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Fruitilicious Slot
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Fruitilicious Overview

Once again it is the fruit theme; which is treated Fruitilicious in the UK at the vending machine. This is a long-term writer, deeply rooted in the history of slot games. The fruit was practically there from the beginning.

Therefore, the slots with the corresponding symbols not only young players; but also old bunnies.

The fruits also give the impression of freshness and thus revitalize the gaming experience. The design of the symbols has been particularly successful in this slot machine.

This Novoline Slot offers a rich selection of fruit.

The most valuable fruit is grape. A whole Vine is available for the player. The melon, however, can maintain itself at the same profit level as the grapevine. Both symbols give an equivalent of 5,000; should the Symbol appear five times along an active Payline.

In terms of value, four symbols eventually divide the second place among the fruits. It is the Orange; plum; cherries and lemon. A maximum value of 1,250 is available here. Of course, the ATM also has a very high-quality Symbol.

The Super Seven is meant here.

If this is five times visible on the field and the images appear along an active Payline, an equivalent of 50,000 is estimated. However, the profit amount is also dependent on the bet. That’s how it’s played! The same symbols usually have to appear from the left to the right half of the playing field. At least three identical images are necessary for a profit.

However, there is a special rule for Fruitilicious in the UK.

Payouts are also achieved if the SAME symbols appear from the right to the left.

However, the player must know; that only one payout per round; the highest; is made. Furthermore, it is also possible that three identical images appear in the middle of the playing field.

With virtually no other Slot there would be a payout for this. However, the Novomatic product is something special and also grants a corresponding payout. Simple and complicated the fact; that winnings from each side and even count in the middle of the playing field seems initially unfamiliar. It sounds like a complication of otherwise simple Slot-Genres.

But this Casino game is kept very simple. No special symbols let Fruitilicious in the UK remain clear for all players. The number of paylines is limited to only five.

This also contributes to Clarity. The player immediately sees if he has won something and can follow the course of the game as best as possible.


Fruitilicious Video Review


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Sophie Jesse
March 28, 2020

Quite a lot! As I've mentioned earlier, the Wild symbol doesn't pay for itself, doesn't double wins, doesn't stack, doesn't expand, and doesn't move or spread either. The Scatters don't pay for themselves either, which is again a big loss in win possibilities. The retriggers during a free spins game have yet to be seen. A win that exceeds 200x total bet has also yet to be seen! In fact, there are many things that I haven't yet seen coming from this Fruitilicious , so there's just no way to rate the game as good!

Theodore Dylan
December 5, 2019

I really had to make the 5 respins count during the feature otherwise what I would hit for my $0.75 triggering bet would be a lousy $9 / 900 coins win. Another part about these re-spins is that I had to hit the scattered crowns at the right time! If I hit more crowns on the other reels too early then the 5 re-spins I have will be back to 5 re-spins. It would only be great if another scatter would appear on a reel that doesn't have a crown on the last or 2nd last re-spin then these re-spins will be higher in worth! Sorry, I should of described them as free spins instead of re-spins BUT they act more as re-spins then free spins even though reels are held and there aren't any multipliers being dealt!

Thea Elsie
November 21, 2019

I have to bet high when hitting the re-spins to get a good amount. They appear little if I have a low bet of 2 coins. And I don't like the way the free spins get triggered! It goes so random for the Golden Shields that they make triggering the free spins look like more work than a hard gain for money!

Max Elijah
November 7, 2019

There are only 2 things that I don't quite like with this Fruitilicious game. One, there isn't any Wild symbol. Two, most of the payouts tend to be low or mediocre, hardly ever going above 30x the total bet amount. As a result, it becomes rather hard to win on this game, even by a small amount.

Reggie Sienna
November 2, 2019

I don't figure exactly why Play N Go felt the need to add in the doubled symbols for the fire and lightning - the fire symbols pay out just the same whether you have singles, doubles or a mix of both making them utterly pointless, and the lightning pay the same for singles or doubles but much lower for a mixture which just ends up getting a little confusing. I guess they needed more symbols in the pool to get the RTP balanced out right, but I'm sure they could have come up with a better way of doing it than this. At least when NetEnt use doubled symbols in games like Flowers then there's an obvious benefit in that you can land a line of 10 of a kind.

