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Gems Odyssey Overview

Gems Odyssey is a slot machine game that encourages players to think about it. Because it is not a classic Slot with lines. Still, it needs the same icons. However, the only rule is that they are side by side.

In this case, multiple wins per round can also occur. In this sense, the Gems Odyssey Slot is not just any gem slot machine.Play Gems Odyssey online: find the same Jewelthe playing field has a size of 5×5 fields.

On these positions are almost exclusively gems. In addition to a red ruby, a blue sapphire and a green emerald; are also found jewels in Yellow, Purple and Orange.

Furthermore, the player can store to access inventory; where special stones in the forms of Normal, Rare, epic and Mythic.Basically, it is advantageous in the Gems Odyssey slot machine; that the counter values of the images are displayed directly on the skin screen. So the games know immediately; how high its payout in the slot machine fails.

However, it is essential; that seven identical stones are collected ; before it comes to a profit distribution.Gems Odyssey free: hand-crafted or Kiggrundlich the player has two ways to play Gems Odyssey.

At the right edge of the game there is a button called “Game Mode”. If this is set to” Man”, the user must be active himself.

This means that by clicking on the game field groups of gems can be resolved. It is important here; that always touch Three Identical jewels.If the mode is set to “AI”, the groups dissolve automatically. In this case, the game takes over the entire work.

However, it may be advisable to carry out this task yourself. For if several groups are to be dissolved, the player can create further rows by skillful dissolution.The second Chance does not cost a stake!The dissolution of groups already succeeds from three matches.

However, if not seven identical gems have been dissolved, no payout will be made.

It is therefore a round without making a profit. In this case, a second Chance is granted to the player; by chance, of course.The playing field builds up again.

However, the calculation also starts from the beginning. However, no further use is required. It is therefore a single free game, which is not dependent on other symbols.

Furthermore, there is no other free round.

Even if no payment has been made again. Only after the next bet can another free game occur.

Win the jackpot and secure the 1,000-fold WinThe Jackpot Symbol shows; all in the classic sense; three Super Seven. These are found in the colors Red, Yellow and Blue.

Below is the word Jackpot written down. If we can remove a group of these images, then the rotation was really worth it. Because in this case we get our stake with the factor x1.000 refunded.

The bet may be selected between 0, 50 and 50;00 Euro. If we decide to make the greatest possible use of Gems Odyssey online, We could win up to 50,000 euros per round.

However, it does not happen every day; that there are three Jackpot symbols on the playing field and can then also be combined.Gems Odyssey tips and Tricks: increasing stakes choosing Gems Odyssey Slot we have nine stake levels. At least the first five levels are here between 0;50 and 5; 00 Euro. These selections are affordable for all players.

After several rounds without winning at Gems Odyssey play; the invested capital should be raised.

This is because at some point the next payout is imminent and then we can make up for losses and win with luck.

By the way, this Trick sometimes also works at the Live Casino. It is a proven strategy in Roulette; always raise the stake when choosing the same color; unless a payout has been reached. In each case, only care should be taken; that the own Limit; what the player is ready to bet; is not exceeded.

Conclusion to the Gems Odyssey Slot: click happy!In general, we like the Gems Odyssey slot machine; that we can become active ourselves.

Many Slots invite you to do so; always press a button blunt or immediately switch to the car mode. Here we can; although it is a slot machine; also use our own Grips. High payouts are also possible and provide Motivation.

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