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So Many Monsters
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So Many Monsters Overview

So Many Monsters is a slot machine, which is characterized by monstrous yet again clean forms. The title suggests that there are many of these creatures. In fact, the pure number of different symbols is limited. However, the monsters have a very large division ability; as will be explained later. The music in the Slot is accessible and the background is suitably designed.

If you have a lot of monsters around you, you can take big wins.

In this slot machine we first deal with the symbols without a monstrous background.

Here, first of all, the numbers and letters are to be mentioned.

These range from the ACE; the king and the lady; to the boys and to 10. Furthermore, a Wild is present. This was designed as a Logo of the machine.

A Scatter and at the same time free spins Symbol is displayed by the eye with green pupil.Now we come to the monsters. First, they all have a different color.

A red frog monster; a yellow creature with numerous eyes; a green giant worm; a purple bat, a blue rat monster can be sighted.

These monsters, however, look little frightening, but they bring a lot of fun on the reels.Game instructions to a certain point, the rules in the slot machines are always very similar.

Also in this Online Casino game, SAME symbols must be collected. These have a number to form. Of these, a maximum of 25 are available to the player. At least three matches; subsequently from the first roller left to right; are required for a payout.

If the required number of identical images is not achieved, the game may help out. It acts like the Universal Joker in a card game.

So the Logo can start series and. It also occurs on the middle reels; to continue the line wins started.

Only the eye as a Scatter cannot be replaced or supplemented.Scatter and free game Eder Scatter is the only Symbol, which returns with two appearances of a value. It also acts as a special symbol. If it appears triple bonuses will be due. The player chooses an extra Wild and with it a number of Freegames.

You can choose between 8 and 16 free spins.

Finally, let’s go back to the title. If a win is made with the monsters, they share. In total, it is possible to combine up to 25 monsters in one Payline. The more creatures appear; the higher the payout amount.

The number of Monsters is determined randomly. Rugby Star is a sporty slot machine that deals with the same-named ball sport.

Where Football is not well known in Germany, Rugby has a niche existence. A special feature is that the Ball must not be fitted forward. The background sounds in the Slot game sound like Casino. The presentation, however, shows a large stadium with the usual H-shaped goals.

The profit amounts are; as usual in professional sports; not to be despised.At the usual symbols in this ATMs first athletes are to be mentioned. The most valuable thing here is the man, who performs a pike jump with the elliptical Ball. In the list follow a player; who carries the Ball and one; who kicks it just.

In addition, a man is in full Spring; while another sportsman starts to attack and throws the opponent’s Ball out of his Hand.Other sporting symbols round off the performance. Here are in particular the cup; a helmet; the stadium and the sports shoes with knobs to name.

The Logo of the game also takes over the function of the Universal Joker. This is called Wild in slot games. Finally, the elliptical Ball can be discovered on the reels. It comes into play as a Scatter and thus as a free spins Symbol.

Game instructions wins up to 120,000 coins are possible here. The game convinces with lots of jokers and high chances of winning. If you want to see it once; you do not need to perform an extra Download. The Casino offers a feature to try. For accurate gains identical symbols must appear on the reels from left to right.

It is always possible to achieve at least a series of three identical images.A special feature is that there is another Chance of a payout when winning. Because the images involved simply dissolve and are replaced by new symbols. With 243 paylines there is an increased probability that a valid combination; without further rotation or re-use; can be achieved.

Wild and Scatterin total there are 40 wild symbols on the reels, which even appear stacked on the middle three reels. These increase the profit; because you can replace and complement other images. Only the Ball cannot be replaced and is therefore excluded from this rule. The Scatter makes for Freegames.

If it appears triple on the playing field, 15 free spins are triggered. The number increases to 20 Spins; for four and 25 free games with five balls.

During the Freespins multipliers up to x10 are possible.



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