Cool Wolf


This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Cool Wolf Slot
Cool Wolf
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125% up to €300 + 200 spins
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Mert Aldred
May 20, 2020

Cool wolf is another piece of work from Microgaming,I feel that this slot game is quite good as its game is centered on an all-American teenager with a pretty dark secret. There are several main features which are nice to take a try include Stacked Wilds, Rolling Reels, and Howling Wild. If you want to take things to the next level, you may just start your journey with the 25 Free Spins and top them with Rolling Reels. There’s also a multiplier ready for grabs that will award players with up to 10 times their wolfish win.This is something great from what i see.From my first view, the Cool Wolf is a slot game which seems to portray old-fashioned American lifestyle with rosy-cheeked cheerleaders and a hero ready to light up the Reels at any time. However, this is something different from others which is that innocent teenager we mentioned before has a dark, twisted secret and most amazing part is that the full moon phenomenon turns our innocent teen into a wild werewolf. The storyline is quite unique and attractive as I like it quite a lot.I have spent around 1 hour to play this slot game.You can enjoy the moment to be the hero and get ready to snatch a killer payout. You can have the Cool Wolf with 40 Wild Symbols looting the Reels, as well as stacked Wilds on 3-4-5 Reels. This is something not easy as the wins will come fast, then the gear will up faster and on the other hand the Cool wolf also have facilitated with the special feature which is called Howling Wilds with rips and huge bonuses. With a simple claw swipe the coolest werewolf in school makes Reels 2, 3 or 4 go wild. You can get your winning added up right now and you’re enjoying the cash flow. Although I know it is not easy to achieve this, but you can at least get some tries before giving up too fast. Being committed and patient will always be the best way to get fruitful returns, this is wat I always have believed.The next best thing is that Cool Wolf slot game also has some pretty amazing scatters waiting for you, with at least 3, 4 and 5 Scatters bring 15, 20 and 25 Free Spins respectively. I should say this will be based on your luck from time to time but getting 3 scatters could be pretty much easier. You can even win a ten time multiplier in Rolling Reels throughout the Free Spin rounds. The minimum bet is 0.50, so let’s put it this way: you can win quite a lot in one lucky spin, you need to be positive thinker then the result could be better.As a conclusion, I should thanks to powerful rip-roaring and rewarding payouts as Cool Wolf slot game could give you trilling experience from time to time. Just get yourself enjoyed and entertained, it is not too boring to play this Cool Wolf as I believe these special features will be nice to you guys.

Marisa Greaves
December 30, 2019

Cool wolf it is another microgaming slot game, and generally microgaming have few such similar slots,where everything is almost same, and they just replaced symbols and sounds. This is interesting why they did so, so probably they just try to make good theme for everyone, and probably this is important, but not for me, i do not care about slot theme.Cool wolf has 243 lines, wilds here are placed only on reels 3,4,5 but wilds there are super stacked, at each reel there is a stack of 40 wilds, and this is important, because at this slot after a winning spin winnings symbols are disappeared, and it replaced with other symbols, so it is possible to get few winnings in a row ,just from one spin.Base game besides wilds also have another feature - one reel (only 3,4 or 5) can become wild, not sure why this feature is even created, because it can make only one wild, works only at base game, and if such feature will triggered - winnings symbols will not disappear, so to grab some money from this feature you of course need wilds on other reels, and for sure good paying symbols on reels 1 and 2,otherwise payout will be like 5-15 total bet, had this couple of time.Freespins triggered by 3 or more scatters, generally everything is the same, but now each consecutive win will increase multiplier, up to 10x. Actually slot is almost same as football star, but i preffer football star, so played cool wolf probably twice or so. Football is more interesting theme for me, and also at football stars payout for 5 scatters is higher, and i like when payouts for 5 scatters is high.Overall it is just microgaming game, which similar to other, but have some potential to pay big, good to play after bad session at other 243 liners.

