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This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Bobby 7s Slot
Bobby 7s
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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Bobby 7s Overview

Bobby 7s in the UK slot machine combines classic components in a fun way. On the one hand here are the 7s and finally the fruit known from the Slot games. These themes are mixed together in attractive cartoon graphics and funny cartoon characters.

A result is an automatic machine, which can become a real experience. A mixture of excitement; entertainment and fun awaits the player. Large profits, of course, are also possible.

The smallest value in this gel slot machine has the fruit.

This is to be found in a wide variety. Cherries and the lemon will give the least value. The plum and the Orange Follow.

Slowly uphill it goes with the strawberry; before the melon represents the peak of fruit worthiness.

The payouts in the event of a win are of course not exclusively dependent on the equivalent of the symbols, but in particular on the amount of the selected bet and the number of pay lines.

Three different 7ener can be seen here. These embody various components of the Jurisdiction. With the police, the Blue seven has the typical siren on his head.

The seven as a crook is already striped black and white and the judge-Seven has the typical wig and the Hammer. Game instructions Bobby 7s in the UK can be played without a Download sample.

Bobby himself is a cop; he’s on his way to arrest a crook. Both symbols, i.e. police officer and thief, represent the Wild and the Scatter in this slot machine. To win anything at all; a triple Symbol must appear on the reels, appearing from the left to the right.

The game plays an important role here.

The police your friend and assistant could hardly be more suitable; than in this Casino Game. Bobby replaces all symbols except the thief and the special Sevens. With this feature, it can increase the payouts and also trigger them more frequently. The game itself also gives a counter value.

Sevens and free Spiele die 7 series have certain characteristics. The case manager can be played up with the police. The judge increases winnings by a maximum of x5 by a fundraiser.

With the crooks Feature, the player can keep the prey of the Person he catches; and credit his account balance. The thief as a Symbol and not as seven can eventually trigger free spins. In this role, the image must appear on reels one, three and five.

The number of Free Spins is listed after a click on a thief. There may be additional free spins and all winnings at this stage will be doubled.


Bobby 7s Video Review


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Emma George
May 22, 2020

Free Spins games have always been the biggest attraction in any slot game. Without it, the game might as well be dead. In Bobby 7s , the Free Spins game awards only 7 free spins, which is damn low, with a random multiplier of between 1x to 6x. Well, nothing could be worse than that! Why? Because my first Free Spins game was only 7 free spins with a 1x multiplier! What the argh! There shouldn't be any 1x multiplier at all with only 7 free spins, which should start off with at least a 5x multiplier instead. As a result, most of the Free Spins games sucked, and into my deep freezer the game got tucked!

Theodore Alex
April 29, 2020

Nothing so far, I find the bonus rounds when achieved enertaining

Zara Freddie
April 27, 2020

But on the same not as soon as you win big you soon start to get no wins and your money goes down very fast ????

Jesse Kai
December 26, 2019

Personally I would not play this slot again. I get bored easily when I play simple slots. I want to try every possible game that there is in my life, because you never know how generous a slot can be by just looking at its symbols and its name, but this is definitely not one for me. I would stay indifferent about Bobby 7s and I will leave it to you. It is your choice whether you like to try it or not. I also remember when I played this game I was not that satisfied of the winnings as well. So one more reason for me not to play this game again.

Arlo Tracy
August 31, 2019

My only complaint on this old Bobby 7s game is, it tends to lag quite badly at certain times. Perhaps the fast internet speed wasn't that suitable for the game's configurations, I don't know, but the lagging of the spins disturbed my enjoyment of the game. Otherwise, this game can be as good as the famous Book Of Ra game, except for the poorer quality graphics of course, and the lesser number of paylines.

Elliot Liam
June 20, 2019

From my several plays on this Wizard Of Odds game, the Spellbook features paid up to 10x my total bet amount, the Free Spins game paid less than 20x my total bet amount, but the Cauldron Bonus games paid well, from 10x up to 65x the total bet. These wins do not indicate the maximum wins possible, they only reflect what I have won so far, and that's not a lot. I blame all these on the very low paytable.

Chloe Charlie
May 11, 2019

I did not like that payouts are just too small. Wilds do not have multiplier, and most 5 of a kinds did not pay much. This is not nice. Also I did not like that during freespins there is no multiplier, wild reels is good but payouts is still low.

Annabelle Matilda
May 7, 2019

I took one star from rating. Because I am was not very impressed with sounds and music. For game like this I was expecting something really good. But not always my expectations comes to real unfortunately.

Riley Ella
April 22, 2019

The Coat of arms doesn’t have a side feature like win-win or a trigger feature they’re more better if they have it.

Louie Amelia
February 14, 2019

Like all other 243 games this slot can eat up a lot of balance before hitting anything big. I think that this goes especially for this slot. The variance here is ultra high and you can lose a great sum of money without winning anything back. In one session I spent 150 euros playing only on a minimum bet and didn’t have a win of over 30 x bet. Still other times you can hit some nice bonus round and boost your bankroll. My biggest win here was about 300 x bet in the free spins bonus on a solid 0.60 bet.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.