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This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Rugby Star Slot
Rugby Star
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Rugby Star Overview

Rugby Star in UK is a sporty slot machine that deals with the same-named ball sport. Where Football is not well known in Germany, Rugby has a niche existence. A special feature is that the Ball must not be fitted forward. The background sounds in the Slot game sound like Casino.

The presentation, however, shows a large stadium with the usual H-shaped goals. The profit amounts are; as usual in professional sports; not to be despised.At the usual symbols in this ATMs first athletes are to be mentioned.

The most valuable thing here is the man, who performs a pike jump with the elliptical Ball. In the list follow a player; who carries the Ball and one; who kicks it just. In addition, a man is in full Spring; while another sportsman starts to attack and throws the opponent’s Ball out of his Hand.Other sporting symbols round off the performance.

Here are in particular the cup; a helmet; the stadium and the sports shoes with knobs to name. The Logo of the game also takes over the function of the Universal Joker.

This is called Wild in slot games. Finally, the elliptical Ball can be discovered on the reels. It comes into play as a Scatter and thus as a free spins Symbol.Game instructions wins up to 120,000 coins are possible here.

The game convinces with lots of jokers and high chances of winning. If you want to see it once; you do not need to perform an extra Download.

The Casino offers a feature to try. For accurate gains identical symbols must appear on the reels from left to right. It is always possible to achieve at least a series of three identical images.A special feature is that there is another Chance of a payout when winning.

Because the images involved simply dissolve and are replaced by new symbols.

With 243 paylines there is an increased probability that a valid combination; without further rotation or re-use; can be achieved.Wild and Scatterin total there are 40 wild symbols on the reels, which even appear stacked on the middle three reels. These increase the profit; because you can replace and complement other images. Only the Ball cannot be replaced and is therefore excluded from this rule.

The Scatter makes for Freegames. If it appears triple on the playing field, 15 free spins are triggered.

The number increases to 20 Spins; for four and 25 free games with five balls. During the Freespins multipliers up to x10 are possible.

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Bonus amount
125% up to €300 + 200 spins
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Welcome offer is valid for New Players only. Welcome offer is valid for the first 5 deposits only. Minimum Deposit of €20 required. Wagering requirement x35

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June Pratt
December 27, 2019

How many clones, duplicates or replicas can one basic design base give? As many as you want! Other games providers do cloning and replicating of their games too, but not as widely done as by Microgaming, the cloning specialist! Hahaha. Just look at this Rugby Star slot game, for example. How many more MG/Quickfire games can you think of that uses the same basic design? Don't know huh? Probably because you, like most other players too, can't even be bothered about such things. All they wanna do is get some fun! Hehehe. Well, as you probably already know, Microgaming has never been a favourite software provider of mine, but I can think of 3 games that share one basic game design, namely, Rugby Star, Football Star and Cool Wolf. I have an inkling that there are a few more of such games that I have played before, but my mind can't focus on them as yet, but never mind, not that important anyway.Rugby Star pays 243 ways, with the usual 5-reels 3-rows, and plays like Gonzo's Quest. Oh, you want something similar from MG or Quickfire and not from NetEnt hah? Okay, like in the free spins game of Michael in Immortal Romance, minus the increasing win multiplier. Is that better for you? Okay, good. Rugby Star boasts of having more than 40 Wilds on the reels, but getting all of them at once is absolutely mission impossible! Why? Because there are only 15 grids or boxes on those 5 reels, that's why! Hahaha. I've never had more than 6 or 7 Wilds at any one time, and that was with my best small win too! Go figure!As expected, the Wilds pay nothing, sheesh, 5 Scatters pay 250x the total bet, which is good, but every other symbols have damn low win values! The White shirt player, the highest paying symbol, pays a blardy low 12x the total bet for 5 of him! Just slightly lower than what 5 of Troy would pay in Immortal Romance. So, compare that two and you can see how much less Rugby Star can pay you! The Free Spins game award 15, 20 and 25 free spins for 3, 4 and 5 scatters respectively, but trying to get 3 scatters alone is enough to give anyone the creeps! The only good thing about the Free Spins game is that up to 10x multiplier can be awarded, and have Stacked Wilds on reels 3, 4 and 5, to give huge wins wherever possible. Yep, I said wherever possible, not always possible, more like mission impossible! Hahaha.Ah, there's one more good thing worth mentioning though. In the base game, a Wild Pass feature game can be awarded at any time, randomly, and up to two reels can be turned into an Expanding Wild reel, with a guaranteed win in either case! How big a guaranteed win? Your guess is as bad as mine! I haven't had anything big from such wins yet! Hahaha.