Sheila Carpenter
December 11, 2019

Huge potential? Check! Entertaining theme? Check! Multipliers? Check! Free Spins? Check! Random feature? Check! Stacked Wilds? Check! The Cool Wolf slot from Microgaming contains all elements to turn this game into a players’ favourite. My experience with this game has been catastrophic though.However, I do believe it was just bad luck and playing 1000 spins is maybe too short to come to a final conclusion about a game. I’ll try to keep my review as less biased as possible, despite my bad results. Cool Wolf features the 243 ways to win format and offers 5 reels. The main attraction of this game is the rolling reels element. After every win the winning symbols break and disappear. In that aspect it’s similar to NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest. But it’s better to compare this game to Microgaming’s BreakAway and Football Star. Same concept and same paytable if I’m not mistaken.One downside is the big minimum bet though. I can imagine €0.50 per spin not being feasible for everyone. I tried this game like a month ago on minimum bets, and was delighted to see another slot with this concept. The theme is based on a geek turning into a wolf at midnight.That’s how the random feature is made up as well. Randomly the Howl Feature can appear turning reel 2, 3 or 4 into a wild with a guaranteed win. Reels 3, 4 and 5 contain stacked wilds btw with 40 wilds in total. So it’s quite easy to make them land. My experience with the Howl Feature wasn’t anything to write home about though.I won like 3 x, 5 x and 10 x betsize during the three times the feature came. During base game my results weren’t impressive either, since I lacked good wins after the symbols crunched. My hope was therefore based on the free spins.It takes 3, 4 or 5 scatters to win respectively 15, 20 or 25 free spins. I managed to get 3 scatters three times. During the free spins there is a multiplier in place that can go all the way up to 10 x if you manage to get consecutive wins. Despite my hope to win big, it was one huge disaster.I won 5 x, 8 x and 15 x my betsize during free spins while there is some huge potential. Needless to say I quit the game after losing approximately 100 euros. I still think this game can payout a lot, so I won't give it a bad rating just because I was unlucky.

Aran Mccullough
November 30, 2019

Cool Wolf is one of those games that have everything that a player needs. This game offers a huge potential of win, it has multipliers, not only free spins but also a random feature too. And last but not the least, stacked wilds. I have to say that stacked wilds are definitely my favourite. I play this game from time to time. Most of the times, I end up with some kind of wins. Even if it is not huge I am still happy. I do not like the feeling when you end up empty pocketed, probably no one does.This game is very similar to Break Away and Footbal Star because of the rolling reels. The symbols break and disappear after every win. I had some good wins thanks to this feature. The theme is also interesting, it is a story about a nerd who becomes cool after he turns into a werewolf. The free spins feature is triggered with 3 or more scatter symbols. The good thing here is that the free spins and the rolling reels feature are triggered at the same time. From this, you can see that this game has a colossal potential. I was not that lucky though. All I got from the free spins the last time I played this slot was something like 25 x bet size. During the base game I cannot say that I won a lot either.I was just not getting the symbols that I needed at a given point. So I have to say that I had a great gaming experience but I did not win anything worth mentioning.

Erik Britton
November 29, 2019

I love this game. There is not much more i can say about this game except that it is awesome. I can play it for a very long time and really enjoy myself. The game is full of surprises and it has a cool feature that can make you a good bit of money. It has been ages since i enjoyed myself so much and i am really happy with this game. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the creators of this game and Football star. They are awesome and make more games like this please. Now back to this game, with a minimum bet of €0.50 it is not cheap and if you catch it on a bad day it will empty your pockets. The game has a constant rolling reels mode and also has multipliers in the free spins. There are stacked wilds on the third, fourth and fifth reels and if you get them with wins, they keep rolling down and giving you more wins. I played this game on €0.50 and €1 bets and max i won on normal mode was around €45. The reels kept rolling and my win kept going up and up. Is i got pictures with higher pays on the first two reels i would have got much more. The best thing i like about this game is the feature. it took me a while to get it. I only managed to get two scatters and some small wins but when the wins burned away and rolled i got the third scatted. in the free spins every time you win your multiplier goes up. You can get from 2x to 5 x and at the end of my free spins i won over €90. Very cool game and i would recommend it to everybody. If i was to rate it i would give it 10 out of 10.

