Lucky Twins


This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Lucky Twins Slot
Lucky Twins
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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Lucky Twins Overview

Here is a brand-new and extremely intriguing Lucky Twins in UK provided to your attention.

Lucky Twins in UK is a cool and interesting slot video game from the Microgaming software provider which was released in 06.01.2015. This video game makes it possible to win a 25000 with ease since of 5 paylines.

3 reels and 5 paylines generate a strong winning possibility.

If you put on t wish to take threats, position a minimum bet 0.25 and you won’t lose much. However if you put an optimum bet 25 , you can win a 25000.

Flash was used to create Lucky Twins in UK from Microgaming.

Lucky Twins Video Review


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Cinar Alcock
March 7, 2020

I've played Lucky Twins with free spins and I've played it with my own deposit too. None of my plays made any wins, as expected. The free spins were gone like a wind passing through. My deposit didn't make any extended play time, so it went off with the wind too. Then I realised, what the argh, I've been played out by Microgaming yet again! Thinking this was a new game, but it is really a recloned game from decades ago! I've told you before that Microgaming doesn't make any new games, didn't I?

Danny Keith
December 21, 2019

What is disappointing when it comes to this game is that there are no bonus features. No free spins no mini games. So basically this is a pretty boring game. If we add to the fact that its payouts are not that good then you are probably asking yourself why even try to play it. There are still the wild and the scatter symbols but I cannot say that that is enough for a game to make me come back for more. I also did not like that this game has a very high min bet. The minimum coin value is 0.25, if you multiply that by the lines then you get a minimum bet of 2.25 which is a lot. Especially I do not like to play with more than 0.50 when I play a game for the first time. Maybe this is the main reason I tried this game just in 50 spins and nothing more.

Ria Prosser
November 28, 2019

It's boring sometimes.. will took you half hour to get to the Lucky portion of the game...

Mehdi Hoffman
September 15, 2019

No bonus round or else.. you just want to sleep ....

Juliette Gilbert
September 7, 2019

The only thing I would change on Lucky Twins it’s the minimum coin value which it’s currently $ 0.25 that multiplied by 9 paylines of this slot allows a minimum bet of $ 2.25, I bet that many players would like the minimum value per coin were $ 0.05 or maybe less.

Elsie Cortez
July 14, 2019

Apparently I missed this game when it was released earlier this year as I hadn't heard of it when it was suggested to me as a nine liner I might enjoy just a few days ago. All of the newer nine line games I have seen from Microgaming have been clones of their older machines, mainly Thunderstruck, so I was intrigued to see if this one was going to be a brand new game or just another rehash.First impressions were good - this definitely isn't just another copy of Thunderstruck, although it did seem quite familiar all the same and I fired up Tally Ho, another classic MG nine liner to see if perhaps they had used that one for the groundwork this time. Seemed not to be the case so I figured I'd take off my detective hat and just enjoy the game for a while.

Al Mcguire
June 3, 2019

Moonshine slot it is Microgaming game, discovered it while playing my journey with all Microgaming games. Managed to do only 150 spins in this slot, until I really feel myself tired and just left it.Game looks extremely old. And compared with other Microgaming old games - this one looks not solid and very bad. I really did not like sounds, and general game look. Also there is 25 paylines.Base game at this slot is something really boring, not interesting, and something which will make pain for you (at least it did for me, I am not sure about your experience and feelings, everything is just based on my own observations). Wilds at this game have its own payout, which is quite good, but unfortunately wilds do not have anything on top of that, no multiplier or special features. Scatters at this slot are useless, 5 pay 50 x total bet, and also scatters do not trigger any feature. This is quite unusual, and always surprise for me and for most players I think, because we all know that scatters in absolutely biggest amount of slots trigger feature, but still there is couple of sad exceptions where it is does not trigger.Luckily you can trigger bonus game at this slot; otherwise I will easily nominate this game to the most boring slot game award in the world. You need 3 or more bonus symbols, and then you will have to pick number of free spins and multipliers. Triggered this feature once - get 12 freespins with x 3 multiplier, which pay me solid 20 x total bet.Overall this is bad game for me. I am will not rate it high, and will not feel myself about due to such rating. Game almost does not have potential, very boring, and payouts are very low.

Roy Morales
May 30, 2019

I like it because you can start at a small amount and then go big when you Hit a bonus amount...

Mary Goodwin
May 21, 2019

Lucky Twins is one of the few games Microgaming software released this month. This game is inspired by Chinese traditions so I think it's smart to release it in the festive time, right around the Chinese New Year. Frankly I don't really like this theme and their previous work about it I wasn't a fan either, so I wasn't very excited about this release.I was quite surprised that this is a 9 payline slot, as they lately have been releasing only slots with more lines, 40 and 243. But what surprised me even more was the fact that with those 9 lines, the minimum bets were 2.25eur because of the minimum coin size. For me it didn't make any sense, what is the point of such expensive nine liner, in my humble opinion it just lowers the amount of players that will play this game. I’ve played this game a few times on free play and once I played about 20 spins with real money, I just simply couldn’t afford to play more spins with such bets. The design was quite decent, there were twins which were wild symbols and substitute for all except scatter symbols and overall the symbols fit good to the theme. The first time I played this game on free play and after I had played about 200 spins and there was no feature, I only then checked the paytable to see that this game has absolutely no bonus which for me again doesn’t make much sense, because usually most slots have at least one bonus round. I have to say that it is quite upsetting to play a nine payline slot that gives only scatter winnings.There are 5 symbols that have the highest values and the others are letter symbols and a wild. However, I played around 600 spins on free play on this game and not even once I saw a win bigger than 40x bet. All I saw was either empty spins or bet size winnings, and only few times 20- 40x bet winnings, higher winnings than that didn’t appear and considering the fact that there is no bonus, where you could expect to win big, it was really upsetting.Overall for me this was another disappointing release and this time not so much design wise, because it was decent, but payout and price wise. I can't find fun in games that don't have any bonus round and pays so low and at the same time are so expensive.

