The Great Galaxy Grab


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The Great Galaxy Grab Overview


The great galaxy grab slot machine game for free, you will find the list of the trusted pragmatic play casinos. Choose it in online and make your day better! You can choose to play for cash or real with free playing slots or real money online! The amazing jungle rumble casino slot has 5 reels, 3 rows and full moon is packed! There a lot of course with the nice design and some of course the symbols like all-related but various symbols and other pictures are usually found here. Its time. But no longer is that the first time here, as you get closer to see that you’ll later play with the right. To win, the wild symbol symbols on reel of course, you will be able to win combinations on the left, in the opposite or even more important role. If you want to activate then you will be left-on the next to play wheel of the same day after a spin. If you can land of the jackpot symbols and match of this game-style and get rich in a day, then you can still be on that much-being.


The great galaxy grab slot machine by iron dog studios which has 20 paylines and 5 reels. Players are transported to another world which is the time of the day, the city that features the city streets which were once a part of the city. This slot machine by iron dog studios is perhaps one of those games which is based on your total wins. The 3d family from netent by igt may bite games that are very similar in terms, but the reason is that this game is just about what we are looking for sure to bring intrepid drama for more than you can. Take all wins on the first-seeking adventure at the next time. If you are looking for free spins, you can find slots for real money, of all these features.

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Bonus amount
125% up to €300 + 200 spins
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Welcome offer is valid for New Players only. Welcome offer is valid for the first 5 deposits only. Minimum Deposit of €20 required. Wagering requirement x35

The Great Galaxy Grab Video Review

The Great Galaxy Grab

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The Great Galaxy Grab REVIEWS BY PLAYERS

Hailie Sherman
March 19, 2020

The only problem I had is hitting Scarlet scatters. When 2 of them hit they don't make the other reels roll around, it doesn't mystify me! The other reels just stop normally so there isn't any suspense or any pressure involved!

Marcos Lawrence
September 17, 2019

The Great Galaxy Grab is another 25 payline slot game from Microgaming. To start with the positives from this game I would have to say that I enjoyed the general appearance of the game and the color scheme was good when compared with some games. I normally prefer a game with a higher number of paylines but I have been trying game such as this more often recently and this game in particular kept me well entertained thanks to the inclusion of some really nice bonus features.The first of these that I experienced was with The Steel Scarlet bonus in which I actually managed to pick correctly and was awarded pretty well.Another bonus feature in this game which I liked was the free spins which made regular appearances and while I did not manage to hit anything huge I did hit a few small wins and thanks to the 3x multipliers it helped to keep my head above water.If I had to describe this game in one word I would say Quirkey and if you are the kind of person that hinges mainly on bonus games then this could be the slot for you but for me I found that the game lost that classic slot feel. All things considered about The Great Galaxy Grab I would give it an overall rating of 6 out of 10 and I think I could rate this game a bit higher if I had played it on a day that I was in the mood for bonus games.

Erma Adams
July 9, 2019

The Great Galaxy Grab game is powered by microgaming. To be honest it took me some time to get used to the drawings in this game. I dont know why but they seemed so weird to me. Now I play this game almost every time i play microgaming casinos.The game is pretty cool to me because there are six bonus games in it and a free spins feature. And because there are so many bonuses it keeps me interested for a long time. I could be playing this game for a long time and not get bored with it. To get the bonus you have to get three or more Steel Scarlet pictures. Even though you wins in the bonus game dont increase if you get four or five Steel Scarlet symbols, they do pay more. The Steel Scarlet bonus takes you into a space travel mode, where you stop at six different space stations each of which comes with a different bonus. As usual the further you travel the bigger the bonus. I love to play this game on a €0.50 bet and my average wins are from €25 to €35.The free spins mode is activated when three or more scatter symbols appear. Scatter also acts as a wild in this game and double the win, so you are expected to get a big win when they appear. i got them once with the Captain Bronzebeard (5 all together), which paid €80 on a €0.50 bet. The free spins can be re-triggered, and i have re-triggered them myself. My average win on the free spins feature is around €35. I really like this game and would recommend everyone to try it at least once. if i was to rate it out of 10 ill give it a solid 8. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