Horace Franklin
September 22, 2019

All the same, Cool Wolf isn't a new game and if you have played Break Away you have already played this slot. There's really nothing new to see here and I'm not sure who this particular theme is designed to be appealing to, perhaps none sports fans as the rest of these clones are all based on one sport or another. It's a nice game all the same though.

Eamon Dunlop
August 31, 2019

Cool Wolf is well designed game powered by Microgaming. It has 5 reels and it offer 243 payways. I don't like this game very much, maybe because I had no luck on it.The game is very similar to some other games from Microgaming and I don't like to play game which has almost the same feature and other stuff. Those games are like football star, break away and recently released basketball star. But I tried to play it for some time and I was hoping to get something good in return.I played only at minimum bets and I don't like how it pays me. I had a few good winnings during main game, but even that fact my balance was falling down. I did not give up, I played it more. I tried to get 3 scatters and feature, but this did not happen. I think I have bad session on this game every time when I open it. I don't know why, because otherwise I believe it could be a cool, great game.It could provide great winnings during free spins, but you need to have a good bankroll too. When I played, I had around 30€ or maybe even less than that and I did not received any feature. I was dissappointed. Those 3 scatters are really hard to get, for me it is almost impossible.Otherwise even if I don't have good luck on Cool Wolf, I know it could provide great wins. And every time when I saw some good screenshots or videos at this game, I started to play it. Maybe someday I will finally receive good winnings at free spins feature. I will rate it with 7 stars, it has good potential on big winnings and that is what is the most important for us, gamblers.

Fearne Luna
August 24, 2019

I tend to try out Microgamings new slots each month as one of their affiliates will usually go around the major on-line forums posting names, links and videos to the new games and in the past MG were my undisputed favourite provider of on-line slots. I guess I didn't look at Cool Wolf too closely if I did see a video of it because it is very obviously yet another clone of Break Away, the Ice Hockey themed game with Rolling Reels that Microgaming have cloned to death over the past year or two.I already wrote a review of Cricket Star where I detailed this blatant milking of this particular slot model, so I won't repeat myself here. The fact is I do really enjoy Break Away, and Rolling Reels slots in general, so its a shame that I've come to be so annoyed over this particular slot engine.Microgaming make a big thing in the paytable about the stacked wilds in these games, understandably I suppose - although they only appear on reels 3, 4 and 5. It is also possible to get a stacked wild on reel 2 under very specific circumstances, so if you are extremely lucky and get some top symbols on the first reel along with four reels stacked wilds (yes, it does happen, I've seen a screenshot!) then this game can payout a similar multiple of your bet to a four reel Wild Desire or Wild Celebration (from Immortal Romance or The Finer Reels of Life, if your not familiar) - that is a few thousand times your stake, by the way!Like most 243 ways games, the base game wins are really very low but these games are all about the features - there is a 10x multiplier available in the feature for five or more consecutive rolling reel wins, and the stacked wilds mean it is possible to win many five of a kind combinations simultaneously, so the top symbols 10x payout isn't quite so small with these factors in mind.

Opal Owen
August 15, 2019

I hate it when I fail to get consecutive wins in free spins. The multiplier is what it's all about at the end of the day.

Crystal Collier
August 12, 2019

I do not like to say anything bad about this slot because I know it is a great game and you can win a lot while playing it. It was simply not my day when I played the Cool Wolf, and that does not mean that I will not play it again soon.

Alejandro Drake
July 31, 2019

I am against the payout of 2 cents for 3 minor symbols (when the total bet is 50 cents ). It seems like all successful slots launched recently by Microgaming have the same glitch. A second observation is the only circumstantial against: this slot advertises a maximum win of 1 million! I wonder how many people need to play and lose in a casino for this single win to be really attributed?

