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4 Reel Kings
4 reel kings
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4 Reel Kings Overview

4 Reel Kings is developed by Novomatic. The history of this slot began with the first version of Reel Kings, which was later improved to more advanced slot.

Decided on the size of your bet and the number of lines that you are going to pay for in the options line and bet line. Press start to start the rotation of the reels. There is also an auto game there which you can use if you do not want to commit the same type of action, or you need to move away from the computer and do your own thing. Switch back to manual rotation control with the stop button.

The Reel Kings slot machine is both a classic and simple game with a standard set of characters. In comparison with the classic, this slot has the original options that distinguish it. Your chances of winning have never been so high because you play immediately on four slots!

4 Reel Kings Video Review


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May 7, 2018

I enjoy the slots by Novomatic for their simplicity that lets even the newbie win a LOT. Meanwhile, I am a gambler with 9 YEARS EXPERIENCE. It is pretty enough to pick another, more attractive gaming machine, you will say? Probably. But I visit the casinos to relax also, thus I am not for some complicated games. You will understand 4 Reel Kings soon after you make the first bet (start with a cent when you hate to risk). However, you should always remember: to get 50 thousand jackpots, your stakes must be the largest ones. Bet 100 coins to become the winner and get the desirable prize.

Harley Richards
May 6, 2018

I've been playing in 4 Reel Kings a few days and it's good that I'm on the demo version! Something I doubt if it's possible to win here at all. Is it possible? The free mode of the game has already squandered two thousand. During this time, only a few times he received bonuses. I read the rules, I do everything as it says. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Of course it is beautiful. I like music on the background. Animation effects are many and the game speed is good. Only one can not understand - what the hell? Where are the prizes? =....=

Jacey Murray
April 11, 2018

Playing at once on four slot machines 4 Reel Kings and carrying out not complicated rules, you can not only improve your state of mind, but also significantly improve your financial position. And having shown a little gained experience here, every gamer without problems will wait for his jackpot, by the way increased fourfold.

Special hints are not required.

Oxxy V
March 7, 2018

For a long time already I play in 4 Reel Kings and I can not stop not express my admiration. Especially after my big win. Now excitement does not let me go for a second in anticipation of an even larger kush, because there are so many additional opportunities.

No problem.

Kira Oskar
February 26, 2018

In the game of the casino, 4 kings have many of their advantages, but just as I understand and cons. For me, the pluses are more important, since I've been playing for a long time. A lot of bonuses, and it beckons. Almost everywhere I stand on top. The only downside is that you can not display all the cards.

I would like to improve the output

Alex BMW
February 25, 2018

In game 4 Reel Kings I like that fact. that I play at once on four slots. This fact seems to me beckoning all players. Payouts are very good, and in principle the final amount is already large, and this says that the casino is quite common and many people play it.

I have not identified any shortcomings, but I would like that they were not in my way.

Oscar V.
February 23, 2018

Slot machine 4 Reel Kings is an updated and more advanced version of its predecessor, to which I often manage to get big winnings. And I like the presence of the automatic inclusion of the rotation of the drums in the game, which gives me the opportunity not to distract my attention for a long time.

I did not see.

Alex Baggy
February 20, 2018

Nice slot to play with a low bets, so u can and enjoy for a long time play even with small deposit! The menu is available for even new players - very easy and understandable. Interface is bright and funny!



I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.