Carlos Huff
November 29, 2019

Secret Admirer slot discovered with my recent trying of all Microgaming slots, and I remembered very well this slot game, not sure why, but I quite like it.Game does not have anything special with look. Just usual old game and I can't say that I like at least something with it. There is 9 paylines, so you can play with 0.09 bets.Base game at this slot is quite usual, without anything interesting, but probably I was very lucky, but average wins just come too often to me, so my balance just keep growing without anything special. Wilds appear here often, but it does not have any multiplier, which is not very good. Also I could not say that payouts is huge for symbols, but it is higher than at many others similar slots. Ah, and just for laugh. There is payout even for 1 wild :D 1 x bet. Laughed a bit after I notice it.There is very interesting freespins feature, and also quite unusual. It is started when you get 2 or more scatters from left to right you get 3 freespins. During each freespins you get paid for 2 scatters. If 3 land - counter resets, you get 3 more spins, and now you getting paid for 3 scatters, and so on until you have zero spins left, or you get 5 scatters. Payouts for scatters not very big, but if you managed to make 5 scatters you total win will be higher than 150x total bet - guaranteed. Get this feature 3 times, first time ended with 4 scatters, two other times with two, so it is not so easy to get 5 scatters.Overall I am like this slot. Decent payouts for symbols in base game, and quite interesting and unusual freespins feature. For me nothing else needed to make me happy gambler.

Judith Mills
November 12, 2019

Rugby Star slot game from Microgaming is very similar to some other games from this provider. I used to play break away game and design and everything is almost the same. At first I don't like that there are many very similar games with almost the same features but different theme. I like to see new features and bonuses instead of this. This game has 243 pay ways and minimum bet is 0,5€. There are stacked wilds into the reel 2, 3 and 4 which boost your winnings. What I liked at this game is that you can randomly hit wild pass feature up to 2 wild reels. I prefer to see at least 3 of them, but this feature is still better than nothing.In free spins feature you can receive up to 25 free games with rolling reels which can award multiplier up to x10. This game has most of the potential here at this feature. I played around 20€ on it and in the end I lost it. I think I had bad session, the payouts could be better during main game. I triggered free spins feature once but the payout from it was not good. I think you need to have a lot of luck to receive winnings on x10 multiplier. And when this happen, sure it would provide mega win.Otherwise the graphics is fine. I don't know why the game lagging while I was playing. For some spins not all the time. Maybe my browser was guilty because of this. The sounds and music are good at this game. I don't know if I will play this game in the future, maybe sometimes. It is not very interesting for me because I am not fan of rugby game. Maybe some player likes it more because of this theme.

Andrew Monaghan
November 5, 2019

Can run hot and cold, and when it runs cold, you don't be long blowing a load of money... have often had the free spins and not get as much as a cent for all 15 of them which can be pretty annoying... but if you're vigilant, you can just stop playing it when it's running cold.