Andrei Moran
June 19, 2019

Cool Wolf is another great creation from Microgaming involving 243 ways to win! This is my first time ever to play this on GoWild, right after my balance gotten a great deal of winnings in Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn. So now from Girls gone ballistic in a frozen environment to a dude who turns into a wolf during the full moon on Free spins! Will the cheerleaders like the nerd with glasses or the nerd transformed into a cool wolf? And would they be frightened by this wolf? Possibly yes as they start to throw their pom poms and make a haste to escape, panicking and screaming! My luck continued on here where $1 and $1.50 bets per spin were played for each of my spins. The free spins weren't as quick as Frozen Dawn but when they hit, I had 3 scattered Tickets for 15 Free spins. Multiple times I triggered these free spins, at least 3 times and I have received winnings like 4 scattered tickets for $30, a large $121.80 win and $83.40!!! I'll post my 3 screens here for these wins. Each type of win I had, whether it be from the base or free spins, the winnings symbols will be slashed to make room for other symbols to hit. I especially like having hits that go with the wild stacks on the last 3 reels because each win chained together for another the wilds were repeating itself, giving me more opportunities than one to hit them on the 3rd reel (mostly) or with the other wild stacks. All winning combinations I had won were in a very good yet interesting way! Stacked wilds repeating again, every win getting slashed for more chances at other wins but the one thing I didn't get on here........4 scattered tickets for 20 Free spins. I only had them during free spins which did nothing for more free spins. It only gave me scatter pays! Cool Wolf is one of the best paying slots, I think it's better than Football stars to tell you the truth as that.....was the next game I played after Cool Wolf :D!

Shaun Blake
May 31, 2019

Nothing special, boring extra wild reel feature, and also it is hard to get high multiplier during FS.

Hiba Lovell
May 14, 2019

Cool Wolf has to go down as one of my favorite games from Microgaming . With 243 ways to win on the reels and the chance to win huge it will have you glued from the word go.I personally like the graphics in the game as it looks a bit more sassy and cool than other games I have been in recently and even the music has that slick Tarantino vibe to it! This certainly has a more of an adult feel to it which is a welcome addition for me having felt like I should have had a rattle in my other hand playing some slots. Not so here thank you very much!The usual Jack to Ace are the low payers here and unlike some other slots you will not find the reels filled only with these. For example there are FORTY Wild symbols available in this game. The character logos can then grab you anything from €7.50 up to €75 for matching five.The scatters were a regular occurrence for me in my time playing Cool Wolf and in this game they offer a nice reward plus 15, 20 or 25 free spins depending on how many you match.It all came together well for me in this game and I enjoyed every aspect of the game from the moment I started out. I didn't feel the need to throw large bets in to get anything back and even with the minimum bets I was always feeling the anticipation of a nice reward coming up on my screen. This is a game I will definitely coming back to for more action and maybe to even risk some Max bets when I feel more flush because I can only imagine the potential winnings for now.All things covered I am going to give the surprisingly fantastic Cool Wolf 9/10

