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This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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American Poker II
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American Poker II Overview

American Poker II Review: Demo, Bonus, and Much More

Intro to American Poker II 

American Poker II developed by the top software developer is going to make you feel like you are sitting at a real poker table. This is a usual video poker that has been designed like a regular online casino game. It consists of regular 52 card decks. It is the perfect game for all the fans of casino games. The title boasts of exceptional winning hands and helps players come to terms with the rules. All the combinations have been listed on the main screen.

Graphics and Theme

American Poker II comes with great hand-drawn graphics. The soundtrack is just like any other casino game and will enable you to concentrate on the game.

Control Button

Just like every other title, the control panel has been placed at the bottom of the screen. Let’s take a look at the details.

  • It doesn’t have a separate paytable. This is because it is already displayed at the top of the screen;
  • The ‘+’ and ‘–’ button placed under Bet which help in increasing or decreasing the Bet;
  • Instead of the Spin, there is a Draw button. Clicking on this will draw a card;
  • Rules button tells you about the rules of the game.

How to Play American Poker II?

To start with the game, you will have to make a Bet. The minimum and the maximum betting amount for the game is 0.04 and 10. Now click on the draw button and 5 cards are going to appear on the screen. Check the cards and hold the ones that qualify for it and rest of cards you can exchange. However, the exchange is going to deduct a Bet from your wallet. The game will highlight a card which can lead to combinations after you draw the first card. When you are done with the second draw, start a new game. In case you do not hold any card in the first round, the next time you are clicking a draw, a new game will begin.

When you decide on investing in gaming, you need to have an idea about the paytable. The one for this title has been given below.

Five of Flush 6000
Royal Flush 3000
Straight Flush 800
Four of a Kind 400
Full House 120
Flush 90
Straight 70
Three of a Kind 50
Poker 30
Mini Bonus (Jacks or Better) 30

Note: The paytable given here is in regards to the highest betting amount.

Bonus and Special Features

The title has been interesting with the bonus games. Let’s take a look at the details.

  • Double or Nothing

When you land a winning combination, you will notice a card face downwards. This flickers between blue and red. On the right side of the screen, you will see the numbers which are the amount that double you Bet. The number of times you can double the winning amount ranges from 2-8 and depends on how much you have won. You can either collect what you have won or double your wins. If you have chosen the betting amount, go for Red or Black clicking on the right button on the control panel. With each successful guess, you will move up the ladder. However, if you guess wrong, you will lose all that you have won, and you will return to the main game.

  • Mini Bonus

The Mini Bonus amount is going to increase whenever you have Jacks or Better in hand. Your winning amount will depend on the Bet you have chosen before. Jacks or Better are the combination of 2 Aces, 2 Kings, 2 Queens, or 2 Jacks. When you have a random number of hits for Jacks or Better, the Mini Bonus is going to be paid. However, this is paid when you have Bet on the second round of the present Bet.

American Poker II RTP and Volatility

The title has an RTP of 94.22% and is a medium variance title. This means you are going to enjoy the best of both worlds. It makes it suitable for high as well as low rollers.

American Poker II Jackpot

Hit the Five of a Kind to bag the jackpot. The largest amount you can win is 6000 coins. The Double or Nothing feature allows you to double your Bet and increases the winning amount.

American Poker II Tips for Beginners

If you are new to the world of gambling, you should practice and hone your skills by playing the demo version. In this case, you can play as many times as you want without the fear of losing money.

American Poker II Tips for Seasoned Gamers

Before you bet on the game, it is necessary to know how it works. Use the no deposit and other bonus that are provided by the online casinos. Make sure that you do not exceed your budget when playing, even if the game is rewarding enough and when you are enjoying a winning streak.

American Poker II Mobile Compatibility

To keep up with this fast-paced world that heavily depends on mobile phones, Novomatic has made this game mobile friendly. This means you will be able to play it on the go. The title has been created with updated software. It runs on smartphones and tablets that are powered by iOS or Android. It adjusts itself to every screen size but doesn’t have a dedicated app. So, you can open it on your browser to play.