Kristine Brooks
September 5, 2019

I am not into sports theme but if a game could produce some nice wins, then I don't mind the theme really.The only exception so far is Dead or Alive by NetEnt. That is the only video slot which is truly amazing and could pay really big, but I still kind of hate the DOA theme. There was one soccer video slot which I played quite often last year and I truly enjoyed. I have played it because I kept winning on it.Microgaming came up with this video slot which pays 243 ways, playable from 0.50 cents bet per spin, but they haven't made anything new. This would be another disappointment for me. The game itself looks solid with solid graphics, but I am unsure if it is possible at all to win on this game. I probably had terrible luck and I haven't made win over 1 Euro even. Microgaming made too many 243-ways slots and I am sure they make it with only one purpose, which is to take as much money as possible while they don't offer much in return.What every player should know, is that the paytable remains only in theory as long as you don't see real winning screenshots and get proved that the game can pay out BIG. That's the reason why it is so very important to get the facts before putting your money into any video slot, and the same goes for casinos too. I was happy to see that all the symbols are related to the rugby game, but the paytable looks bad. The Wild symbol has no payout for itself, in order to win 250x the total bet, you must collect 5 Scatters, and knowing that it isn't easy to get 5 Scatters, a 250x win doesn't sound good to me at all.The second highest paying symbol pays only 12x the total bet, which is nothing. So far, it seems that the only way to win something big here is during the Free Spins feature. You can trigger 15, 20 or 25 free spins with up to 10x multiplier. Multiplier is the pure beauty here. Also, there are Stacked Wilds during the free spins, appearing on reels 3, 4 or 5, and it could make you some nice big wins. To me, all this remains in theory and this video slot is already past for me, as I haven't seen anything worth my come back.

Vincent Walters
September 2, 2019

The newest game from Microgaming software was launched this month called Rugby Star slot. It is a 243 winning way video slot but the bets are made from 0.50 cents as a 50 liner slot with 5 reels. When they scheduled this new game looking at, I thought it looked familiar, but not in the graphics or the looks of the game, but the features that this game contains, it surely they didn't made any effort in this game, because this is a copy of my favorite game Cool Wolf slot or maybe more to its brother games as Football Star, Cricket Star and ice hockey Break Away..It definitely has the same free spins, even the multiplier is the same, the Rolling reels and even they show in the same place, the only difference in this game that it is a 243 liner. The theme about this newly added video game is Sport as Rugby so any symbol in this game is mainly with Rugby players and their equipment. The wild reels only appears on the third fourth and fifth reel giving a player really nice win and if the Rolling reels appear they give a player a re spin, they land only on send, third and forth reel, but the wild Rolling reel will remain stacked and give you a re spin, so giving a player chance to win big.When the Wild appears on those three mentioned above reels, if there is a winning combination, they will smash and make room for another winning combination, which the winnings can be up to X 10 your bet. The free spins feature is the best in these games, just because of the multiplier which goes up to X 10 and if triggering the Wilds especially on all three reels we are talking about huge wins here, even with the minimum bet.Even the free spins are the same as I mentioned them, same multiplier, same number of free spins rounds. So triggering 3 of the scatter symbols will award a player with 15 free spins, 4 of them 20 and 5 of them 25 free spins. Must say I didn’t pay this game too much, but from few times I have played I think I like it and will play it in the near future. I would recommend this game, just because I know it has potential of big wins.

Sania Gardner
August 1, 2019

I did not like that during normal game there is no multiplier for few wins in a row. This game is really miss this feature, because payouts in game very low.And another thumbs down - low payouts, I did not like it.

Edna Gill
July 18, 2019

One of my favourite games... have had some pretty decent wins on this - single 1 euro spin paying over 840 euro in the base game recently, and frequent enough wins returning 100-300 times my bet amount. The free spins feature can be pretty good, especially with the multiplier that increases with progressive wins... if you make it 5 wins in a spin you're at 10X. I'll keep coming back to this game - it's very often been a savior when I lost a lot on other slots, just come back to this and win it all back :)

Jacob Rowe
July 17, 2019

What do I dislike? Oh, just the usual things you can expect from all Microgaming games, like never getting huge wins due to the low paytable, hardly getting the third scatter when you need it most, never mind about getting 5 scatters! Getting 5 Wilds is not even any better than getting 5 Troys in Immortal Romance. Do you really want me to go on? No? Thank you!