Lacey-May Haines
May 6, 2019

I was very inspired by amazing winning screenshots I saw here, on askgamblers. Cool Wolf is a Microgaming powered slot game with 5 reels and 243 paylines. And I was very surprised how I didn't know this game before, I am a big fan of Microgaming and lately I've been mostly playing at their casinos. So yes, seeing more than 100x bet winnings from fellow members was good enough reason to start playing this game.I played it a few time this month and definitely fell in love with it. I think that design of it is very smart and interesting. Last time I played it was only few days ago at Golden Lounge. I had 70€ balance and I wanted to invest in this game, besides, the minimum bet amount is 0.50€ per spin so in worst case scenario I would make 150 spins! (I was hoping it wouldn't happen). Playing with the minimum bets it took me less than 30 spins to receive free spins bonus round. It starts when you get from 3-5 scatters on your spin. 3 scatters give 15 spins, 4-20 and 5 scatters give 25 spins. In my case I had 4 scatters, that already gave 15€ win, and overall I won 40€ from the game. The interesting thing in this game is that similar to few other slots, when you receive a winnings (on the main game and on free spins) the winning combinations are taken out and new items fall down. In free spins round each fall with a win gives you increasing multiply win. I have to say my favorite part is the stacked wilds and howling wilds. Stacked wilds appear on 3, 4, 5 reels. But Howling wild appears on 2,3,4 reels giving guaranteed wins. I got both of those features, sure stacked wilds appear much more often, but they both look great. I increased bets to 1€ and played 100 spins and started to lose a lot and when finally another free spins feature came, I got 15x bet winnings which was a bit disappointing.Overall I think this game is quite amazing and I will definitely keep playing it even more. The name of it is Cool Wolf and I could actually describe this game as –cool. I love the 80s vibe it brings me, the color theme is great and features are generous. Worth giving a try.

Zakary Choi
May 5, 2019

Cool Wolf is last big success slot of Microgaming casinos. Except for two observations against it (which you will find at the end of this review) I have nothing else to reproach. Even before the first spin I realized this slot must be good. The electric guitar music and the totally unexpected theme (that of lone wolfs nightlife from “HoglingWood” - a kind of Hollywood) contribute fully to this first positive impression. Likewise, the 243 ways to win of this slot. The slot itself is entertaining and wins are very common. The main peculiarity of the slot is its stacked wilds on reels 3, 4 and 5. The winning combinations that form on the reels disappear being grated by the wolf and other symbols take their place (as in “Football Star”). I would have liked more this slot if it had a multiplier to be advanced with every win in the same spin. What is still good here is that quite frequent 2 or even 3 wins follow one after the other in the same spin. The second peculiarity of this slot is the so-called “Howling Wild” which is offered at random when a whole reel is turned Wild by the lone wolf and a win is guaranteed. Even in this respect this slot resembles “Football Star”, only here this feature is more frequent.The game is nice to play and in 2 or 3 occasions I was really surprised by a “Big Win”. The biggest win was about 28 Euros and made me feel truly triumphant. I started the game with 34 Euro which were enough to play about 400 spins (for a bet of 50 cents/spin).It was a moment when the amount available for playing the game has exceeded 50 Euro.I entered the Free Spins round first time only after 350 spins played and I have been stubborn to play it because I wanted to know what means “Rolling Reels” for Free spins. Eventually I found: when on a reel fall stacked wilds, although initially they disappear from the screen with the winning combination, these reappear in the same place.Because in addition, when playing free spins there is also a multiplier (between 2x and 10x) advancing with every win in same spin the payout at the end is really nice. I stopped playing the slot after the Free spins round with a total win of about 20 Euro. This slot has that nice look and feel that any successful slot has, and it is not lying about it.

Jon-Paul Mendoza
April 20, 2019

Cool Wolf slot is powered by Microgaming and it has 5 reels and 243 paylines. The games sound is pretty good and relaxing to me and the design is not too bad also. Thanks to this game and its features it is really not surprising to get a massive win.This game is mostly about wild symbols those are the things that will make you really want to howl. First of all we have the Cool Wolf symbol that can appear stacked on reels 3, 4 and 5 and it will substitute for all symbols except scatter of course. Then we have the Howling Wild Feature which can appear on reels 2, 3 or 4 where an animation of a wolf will appear and it will howl to make that reel completely wild and you will have a guaranteed win. Also we have the scatter symbol that triggers free spins, 3 scatter symbols trigger 15 FS, 4 scatter symbols trigger 20 FS and 5 scatter symbols trigger 25 FS. Once you have managed to trigger free spins then the games main feature which is Rolling Reels Free Spins is activated. The free spin feature cannot be retriggered within itself. Every winning combination during the feature will disappear, allowing more symbols to fall into place. So Rolling Reels basically work for every winning combination during the feature will disappear, allowing more symbols to fall into place, it is kind of similar to the avalanche principle. Also with each win no matter how small it may be you multiplier will raise until it hits the maximum 10x, once the winning streak is over it will reset of course. So this is basically the principle behind massive wins. Overall this is very exciting games with really awesome features and one of my new top games from Microgaming. 8/10