Closing Note

No doubt, American Poker II is a noteworthy game because it has an unusual system. The payout table is quite decent and is not going to disappoint you. The online casino site that offers Novomatic titles will offer this as well. You will play it either for free or real money. Punters who love this game but find it to be too complicated can try out this version for its much simpler rules than the land-based one.


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Rosanne Panetta
October 15, 2018

Since video poker, along with slot games, is incredibly popular in ordinary casinos and various gambling houses, it becomes clear why a lot of gamers can get American Poker II slot. Playing poker by yourself, you have to rely solely on yourself, but here you can be helped and sorted out in this wonderful game by the support team, which will also help you get the most out of it and win! The screens of all video pokers are the same, and if you have played this game before, then you can easily figure it out and you will know exactly which combinations of cards will bring you a win.

Get your hands on a winning combination and find a long-awaited prize.

Ashlie Salvatore
October 14, 2018

American Poker II video poker - The Legend attracts attention with an unusual payment system for some combinations, as well as rather large odds in some cases. In addition, it differs from most other models in the absence of a coin betting system, but this is probably not so important. HERE, there are combinations with very high payouts; this is certainly wonderful, as long as these payouts do not reduce the likelihood of receiving a win on the more frequently encountered combinations. And the rest is like everyone else.

 if you're new, you'll have to figure out the rules

Rodrick Hock
September 12, 2018

American poker II slot is an unusual game. Very similar to the old 8-bit toys on consoles. This creates a pleasant nostalgia, so you want to play more and more. The 90th was a great time. Of course, everything is not done normally. I'm used to slots where you need to twist the drum, and then you need to collect cards and it's a bit complicated. The first 40 minutes got used to the game. When everything became simple it became simple.

The interface is not that you quickly get used to.

Denny Errico
September 12, 2018

Those gamers who are not bad at playing poker with real cards at ground-based gaming establishments have a very advantageous opportunity to prove their skills in the video version of this gambling entertainment on the American Poker II slot machine, where the rules of the game have remained almost the same, but a few new additional support functions. It is possible that playing with the machine, you will manage to achieve even higher achievements and cash prizes, provided that all the rules outlined here and the use of the provided bonuses are observed. Moreover, in the slot American Poker II, every gamer feels himself in the most approximate reality.

The game is very simple, exciting and profitable.

Chase Muller
September 10, 2018

Some are mistaken considering that poker is entertainment. A lot of people around the world are earning this money. And they do it stably. American Poker And can become your assistant on the way to improving your skills in the game. A convenient and intuitive interface and good graphics will make the game process enjoyable and simple. If you are still not sure in yourself, American Poker II has a demo mode, where you can check your strategies and game plans, very conveniently. One of the best programs I've seen.

Fausto Vince
September 4, 2018

Nobody can convict me of lying if I say that the game of poker is becoming more popular all over the world. A great and successful opportunity to engage in this gambling at home is the American Poker II slot machine. The graphics of this slot will seem to you quite fun, because the pictures are attached to the game of cartoonishness, and the connection of the game with America is achieved here by the logo of the game in the form of an American flag, which gives the game some color and variation in the theme. The main goal of the game for gamers is the formation of a winning combination of 53 poker cards led by a joker. These simple actions entail incredible profits.

A very exciting game where you can get big cash income. There are no minuses.

Brandon Starner
September 2, 2018

Well, American Poker IIdraws attention to the unusual system of payment for certain combinations, as well as fairly large coefficients in some cases. In addition, it differs from most other models in the absence of a system of rates in coins, but this, perhaps, is not so important. It is necessary to develop your own strategy of the game, otherwise you can lose a huge amount of money. In general, this is an excellent slot for me!

The slot may seem difficult for beginners!!!