Sophia Martha
September 11, 2019

Having non-paying Wild symbols is bad enough, but with no Scatter symbols, with no win multiplier for the free spins, with no retriggering possibility of the Free Spins game, and with no other features like a Bonus game for example, simply make this Fruitilicious game a big no-no for me! No doubt some decent wins can be had from those Expanding Wilds during the free spins, but that alone can never be good enough for me.

Albert Megan
August 10, 2019

I can’t say anything bad about this great slot maybe the fact that the bonus game is missing

Liam Elliot
July 12, 2019

The biggest disappointment that I found in this Fruitilicious game is the lack of interesting features and the lack of good decent payouts. Most of the Free Spins games that I had won were just the 5 free spins kind, that paid nothing more than 10x the total bet amount, giving very depressing wins from the free spins. The instant bonuses were nothing exciting either, with 5x the total bet awards not even enough to give sufficient boost to my balance. The overall payouts in the base game were simply too low most of the time, making my enthusiasm melt like ice in the sun. King Arthur failed to impress me in this game. His Fruitilicious shall remain as such, for me at least.

Georgia Megan
July 8, 2019

It turns out that Fruitilicious can be a very rewarding video slot game. I do not play it that often just because it lacks excitement. I prefer more complex slots.

James Megan
June 12, 2019

I spotted the text Superplay Reels in Play in the top right corner of the slot right away and so wanted to find out exactly what that was all about before starting to play as I'm not always bothered about using the Superbet style functions of slots. Turns out this is a game you can play with either lines or payways active, but unlike most such games the paytable does not seem to alter between the two modes and instead the reel strips themselves are altered to account for the different winning possibilities instead. I'd be keen to learn how the two modes affects the games overall RTP but haven't managed to find this information posted anywhere as yet.Playing with the 243 ways enabled does also increase the cost per spin; the minimum bet in 30 line mode is 0.30 as you might expect whereas with the Superplay 243 ways you need to stump up 0.50 per spin, which no doubt also contributes towards balancing out the paytable between the two styles of play.It's a fairly unremarkable game other than this little oddity, the wild symbol doesn't have a payout of it's own which is something I always find a little disappointing and I also didn't like the fact there are no wilds on the first reel either. The scatter pays are unremarkable although I guess it's better to be paid something alongside the free spins than nothing at all. The Fruitilicious symbol has a much higher payout than the rest of the games symbols but it's still nothing to really get overly excited about at 333x your stake. This game might well work in some land based casinos but on-line where the amount of choice is so incredibly vast I would really struggle to find a reason to pick this game over the huge catalogue of fantastic options.

Florence Murphy
May 29, 2019

The opening balance of credits is 5000 and I began with the minimum bet that is 15, because this game has 5 paylines only, from then on I experienced a very low level of successes making thus to deteriorate my balance more and more after each turn; in the struggle to recover losses I decided to increase my bet level about every 40 or 50 spins, so that my next steps were the total bet of 30 credits and then to 75 and finally to 120; when I ended up exhausting all my credits, my resting balance were only 98 credits, then I made a 75 stake and as I lost again my balance was 24 credits only, enough to make a last bet for 15 credits, which for me surprise triggered my first round of 15 free spins, and before finishing my initial 15 turns and I had already re-triggered the feature in 3 times for a total of 60 free games; for the rest of the round I got some big wins since all winnings are multiplied by 3 and additionally I had access to some important matches of 3 and 4 of a kind with some wild symbols involved, and it is also necessary to clarify that wild symbols in this slot doubles the winnings, so that each of these combinations represented a net multiplier to me of x6, x2 for the wild and x3 because of feature rules; so that by the end of the 60 free games my balance was already very close to 6000 credits, near to 1000 over my initial balance.This final event has only managed to confuse me, and to be honest I do not think my illusions deposited in a slot that holds virtually all the prizes to be enjoyed during their special feature, and what if I had not triggered this round at the last moment? And if there were not so easily re-trigger it 3 times? I do not know, things just flowed this way, I regained my balance, but I was not entirely satisfied with the way everything happened.

Sofia Noah
January 22, 2019

Everything would have been perfect if the slot had 1024 ways to win.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.