely more latter day creations. The end result is attractive and the basic elements of the game add to its charm for me.I don't play a lot of Novomatic games so after my first few spins I was keen to check out the paytable and get a feel for the payout potential on offer. The game seems to have been designed with touch interfaces in mind as there are very few buttons - even the autoplay mode is accessed by pressing and holding down the spin button so even those with the chunkiest fingers should be able to navigate their way around this game easily! Playing with a mouse is perhaps a little counter-intuitive but simple enough to work out. The paytable is accessed from within the games menu where you can also change settings such as enabling the music and sound effects and changing the number of coins and lines you wish to play.The game has excellent payout potential with the top symbol being worth 50x your bet for a full line on its own and that can be multiplied many times by way of the stacked wild symbols that appear on all five reels for a jackpot of 2000x your entire stake. The game does feature scatter symbols in the form of a Star however they do not trigger a bonus round and simply award a stake multiple up to 500x bet for all five. It's not my favourite Novomatic game but Mega Joker is a good effort at merging the styles of old and new slot machines and I had a great time playing it - the RTP is high at 96% too, and despite the decent jackpot of 2000x bet smaller wins occur with sufficient frequency to keep your balance up whilst you wait for a few of those magic stacked wilds to make an appearance! If you've become a little bored of the same old games from Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech I fully recommend giving this provider a try for a little variety.

Jordan Rodriguez
November 9, 2019

Mega Joker slot deserves a special place in the archives, but am so devoted to him this review. This excellent poker machine has five reels and 40 pay-line de-Haute. It is available in many casinos, the online version, with no download. You can play it in some kind, Mega Joker Free version for virtual money in the form of points-stars, but you can for real money and real profits. For players who like driving fast and alarming jackpot payouts, Mega Joker online is a real treat. But let's start from the beginning. With vivid Novomatic's Mega Joker slot can expect a couple of fruits, sevens, star and Mega Jack with a fast pace and delicious payments. The aim of the game is to hit 5 of the same symbols on all wheels. Mega Joker offers up to many paylines - exactly 40, you guess - this realy means that you have more chance of winning. Crazy Joker transform all other symbols and in the right combination helps you win the Mega-Twistpot. Mega Joker has a scatter symbol, or a symbol that is paid and is worth whatever the position of the column in which it is located, and that is beautiful - Star. Mega Joker I played last week several times. I had some money on Casumo casino, so I tried this slot after a long period of time. I am pleased with the gain, maximizing I'm my account with € 40 to € 70 for fifteen minutes. I remember the bad experiences with this slot, when I was in a single day on Guts Casino losing over € 100 on this game. But fortunately today I quite careful because this game is so challenging that simply become addicted to its great capabilities.Currently the casino Energy awarded to 100 € bonus money for Mega Joker slot game. To qualify for the bonus, you need to register on their website and pay the amount you want to your account for the game, but they will this amount doubled. The bonus can be inverted on all slot machines, including the Mega Joker slot. This offer is valid only for the first payment. This means that you, if after registration uplatiš € 10, on account add 10 more, and you will have a total of € 20 for the game. If you pay € 50, will add even more so and you will have € 100 and so on. The maximum amount of the first payment by the Energy doubles is 100 €, ie if you pay 100, you will have € 200 to play. I took advantage of this bonus but I lost it for a half hour. The deposit was not great, € 40 via Neteller account. All who decide for this slot once again, be careful with the stakes, do not allow you to experience my destiny.

