Dragon Dance


This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Dragon Dance Slot
Dragon Dance
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Dragon Dance Overview

Dragon Dance in the UK is a fresh and very entertaining slot machine game. There are two types of Dragons in the Slot Genre. Once Upon a time, the fire-breathing fellow, who also appears in various Fantasy books and films. Furthermore, the Chinese dragon is to be seen; as he is more often seen on parades.

The latter is meant in this machine; which plays an Asian Music in the background. A city in the background and the red-lit backdrop make the icons on a white background the focus. In this gel slot, we first want to deal with the special symbols and so we first come to the Logo of the game.

The inscription Dragon Dance in the UK is visible with a small dragon under the font. It is the game’s Wild but has no value. A series of Bollers that are already lit at several ends; take the Abandoned of the Scatters. Of course, the dragon is in focus and the Symbol with the highest value.

Another animal; presumably a disguised dog; is to be seen. Furthermore, there are two drunk dancers; a drum beat and a woman with cymbals in his hands. The numbers and letters range from A to 9 and fill the remaining positions of the reels. The game guide usually, the slot machine indicates the number of lines in one place of the Paytable.

Here are directly available 243 ways to win. In this regard, Dragon Dance in the UK differs from most Mercury Games. This is, in fact, very special; that it is all rows from left to right. If matches are achieved in this direction according to the table, there is a payout.

The Respin Feature allows the player to Apply various strategies. In fact, it is possible to operate each roller individually.

The winning combination is close; the seduction is high. However, always pay attention to the price, which is displayed below the Respin button.

Not always worth trying.Wild and scatter the Wild is unbeaten as a substitute symbol. Especially since the jokers on the reels are retained at Respin; if the player deliberately only rotates other reels. The Wild provides higher and more frequent winnings and is therefore always a welcome guest on the reels.

Finally, it is important to mention Böller. If they are triple on the field, 10 free games will be awarded. The number can be increased by more bangers in these rounds. The Free spins do not incur any additional costs; can, however, continue to provide high profits.

The preset bet is retained during free spins.



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Michelle Stevenson
December 18, 2019

Dragon Dance is one of the newest games from Microgaming software, it was released earlier this month and is a slot inspired and dedicated to Chinese New Year celebration and it has a beautiful name that fits great to the theme called Dragon Dance. I wasn't really looking forward to this release, as I don't particularly enjoy that theme, but Jackpotland casino gave me 5€ bonus to use on it and afterwards I got interested to explore it more.From the first sight this game looks very similar to all other slots Microgaming has, as it is a game with free spins round and 243 ways to pay. Only after I made the first few spins I noticed that it offers a respin option for every reel, after a spin is made. I usually play slots on autoplay, but because of this option, I play this slot only by hand clicking spin button. I have experienced respin options before and I know they can be very addictive, even now with the no deposit bonus I had 2 scatter combination and I lost 3€, trying to respin other reels to get to free spins bonus. Needless to say, I ran out of credits before it happened.I have to say that I wasn't loving the design for this game, there are number symbols, few Chinese related symbols including a dragon and a wild. After I lost my no deposit, I made a 30€ deposit and started to play this game with the minimum bets, which are 0.25€ per spin. I think it is good to have them so low, as often 243 way spin costs 0.30€. I started to play and after a few spins I had 2 scatters. Again I used respin option for two spins, which overall cost around 2€, but this time I got lucky and got the 3rd scatter. I have to say the free spins bonus, which is the only thing this game has, is quite decent, as you get 15 free spins 3x multiplied. I had many 5oak winnings and overall I won 70x bet win.I lost all my money on this game eventually but because of the respin feature I had a really good time. I think it is very useful, when you're one symbol away from 5oak and usually when the possibility for that to happen is high, the respin is costly, I even once paid 20x bet for the respin, but it helped me to get 5oak, which paid almost 100x bet, so it was worth it. I had overall 10 free spins rounds, about half of them was triggered on the spin initially and the other half was because of the respin. I mostly got around 50x bet win.Overall I think this is a decent release from Microgaming and in my opinion it is better than the few games they have released earlier. I think this game has a good winning potential with respin option and with the decent bonus round. Design isn't my favorite but I would recommend to give it a try.