Susanna Park
February 28, 2019

It's a very simple game which some players might well find it a little bit dull as there are no free spins or bonus rounds to look forward to. There are scatter symbols on the reels but they just award a simple win rather than any kind of special feature. The wilds don't have any special properties either and frustratingly the Lucky Twins logo symbol which is stacked across all reels isn't actually the games wild symbol either which resulted in several What the... moments when the reels stopped and I expected I had just hit a monster win which was, infact, a dead spin.I did end up checking out a few other games in the end and finally came across a match - Vinyl Countdown, a truly ancient Microgaming slot which I imagine many players won't be familiar with shares identical mechanics and paytable statistics. I don't think it's the end of the world this time as most players won't even know they are playing a clone, but yet again I wonder - why not create a new game for a change?!Lucky Twins is a fun slot and will definitely appeal to players who like their slots straightforward. For me though the prizes aren't big enough and the lack of a bonus mode or free spins made this an altogether forgettable slot.

Peggy Marsh
February 18, 2019

Well, what can be so lucky about these two twins, don't you ever wonder? They look like very nice twins, a matching pair of a boy and a girl, a combination that no parents would ever want to say 'no' to. With everything nice, you would expect this relatively new game from Microgaming to be good too, right? Hmm!Let's start by looking at the paytable, as I always do, and will do. Those two twins is the Wild symbol in this game, a symbol that doesn't double any wins, that doesn't pay for itself, that doesn't expand or move, except to substitute for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol, that Gold ingot. I hate to say this to those lovely twins, but they represent a dumb Wild, a truly dumb Wild! That Gold ingot is the Scatter symbol and pays 50x the total bet for 5 of them. Damn low for a 5-Scatters payout, but at least it isn't all that dumb. Nope, they don't activate any Free Spins game in this game, that's why they are partially dumb.The wording 'Lucky Twins' is the highest paying symbol, 5 of them paying 555x the line bet, with other symbols paying from 66x down to 11x the line bet. Is that any good? Hmm, no need for me to say. Cannot win anything big by getting 5 Wilds. Cannot win anything big by getting 5 Scatters. Cannot even win big by getting 5 of the highest paying symbol. So, can anyone win at all from this game? Hmm, a good question, one that only Microgaming can answer!If you care to look back through the years, this Lucky Twins game has a very similar paytable with a much older game from the same stable, the Big Top game. Both games play with 9 paylines, has dumb Wilds, has partially dumb Scatters, and both games do not have any Free Spins game nor any Bonus game. Both are very straightforward win-or-lose games. No thrills, no frills, just plenty of chills. But, there is a saving grace for this Lucky Twins game, in that it plays with only $0.09 minimum bets, as opposed to $2.25 for the Big Top game. So, low rollers like us can play this game at any time, if you want to, that is.

Dale Ellis
February 13, 2019

Finally got the jackpot here Dec 12th, 2 Lucky twins symbols (brown one) at the ends and the wilds at the middle (3 of them).. just got lucky really!

Cedric Hampton
February 2, 2019

Another good release during the year elapsed it’s made by Microgaming with its new slot Lucky Twins, a game that looks visually good and inspired by Chinese traditions. On the paytable we can see that there are 10 standard symbols, which can be a large number of symbols for a slot with only 9 paylines and a structure of 5 x 3 reels where combinations are only formed left to right, but Microgaming has resolved this situation in a very simple but effective way after including an incredibly dynamic wild symbol that dramatically improves the hitting average and it has also added a scatter that grants decent instant payouts and it has established good prices for each of the symbols as well, and from the mixture of all these attributes it has emerged an almost flat slot, without bonus or free spins rounds, that maintains a nice cash flow being also very exciting and fun despite the absence of special features. Getting a big win while playing is not a rarity, payouts are usually juicy even if hits are made with letter symbols, furthermore high paying symbols are set to pay for combinations just from 2 of a kind.I have to confess that Lucky Twins has surprised me since at the beginning and after making an inventory of the elements of the game I expected a slot with a low hitting average, and now I think maybe I underestimated it a little since before you start playing it is impossible to predict the behavior of key symbols such as the wild symbol in this case, which in my opinion is the soul of this game. I do not intend to create high expectations but I actually feel quite satisfied with what this video slot has shown so far; with Lucky Twins I personally think Microgaming joins the list of providers starting this year on the right foot.

Emmett Mcbride
January 26, 2019

Lucky Twins is a game which reminds me of a horror movie featuring twins, cannot remember which one. I do not think that that was the idea in the first place but the symbol with the twins is just creepy to me. This is a game that is powered by the Microgaming software. There are 5 reels with 3 rows and 9 pay lines. Maybe this game has something to do with the policy in China that people cannot have more than one child, and if they have twins then they are just lucky, because they cannot get rid of a child of course. Some of the symbols include a lucky cat, a dream catcher, firecrackers and a pouch of what seems to be Chinese coins. These are the highest paying symbols in this slot and the card symbols are the lowest paying symbols, and ironically they appear more often during the game.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.