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Jekyll And Hyde
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Jekyll And Hyde Overview

Jekyll and Hyde is a well-known novel by Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson, dating back to 1886. The Story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; who are in essence a Person; became world-famous. Accordingly, it is not surprising; that the theme is also a successful way as a slot machine. Music sounds only at the turns. The background is rather dark.

Nevertheless, winning amounts are possible; which can provide great pleasure to the player.At special symbols in the first instance the Wild is to be mentioned; where the letters are surrounded by flames. But also the Jekyll and Hyde Scatter can trigger a nice Bonus round. The most expensive Symbol to date, Dr. Jekyll, is transformed into Mr. Hyde, thereby gaining even more value.

From the design, the doctor is a well-groomed man; while Mr. Hyde has missed a poisonous green sting.A Pretty Woman follows Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Valence. She has got a Golden border.

A pink poison vial and an orange antidote follow in the illustration.

Finally, ATMs use letters from A to J and numbers 10 and 9 to fill the reels. Different colors exclude a likelihood of confusion.Game Instructions Today, a Download is no longer necessary; to try out the game once.

Jekyll and Hyde can be played for rehearsal.

However, all winnings are not available for withdrawal. Of course, no deposit has been made. Basically, wins only count; if SAME symbols from left to right; at least appear in a threesome marriage.The Wild can bend this rule.

Because it acts like a universal Joker within a card game. Two pictures and the Wild can therefore also provide for a payout.

The Wild replaces all images. The only exception is the Scatter, which does not benefit from this Bonus.

Scatter and free game Eder Scatter shows the Logo of the game.

In this sense, it first triggers a special function; if it is triple to be discovered on the playing field. Ten free spins can be won. In addition, in this free spin all Dr. Jekyll symbols transform into Mr. Hydes.

This increases the Potential to a high profit.

Also during the free spins, three scatters can trigger ten free games. Thus, the number of free spins is not limited. The player himself has the decision about the coins used and their value.

This allows the height of the insert to be determined relatively freely.

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