Terence Richards
April 16, 2019

Getting 10x from the multiplier trail during free spins are highly unlikely because I only gotten up to a 4x on a combination but never higher! And believe me, once I had $500 I started betting $2.50 a spin......lesser wins were appearing like 3 jacks or dead spins (No winnings from a spin). Bigger bets here mean lower wins. Scatters were hiding from my $2.50 bets, they only appeared to trigger on $1 and $1.50 bets for me.

Trinity Major
April 14, 2019

Microgaming has just pulled a fast one on us! To satisfy the World Cup frenzy, they put out a new game entitled Football Star. To satisfy players demand for a new game, they put out Cool Wolf. Where’s the pulling of the leg? In the two games itself – both games share the same base program! A swap of icons and voila, a new game! But that’s not what we players want – we want a new very good quality game each and every time, although the graphics of Cool Wolf is nice, the music lively and suits the 70s era of the game. 1 star down.Looking at the paytable, I shake my head! Microgaming game designers just love to use a very low paytable then make the game very playable, giving players a much longer play time as the credits slowly drain away. Players are illusioned into believing that the game is paying a lot and frequently, but only a few would realize that the payments are not doing justice at all! For every $1 you bet per spin, the game pays you back $0.05, $0.10 and $0.20 mostly and frequently, only sometimes it pays par, with 4-of-a-kinds. 5-of-a-kinds pay you double your bet. How’s that for payouts? 2 stars down.Yes, I do get a much longer play time with Cool Wolf. Great! But when are the good nice wins coming? I’m getting all the smallies, I need the biggies! The randomly activated Howling Wild Feature comes rarely. The free spins feature do come a bit more frequently, but hardly pay big, mostly around 10x total bet amounts. So what’s the use of that 10x win multiplier? It hardly ever goes above the 3x win mark! Aaaah, but of course…it’s for that once-in-a-blue-moon big payout. Same goes for the potential 3 reels of expanded wilds, for that very good once-in-a-blue-moon huge payout. Dang! The moon is never blue on my side! 1 star down.On the brighter side of Cool Wolf, it is a cool game for dragging your playthrough and wagering requirements, as long as you don’t play with big bets. This game works better with small bets! Yes, playing small gives me extended play, my credits go up and down, up and down, as my credit balance stays about the same, for a while anyway. If not for the big payout potentials of Cool Wolf, I wouldn’t want to add a star to my rating, but the possibilities are there no doubt, and I quite like the background music too, so 1 star up.

Murray Potter
February 12, 2019

Scarface is one of my this months’ explorations from Netent software. I had tried it a few times before but I had never had long sessions with this game, but recently I've been starting to play this game a lot and found many things to like about it.The inspiration for this game is the famous Scarface movie and I really like how the inspiration from the movie is incorporated in the actual design in symbols this game has. I've never been a fan for the movie but even so, I really liked the design. It took some time to get used to it as it has dark color scheme, but after that I really fell for it.This is another game where I really enjoy the simplicity it has, because the main symbols for this game do more than just one thing. It has 20 paylines and there are 3 movie characters and when they cover entire reel (one character the entire reel) then you get the bonus it holds. I think it's great because one of the bonuses is free spins and it's delightful to need only one covered reel to get them, instead of 3 or more scatter symbols as most games have. And I really enjoy the fact that the character features work as wilds too.My favorite bonus so far is the free spins round, because I've won the most on it. Also I think this bonus overall holds the biggest winning potential, because you play 15 free spins 3x multiplied and from my experience you can also get the nudge respins feature, which will give respins and nudge wild on reel 2. That's how I got my biggest win so far which is 150x bet. My least favorite bonus round is bonus game, I have to say it looks really interesting with the intro video, but I usually get only 4x bet winnings on it so for me it's not a feature I look forward to get.At first, when I started to play this game, I had some doubts about it's winning potential and the reason for that is the fact that it's really hard to get a decent win on base game, I haven't got win over 30x bet. But I think that the bonuses compensate that, as they come up quite often, even the free spins usually come up at least once in 100 spins.Overall I think this is a very good game and is worth trying. Design is dark yet intriguing, there are more than one bonus so I don't think this game can get boring. I've had some decent winnings on it and I would play it when wagering bonuses, because the features come up regularly, keeping my balance steady or even increasing it, and I haven't lost much money on this game so far.