Leigh Jacobs
September 9, 2019

Fruit classic themed slots have always exerted a strong pull on me, I like that they are usually simple, easy to play and even relaxing, well, Mega Joker manufactured by Novomatic has been not the exception, it seemed a fun slot and even profitable, though perhaps not all the time; one of my best passages with this slot was when just starting my session I saw first 3 rows completely covered by grapes and jokers symbols, and of course my profit was about 5 times my full initial balance, that was an “Eureka”, soon I managed to reach another important win with a couple of lines of 5 of a kind with symbols 7 involved and after that I started my transition to the worst passage that I have had in Mega Joker when I saw my balance began to vanish systematically spin after spin until to consume all my credits, I guess I will not be the first to go through such a situation but frustration that left takes time to be dissipated, I guess it must have been my fault because instead of leaving when things started to go wrong I rather started to gradually increase my bet. After that I think I didn’t play this slot again, and if I did it, certainly it was for a very little while, anyway this game has features that I love to find on slot as they are a paytable that I consider quite fair, a layout of 5 x 4 reels, 40 paylines and foremost I love wild symbols that appear stacked, I think that is the main attraction in a slot of these characteristics, although I have to confess that some round of free spins wouldn’t go wrong to this game, I usually also try to find this latter on a slot before sitting on front of it; scatters here simply serve to generate payments as stipulated on the paytable, but not to trigger any special features.However, I see that Mega Joker has a certain level of popularity and that's a fact you cannot ignore, as for me this slot is and I think it will continue being a memory of those with bittersweet taste that we have when we think about everything that could be but never was.

Dan Santiago
September 5, 2019

This slot from Novomatic is very very interesting in my opinion because I love the slot games which has fruits and sevens and also because they are simple! There aren’t many casinos that provide slot games from Novomatic,I know just a couple of them and one of them is Energy casino! I played here many times especially this kind of slots like Mega Joker,Sizzling Hot and obviously Book of Ra!It is a 5 reel slot with 40 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.40 euro!It has no free spins or bonus games but it has wild symbol and scatter symbol! I made a deposit of 20 euro and I started to play this slot!I wasn’t eligible for any deposit bonus and I think this was ok because I managed to withdraw 56 euro from this slot! With 16 euro left in my account balance I decided to put the game on the autostart feature because one of my friends came to me and I had to talk with him for a couple of minutes! When I came back I saw that my account balance reached 34 euro and I was very happy about the payout rate!I managed to catch a couple of lines and I reached 56 euro after another 20 minutes of play!With 56 euro in my account I decided to request a withdrawal because I knew that its possible to lose the money if I will keep playing! The graphics of this slot are very nice in my opinion,it has symbols like sevens,stars,jokers and obviously fruits like grapes,cherries,lemons and others!The payout rate seemed to be quite good and I think that it deserves to invest some big money in this game and to play on a higher bet and also I think it is a good game to play if you want to complete the wagering requirements of a bonus!

Milton Bowers
August 2, 2019

Nothing, if only that winning potential here is lower than in jackpot 6000.

Erika Mckinney
July 7, 2019

I'm coming up to a slot machine that is in many ways different from others. From the looks of the drum, through the height of awards to specific animation symbols. This slot is for me the closest to those slot machines that will meet in terrestrial casinos. Mega Joker slot deserves a special place in the archives, and we are therefore given a special article. This crazy poker machine game is a 5 reel, 40 pay-line even. Finally available in the online version, no download and payment. These you can play in this, Mega Joker Free version for virtual money in the form of points-stars, but you can for real money and real profits. For players who like driving fast and alarming jackpot payouts, Mega Joker online is a real treat. But let's start from the beginning. With vivid Novomatic's Mega Joker slot can expect a couple of fruits, sevens, star and Mega Jack with a fast pace and delicious payments.This slot also play at Bet Victor, and sometimes I decide for Stargames or Mybet. The game looks complicated at first glance, but is essentially very simple. The aim of the game is to hit 5 of the same symbols on all wheels. Since Mega Joker offers up to 40 paylines, this means that you have more chance of winning than the other. Crazy Joker changes all other symbols and in the right combination helps you win the Mega-Twistpot. Mega Joker has its scatter symbol, or a symbol that is paid and is worth whatever the position of. This is the second symbol of the cost-effectiveness, and the first is, of course, Mega Joker. Among the other symbols, the most valuable is seven, and after her fruit trees. After its symbols, Mega Joker slot includes the sevens and the fruit trees, but what sets it apart from the rest are its great opportunities to win thanks to a large number of paylines.As with other Novomatic titles, and the Mega Joker have the option of gambling. The principle of winning and losing money in this part we have explained in the Lucky Lady's Charm Review, so there is no need to repeat. Simply, if you like to take risks for higher amounts, have used this option of gambling after winning. Never happened to me that I was struck by the color of more than two times, but does not mean that you will not be lucky. My biggest gain exceeding 50 € in one spin, and this situation I have ever had at least 5 times. For this reason, I can confirm that the Mega Joker is a mouthful of big players. If you already have more money, you just can not ignore this slot. Check out what I'm saying, and today play Mega Joker slot.