Alex Mathis
March 29, 2019

Rugby Star is the new slot released by Microgaming on last Wednesday 9 September, just a little over a week before the start of the Rugby World Cup, it is clear that the company wants to use the emotion of the moment while pays tribute to some of the fans of this sport. The design of this slot is modern and attractive, its layout is 5 x 3 reels and Microgaming has built-in 243 ways to win on it, rates stipulated on the paytable could be considered somewhat modest, but this game has some interesting special features quite striking; the first one is the wild symbol represented with the game’s logo, this symbol works only as substitute for standard symbols but Microgaming has made it more interesting to set it appears stacked on the reels 3, 4 and 5 as follows, on reels 1 and 2 wild symbols do not appear, reel 3 has an 18 symbols stack, reel 4 has a 25 symbols stack and reel 5 has a 3 symbols stack; and to encourage more players, often all these stacks are the first to start to revolve right after you press the spin button, surely to encourage players, but stop button does not work right at that time.Another feature is the one called Rolling Reels which makes all symbols involved in a winning combination disappear for new symbols occupy empty spaces and thus to make possible the formation of new combinations like in a cascade, in addition and during the free round winnings made this way are multiplied by 2 x, 3 x, 4 x, 5 x or 10 x as several consecutive combinations happen during the same spin.Wild Pass feature makes up two reels are converted into stacked wilds, simply great. And finally one of the most attractive features is the free spins round where the player can get between 15 and 25 free spins with the occurrence of 3 or more scatters.All these features are continuously integrated to make Rugby Star a pretty entertaining game and also a high variance slot able to surprise you with some Mega Big Win, otherwise, the house wins.

Brittany Webb
January 12, 2019

Rugby Star it is newest Microgaming game release. Very similar game to cricket star, football star and few more games. I would like to bring to your attention that at guts casino started promo - for achievements in this game you could get freespins. Worth to check, because each freespins will have 0.50 value, and also without any wagering requirements like always in guts. Blaming myself for losing too much past days, now I am not able to enjoy this promo. But it will last some more time, so I hope I will be able to deposit something and unlock couple of achievements.I like that there is great avalanche feature. It works very good because wilds which appear on 3 4 5 reels appears often, and there is a lot of wilds on that reels. So if you just get good win with wild reels 3 4 5, very likely you will get some more wins. Unfortunately no multiplier for such wins during normal play.I like wild pass feature. I triggered it only two times, and it could award two wild reels. Did not paid me much, but I think this feature has some potential.Freespins feature here is very similar to other such games. 3 or more scatters landed anywhere will award freespins. During freespins you will have avalanche multiplier up to 10x. Triggered this feature three times, first time won a bit, second one payout was great around 100 bets, which good for 0.50 bet, and third day it paid average.I like this game and will try again, specially with awesome guts casino promo. I rate this slot with 9 stars.

Kristi Dixon
January 1, 2019

Rugby Star is one of the latest games from Microgaming software and I wasn't thrilled about this release at all. First of all, Microgaming has been releasing new games every month and most of them in my opinion lack quality and uniqueness, secondly, I am not a fan of sports theme for slots and at last, after seeing a promotional video for this game, it too much reminded me of their existing slot called Football star. Microgaming is famous with their 243 way slot games and this game also has 243 paylines. Usually those games have 0.30€ minimum bets but this game is a little more expensive - 0.50€ per spin. Technically this slot really reminds me of Cool Wolf slot, because of the Stacked wilds on reels 3, 4 and 5, wild pass feature and the fact that if there's a winning on the spin, winning symbols are taken down and new symbols fall into their places, so overall it isn't something new. Also as a bonus round there is only free spins round, triggered by 3 or more scatters. For lowest amount of scatters you get 15 free spins, for more - 20and 25 free spins, good thing is that in the free spins you can get up to 10x multiplier. But frankly I think it sounds better than it is, you can get up to 10x multiplier, only if you have consecutive winnings on the spin, than the multiplier increases from 2x to maximum 10. And I think you need to be lucky to get that. Another feature this game has is the wild pass feature, it is a random feature that can turn 1 or 2 reels wild. I’ve experienced this feature on 1 reel few times but it never paid more than 5x bet. So I think the fact that wilds are stacked on certain reels are the best opportunity for a big win on main game. I have played this game a few times now and so far it has proven to be a money eater. So far I have had 3 free spins rounds and none of those times I have got more than 3x multiplier. Also, the best winning I've seen on the main game was 20x bet and it happened only once. All times I've played this game, I've ended with loss so I won't be playing it any more. The payouts are tight and the design is not for my taste.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.