Macsen Kaiser
February 10, 2019

Cool wolf is newest microgaming game, and it is just another clone of two another games - break away, which themed with ice hockey, and another game which has football theme. I think microgaming just do clever job, they making same slots, but with different layouts, so they shoot 3 targets, football fans, hockey fans, and those people who did not like sport games at all. Therefore they involve in their game a lot of players, and i think it is clever, but i am those kind of player who did not like clone games.Cool wolf has 243 paylines, which means all pay wins, and also it has stacked wilds on reels 3 4 5. This slot featuring rolling reels, which mean every winning combination will be removed, and new symbols will appear on reels, giving player a chance to get more wins. Also on this game possible to get freespins, 3 scatters award 15 freespins, 4 awards 20 freespins, and 5 awards 25 freespins. During free spins, due to consecutive wins player can get up to 10 x multiplier, free spins on this game is of course where big money can be won. Also on base game possible to trigger random reel wild feature, wild will be placed on any reel from 2 to 4, and there is guaranteed win, my best hit during base game on this slot is 150 x total bet, and free spins something like 200 x total bet for me. Game is interesting and not boring, but everyone already played it, just with another layout.Game variance is medium-high,and therefore it is possible to get really awful run on this game, but from other side it is also possible to get really nice run, so you never know if you hit big or not. I like this game, but as it is simple clone of other game, i rate cool wolf with 6 stars.

Blossom Keeling
January 1, 2019

Cool Wolf is another game from most reputable software Microgaming one. Before have to be honest I didn't like Microgaming slots, well maybe didn't play them that much or maybe was playing the wrong games. Cool Wolf game is an 243 way wining slot, which make it more interesting because you can win much more then the regular slots.I came across this game recently for the first time from one casino when they offered me few free spins to try this for me new slot. I really couldn't believe, because from those 10 free spins I managed to raise my balance up to 200 euros, wagered the bonus and cash out. Ok then I thought it was lucky day for me on that slot, but I guess I was wrong. I been playing this game for about 2 months and really my self couldn't believe what this game has to offer. Well for me it offered me a lot of money in this 2 past months.The theme about this slot as I see it is one kid from the high school, when he becomes werewolf and that's when the story begins.The main characters are the kid, girls, the werewolf where he only appears on the bonus game and he usually appears on the 2, 3 or 4th reel and that way giving you the stacked wild, but if you managed to get the werewolf stack wild on the second reel and the rolling wilds on 3, 4, and 5th reel, well we are talking for a lost of money, and specially f on reel one appears the kid or the girls then the payout of the game is really huge.The most I like about this game is the free spins feature, which getting 3 of them you'll get 15 free spins, 4 of them 20 free spins and 5 will give you 25 free spins, honestly didn't triggered 5 scatters not even once and I played this game a lot. But as for the 4 scatters I have triggered them many, many times.When I play the free spins what I adore when happens when I get the rolling wilds on the 3, 4, and 5 reels and the winnings are up to X 10 the bet and when you have winning combination then they will swap of and make place for another wining combination to lend. My biggest win from free spins so far was around 950 euros and that was really impressive to see that screenshot and it only came out from 2 euros per spin. I do recommend this slot and if you are lucky as I was you will see what this game has to offer or see its winning potential, love this game, good luck!


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.