Marty Richards
April 7, 2019

Sometimes I wonder, why Microgaming even bother to release games for sports fans, but keeping most other players away from playing it. How so? Well, Take this Hot Shot game for example. It is just one of the several similar games in Microgaming's list of games. The game plays with 9 paylines, is a straightforward slot game without any additional frills added to it, meaning, there are no free spins, no bonus feature, no random feature, no anything. Yes, there are a small minority of players who prefer to play such straightforward games, but such games should be open for others to play too, right? Shouldn't Microgaming be aiming to get as many players to play all or any of their games? Then why oh why must the minimum starting bet per spin on this Hot Shot game be fixed at $2.25? It is way too high. It made me go oh my god! when I saw that, and I think it is totally ridiculous.Okay, so sports fans are used to playing with big bets. Small bets are simply no fun. They cannot bring in big wins. Well, if this was the reasoning for fixing a high starting minimum bet, then this Hot Shot game, along with a few others more, are only meant for big time rollers, not for the small fishes in the open seas like me, who prefer to play with $0.30 bets or less. But for trying out sake, I sacrificed my $20 deposit just to be like a big time roller for a few minutes.But first, a very quick run-through the paytable. The 'Wild Ball' is the Wild symbol. It doesn't pay, it doesn't double wins, it doesn't expand, it's a dumb Wild. The Trophy is the Scatter symbol and pays 100x the total bet for 5 of them, 50x for 4 Scatters, and 10x for 3 Scatters. Other symbols pay from 1000x to 50x the line bet for 5 of each kind. A very low paytable.

Deacon Puckett
February 9, 2019

Probably some feature in this game can make it even more interesting.Payouts are not very big, unfortunately. And sometimes you can get lot of wilds, but payouts is not big.

Bryan Barnes
January 31, 2019

I always was a history lover and enjoyed reading about ancient cultures and their everyday life. That is why I decided to try the Aztec Treasure slot game. I was a bit confused at first as I saw 3 versions of this game. Aztec Treasure, Aztec Treasure –Feature Guaranteed and Aztec Millions. I wanted to try Aztec Millions first but the bet was way too high for my taste and my balance. This is a standard 20 paylines 5 reel slot by RTG software. I’m not a big fan of RTG games but I was playing with a no deposit bonus so why not try some games and have fun. The wild symbol for this game is the Aztec King. He only appears on reels 2,3 and 4 and most of the time it comes stacked. The scatter symbol is the idol. If you get 3 or more scatter symbols you trigger the free spins feature. 3,4 or 5 scatter symbols wins 5 , 15 or 25 free spins. All wins during the free spins feature are tripled. In the short time that I played this game I have to say that I didn't have any big wins. Even when the wild symbols came stacked my wins were no bigger than 3 dollars. I have to say that was a bit disappointing. Finally I managed to get the free spins feature. 3 idol symbols appeared and I got 5 free spins. If you get another Idol Symbol during the free spins you get a bonus prize equal to the triggering bet and you get an extra free spin. During my free spins I got the Idol 2 times but again my wins were very low. I was also surprised that this game doesn't have a win win feature.I have to say that I was disappointed and expected more from this game,Overall the sound and graphics are ok but the wins are too small and the free spins number for 3 scatter symbols is too low. I give this game a 6 out of 10.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.