Marsha Jordan
October 4, 2019

So what don't I like about this game? Let's make it short and fast shall we? 243 ways, good. $0.25 minimum starting bet, good. 5 scatters pay 100x bet, okay but not good. Wilds don't pay, not good. Wilds don't double wins, not good. Win values for symbols, not good. No stacked Wilds, not good. No Expanding Wilds, not good. No walking/running/moving Wilds, not good. So how the heck can you ever win big on a game like this??? Only Microgaming game designers would know or do they?Has anyone really really tried the 'Respin' feature on any of the reels? I have! But it was on a BetSoft game, I think, way back in time. So this 'Respin' feature is nothing new at all, for those who don't know. You can choose to respin any of the reels, as you like, which you think can bring in a new win or some new wins, but each choice of reel has its own cost for a respin. The reel that could bring in the highest new possible win or wins will cost the most to respin and reel 5 will almost always be the cheapest or useless to respin. When you have played the game then you will understand better what I am hinting at. As far as my experience go on this 'respin' feature, rarely can you get any decent big wins from it but small meaningless wins should come in quite often. In the long run, if you can actually win from the total number of respins you had taken, consider yourself to be a damn lucky player! As my expectations of this new game was never good nor high, I have only played it a few times, using given free spins as well as from my deposits. The end result has yet to be good, and I do not intend to keep on trying for it. As far as I am concerned, Dragon Dance is yet another new game from Microgaming that has failed to get passing marks (green stars) from me!

Lorraine Stanley
September 16, 2019

More and more Asian-based games are coming out nowadays and what more reason than to usher in the Chinese New Year, the year of the Monkey, with a new Dragon Dance game. The Dragon dance itself will forever remain the same, it cannot ever change but the game certainly can. Well, I haven't found any single Asian-based or Asian-orientated game that I really like so far, from any software provider, so my expectations of this new dance game will remain the same, mediocre, until proven wrong.I must say that I cannot find anything that I like about this Dragon Dance game! Everything is on the verge of mediocrity...the graphics, the animations, the sound effects, the background music, and whatever else...including payouts and any big win potentials.

Jana Copeland
March 23, 2019

Dragon dance is a form of traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture, often performed during the Chinese New Year. Chinese dragons are a symbol of China, and they are believed to bring good luck to people, therefore the longer the dragon is in the dance, the more luck it will bring to the community. At first sight, I couldn't remember that I had seen this dance before, but recently, I was watching something on TV and there was a wedding, a Chinese woman and an American guy, and in their wedding celebration was performed a dragon dance. I liked it, but the bride broke the budget with all of her special wishes, and they will be paying off that wedding expenses for a few years. Makes me wonder!I was really disappointed when I saw only a few dragon symbols in this 5-reels 243-paylines video slot, which is one of the additions to Microgaming games portfolio. Before I realized that there wasn't much to expect or to win, I had started my session with 0.50 cents bets. When I had mostly dead spins with zero wins, I decided to lower my stake to the minimum bet size of 0.25 cents. The only win on my 0.50 cents stake was 'five of a kind' of symbol 10 and that paid me around 2.10 Euro. Peanuts.The only thing I like here is the background sound and its name, and that would be all. If you manage to trigger, or as I would usually say, to collect 5 scatters, they would pay nothing, no 100x payout, and this is unacceptable for a game with 243 ways. The Wild doesn't pay for itself, no doubling of wins, and there is no expanding wild nor stacked wilds. There is literally no way to win big here. And it's such a shame for Microgaming. The only feature you can use is a Re-spin feature on each reel. I thought this must be some really fun game with some nice winning potentials, but according to its paytable, this game is a complete disaster. And I don't think it's worth anyone's money and time, except for the free spins, if you really want to give it a try.

Elijah Lloyd
February 17, 2019

Wild Orient video slot is run by Microgaming software. This is a 5 reel and 243 ways to win game. The theme in this game is the Far East and some wild animals that occupy that part of the world.I really like the graphics of this game. It is probably one of the newer slots. The sound effects are okay, considering the fact that I am always annoyed by the music that goes in the background in most of the games that I have played. The good thing when it comes to this game is that it has a slightly different system for payouts. There should be matching symbols from right to left not just starting from the first reel but from the second and the third too. The animals represent the high values symbols and the card numbers are of course like in any other game the lowest paying symbols. The wild in this game is the Wild Orient logo. The wild only appears on the second and the fourth reel and it can replace for all the symbols except for the scatters. There are 15 free spins with a x 3 multiplier and they are triggered by 3 or more stone carving scatter symbols. The scatters do not have to be on an active pay line. The free spins can be retriggered if 3 more scatters appear anywhere during the free spins round. Reel Respin feature is another interesting addition to this game and it happens after each spin. You can respin any reel in hope to get a winning combination. The first time I saw this feature in another game I was so confused and did not know what was going on, so I basically avoid doing respins. Maybe if it was free I would think twice but it comes at a cost so I choose not to do it.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.