Perry Robinson
June 19, 2019

Carnaval is probably one of the first Microgaming video slot. Discovered it due to my challenge, and generally I think I am just wasted my time for 150 spins while playing this game. Zero interesting experience.Game looks very old, but at least there are some colorful symbols, and generally I can't say that I do not like how this game looks. Of course there is no good animations, no good sounds, but in the end this is just eye candy, and not most important thing in online slots.There are no any features. When I noticed that - I was really sad, because I realize that since I am starting trying all games for 100-150 spins or more - I need to play this one too, but unlikely it will be interesting experience. There is only 9 paylines. Payouts are not that bad for best paying symbol, but unfortunately wilds here does not have any payout, and to my surprise wilds also do not have own payout, so I think we could say that those wilds are totally useless.Another thing I did not like - scatters. Do no trigger any feature, and moreover pays very bad. Got 3 scatters 4 times, and since payouts for 3 scatters is crazy 2x total bet - I am generally get nothing. I played this game with 0.27 bets, and after 150 spins I lost about 15$. This is terrible result, and if count my RTP I am sure it will be some number in which I am even will not believe.Overall not interesting slot game, I do not know who will decide to play it, or who will enjoy it. No features, no payouts for wilds, no any multipliers, just nothing. Add to this list quite old graphics and sounds - and unlikely it is slot game which you will want to play this evening.

Javier Price
June 2, 2019

The Great Galaxy Grab is such a great game to play! It's 25 paylines and has all these bonuses as well as Free spins at 3x. Having 3 G symbols gets 10 Free spins at 3x. I like these symbols because they are split personality symbols......they can be used as a Wild and as a scatter in this slot so it will be mostly to my favour to hit 2 scatters for 2x wins (in the base or, higher inside free spins) OR simply have them trigger the free spins altogether for 3! This allows an easier access to Free spins triggers so they aren't that hard when I played for $0.75 - $1 bets! When I hit a few features and the triggers don't come again after a long set of spins, I deduct my current bets to $0.50 to make things a bit easier for me. The bonus round, triggered for 3 Red headed Scarlets gets a round of collecting 6 Dubloon coins in the first trigger. My wins there have been a common 26x win total sometimes higher depending on my luck. The second is just like the bonus found on Starscape except I collect the quality of fuel than space symbols......the multiplier seems low for 2x than the seeexxy 3x in Starscape. It's plain easy, match 4 to hit a corresponding prize. I sometimes hit the 2x multiplier on this bonus. The third trigger is a choice of a food item. Do I want an item I see right now or should I take a risk for another for better prizes? Lol Flapjack Meltdown and Milkyway Milkshake were some foods they gave me. It's important to make a wise decision for each item & to think very carefully about predicting the next prize for the item next in line, when things aren't looking good for prizes, the last choice is probably the one holding the biggest prize. I found prizes that were between $25 - $75 for a $1 bet! 2 choices to make up my mind before the last one which is an automatic prize collect should I not like the first two! The fourth trigger is a standard Saloon's like the bonus on Bomber Girls or Your Lucky Day with a chance to win with extra wins if my 5 card hand (if I go all the way for every guess) turns into a poker hand! This is just rare to get! The fifth bonus trigger is a big wheel with 2 arrows to hit prizes on when I spin it! I don't get very lucky on this because I always hit 20x total without a chance to re-spin the wheel again! The sixth trigger is the Age of Discovery or the Gift Rap of bonus rounds. I pick presents for cash prizes until I find a card saying Maxed!. I had a great run when I reaped rewards of $92!! There is always one big prize hiding in one of the presents (how typical of them) so look for that present that holds it! I also believe this last bonus influences the ending with Scarlet! When she appears pleased with the Captain then I win somewhere near $50 / 5000 coins....more or less as it is random. This moment feels a lot like the time when I completed all sword fragments for the Tomb Raider -SoTs slot! That moment is truly valuable and pleasing!!! Excellent bonus features, easy to earn triggers unlike other slots that made me earn per trigger (Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II, The Finer Reels of Life, PlayBoy) just to find a new round of free spins, G symbols acting for both Wilds & scatters except the Scarlet symbols and overall, a way to see my progress through the colourful dots on the very top of the screen and I think TGGG will do well for wagering requirements!