Camila Wine
August 28, 2018

If you are a true gambler in poker, you should positively evaluate the new part of the card game in the American Poker II slot. Pre-selecting the demo mode, you can train and practice your poker skills without the risk of financial losses, which is an ideal solution for all newcomers. And if you are absolutely sure of your mathematical abilities and think that Fortuna is on your side, then you can start American Poker II in the mode with real bets. Well study winning combinations, put real money on the line, wait for your turn and try to beat your opponents with minimal losses.

The game with excellent profit and without flaws.

Jim Locke
August 21, 2018

It has long been popular with amateurs of poker entertainment American Poker II, now available for gamers on convenient virtual gaming platforms. Now, to get pleasure from the famous game, you just need to go to the online casino site and make your bet. American Poker II uses a standard deck of 52 cards plus 1 Joker card. The Joker card replaces any card. The player puts a bet on the first hand deal and can then choose the second draw. The combination of 'Jacks or Better' wins is paid only with the purchase of the 2nd drawing. There is also a Mini-Bonus, a bank that is filled with combinations of 'Jacks or Better' wins and is assigned after the bank reaches a certain amount.

A game where you can earn decent amounts.

Jim Epping
August 14, 2018

Actually, I have been gambling for several years already. It is more convenient for me to play in casinos online. However, my choice was different slots. Recently I found that you can get much excitement when playing live games. American Poker II lets you think that you are in a real casino, probably somewhere in Monaco or in Nevada. The chances that you will get a lot of real money are pretty high. In case, when you do not know the game rules - everything will be explained to you clearly. Some casinos also offer 24/7 support. I gave American Poker II slot 9 points only because it seemed to me a bit complicated for a newbie.

Fernando Cason
August 12, 2018

The American Poker II automatic machine, for a long time already, is for online gambling enthusiasts, the most popular variant of video poker game, where relying on their own abilities and great help from developers, players can get great pleasure and large sums of cash winnings. The screen here is designed like other video poker games, so if a gamer has already tried his hand at this entertainment before, it will not be difficult for him to understand the strategy of the game. The player learns the exact amount of the winnings from the paytable at the top of the screen. Taking part in american poker II online, you just need to make the right bet and get the most advantageous combination of cards.

There are no comments.

Derick Gobel
August 1, 2018

American Poker II surprised not only with its quality graphics, but also how easy it is to win real money here with the successful winning strategy! SEPARATE THANK YOU FOR DEVELOPERS FOR THIS SLOT !!!!By the way, you can develop your own winning tactics by playing in demo mode, without the risk of losing your money. Convenient, everything is very thought out, the interface is simple and understandable even for beginners.

if you hurry, you can lose ... but overall I'm happy with this game

Scott Lynch
May 16, 2018

This slot is perfect for amateurs of America, American traditions and everything connected with it. In general, this model has good scatter functions at rates, very solid cashback. In addition, the probability of obtaining a winning monetary combination is very, very high. And the function of the auto game is able to save you a significant amount of time and make the gameplay the most comfortable and enjoyable. Honestly, I'm under the impression!

I found no shortcomings as such in this model. In a greater degree, one can speak about virtues.

Nikita Arzanyaev
May 2, 2018

Quite an interesting poker that requires the player to have a cool game experience in order to win! I recommend All American slot to all gamblers who know a lot about professional poker. Pleasant graphics and a lot of excitement!

Josh James
March 26, 2018

For connoisseurs of poker, this game slot is perfect. But without knowing the rules and principles, it's better to pass by. Only experienced players can earn here very well. Bet on a good deal, know when to fold, and when to increase the game bet. Everything is like a real gaming table.

Kira Oskar
March 21, 2018

When you play american-poker-ii, it's like you're somewhere in Las Vegas and you're sitting at a real table. So well done graphics, that words can not convey, it must be seen. I also like the position of the Joker, who always comes to the rescue at the right time.

At this stage of the game did not have time to see.

Bobby Palmer
March 13, 2018

In American Poker II, I liked that there is a sense of participation in a real game, at a real table. If the player has the ability to collect the necessary combinations, American Poker II is designed for such masters. It's not very tight, you can earn good money.

Without any problems.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.