Raja Weber
May 12, 2019

Outside of the bonus features of this game it is very difficult to achieve any major winnings in this game and as great as the bonus features are they just don't appear regular enough to make this game comparable to some of the real big hitters out there. The general logos in this game are quite low paying for the amount that they appear and without the vast array of bonus features that this game offers I think it would struggle.

Adrienne Schneider
January 4, 2019

Ah! This game looks quite nice and interesting at first glance. It's probably not a new game, as far as I can remember, but definitely not an oldie either, but I've never played it before. I've never been searching for any unplayed Microgaming games, they don't really interest me, so I only come across them when I'm on a mission, like now. Looking at the various icons in the game, they remind me of the cartoon TV series The Jetsons, where everything is in space, just as in this game. I love watching that cartoon series. Now I'm wondering, can I love this game too? Hmm, there's only one way to find out. Play it! Hehehe.Well, all those Diner, Saloon, Bank, Mall, and even the Casino looks good. They would certainly make space travelling more fun. Hmm, I wonder if those US Astronauts made any stop-overs at the Diner to grab some burgers on their way to the moon? Oh gees, my mind has wandered too far too quickly! Hahaha. In this game of The Great Galaxy Grab, McDonald hasn't reach the outer space yet, so there aren't any 'Drive-thru' facility, but what is there is the 'G' symbol, which is both the Wild and the Scatter symbol. It doubles all wins with it, it substitutes other symbols except the Bonus symbol, and getting 3 or more of them trigger 10 free spins with all wins tripled. The Free Spins game can be retriggered, but getting the symbols to trigger or retrigger it don't pay anything. Argh!Scarlet, that nice looking lady, is the Bonus symbol, but is actually the Captain's spouse, so don't do anything foolish or crazy now. 5 of her pays 100x the total bet, and getting 3 or more of her trigger the Space Chase Feature. Nope, you don't go chasing after that lady, only the Captain does. He chases after her from one location at a time, until they finally get to meet up at the 6th location, the Mall. What a great chase it's gonna be, and watch out for the anti-climax scene too! As for the other symbols in the game, Captain Bronzebeard (odd name isn't it?) pays 2000x, the Stella Ship pays 1500x, Dan pays 1000x, Rusty pays 800x, Dozer the Dog pays 600x, and the rest pay from 150x to 50x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. Nothing great about the paytable, just a low one.What about the 6 chasing locations, you ask? Well, first, there's the Astro Bank, grab 6 of those coins to win cash. Next, there's the Gas Station, match 4 same symbols to win cash. At the Diner, choose your meal to win more cash, with 2 chances to change your mind, good for fickle-minded people. Then it's on to the Saloon, guess whether the next card is higher or lower, with a chance to win a nice Poker prize too. With so much money in hand, head on to the Casino, spin the Wheel to win some more cash, because you'll need them when you get to the final location, which is the Mall. Here, pick some nice presents to give to Scarlet to win more cash. And finally the romantic anti-climax scene, either Scarlet kisses the Captain, or, or, nope, you'd better see it for yourself! Hahaha.

Lana Richmond
January 2, 2019

Well, The Great Galaxy Grab was certainly fun to play, entertaining all the way with the chasings, plus a little bit more fun at the ending too. If you don't know how the game ends, then you'd better get going and play it! I'm not gonna tell it out, hehehe. Putting the fun aside, trying to get money from all the 6 locations and all the chase sequences, proved to be rather disappointing for me. I couldn't get any nice big win, I only got mediocre wins. The only Free Spins game that I managed to get didn't pay well, the few Bonus games weren't any better either, making it all looked like they were meant for the Captain to win only, and never for me. Too bad!


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.