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Adventure Palace
Adventure Palace
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Adventure Palace Overview

Adventure Palace slot machine offers you to go on a thrilling journey to the wild jungles of India. The most exotic animals will lead you to the Adventure Palace full of untold riches.

The slot machine has a standard set of rules typical for an ordinary 5 reel slot game. The control bar has a traditional button set for betting and selecting the lines.

Note that pressing the “Put on the maximum” button will automatically increase your bet to the maximum value, activate all the lines at once and start the spins!

The most important symbol on the slot machine’s reels is an Indian palace, hiding in the greenery of the jungles. It performs the functions of “scatter”, giving out winning combinations, appearing on different lines. you will be given 15 Free spins for collecting 3 or more symbols of the Palace.

The “wild” symbol depicts an elephant. It replaces all the other icons in combination, except for “scatter”. The winning amount for this sequence is doubled.

Find your way through the jungle, and reach the Palace to take all the treasures waiting for you.

Adventure Palace Video Review


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Pedro Nickerson
September 9, 2018

All gamers who really want to get unforgettable gambling experience in an online casino, it is absolutely necessary to try your hand at the Adventure Palace gaming machine, where in the home environment you will be given the opportunity not only to have a good rest, but also to earn money decently. In order for the game to go smoothly and without any problems, take the trouble to learn the simple rules of the slot, and do not forget to familiarize yourself with all the bonuses and auxiliary functions provided here. Some special symbols will help to get free spins, and this circumstance will simplify the win of two jackpots.

There are no complications in the slot.

Freddy Walls
September 2, 2018

There are even results of polls of active gamers, from which it becomes clear that the Adventure Palace gaming machine with the software from Microgaming, in the pages of popular online casinos takes only the positions of the real leader among the given online gambling entertainment. Therefore, if you are a real player, be sure to try your hand at this slot, because only here you can get a good rest, add positive energy and significantly increase your financial status. Using all the auxiliary functions, here you can win a huge jackpot, if you decide on the maximum bet.

A good game with frequent winnings.

Edwina Rueter
August 28, 2018

Well, Adventure Palace is not my favorite slot if we speak about the interface and design of the symbols. But I'm a big fan of such a great payments which are really generous even if u play at the small rates!!! Hope my luck will be always with me and yesterday was not my last win here!!! Simple menu, various of stakes and very tasty bonuses which can easily be turned into real money! 

The interface and the design is not the most fabulous thing in this slot, but I really like the payments!!!

Rueben Norrell
August 26, 2018

Every interested player has the opportunity in the Adventure Palace to try the hard way through the dense jungle, not to be eaten by a large number of wild animals, including elephants, tigers, monkeys, peacocks, tropical birds and royal cobras, and then finally get to the adventure palace with golden dome. In this exciting gambling entertainment there are a lot of special characters with individual values, various useful bonuses and other additional support functions, through which the players of Adventure Palace are guaranteed to purchase their cash prizes.

Management of the game is simple, so there are no drawbacks.

Vicente Hults
August 24, 2018

Adventure Palace Slot really surprised me with the payments. I put $ 25 on the deposit and after a few hours I already had $ 600! Maybe I was lucky or I just chose a successful winning tactic, but I withdrew the money without problems and several times I broke such a big jackpot while playing this slot! The interface, by the way is very simple and understandable even for beginners in gambling!

very difficult to stop on time ))))

Berry Otto
August 18, 2018

On the ground there is a huge number of people who would ever dream of making a trip to unknown worlds and descend into the depths of the blue seas. To gamers, this opportunity to realize is offered by the Adventure Palace gaming machine, which is the product of the popular firm Microgaming and among the online casino entertainments always takes the first a place. Only in the Adventure Palace slot, players can try to break the jackpot in the amount of 150,000 conventional units. And if you correctly use all the bonuses provided and additional auxiliary functions, then the second jackpot will also be in your hands.

An attractive game without any special comments.

Lorenzo Silliman
August 12, 2018

All advanced gamers in one moment opens a lucrative opportunity to pouchavstvovat adventures that occur in the heart of the jungle, with the help of the slot machine Adventure Palace, which on the pages of online casinos has long been in the lead. The slot adventure palace microgaming is suitable for players who do not like to bother with something very complicated, there are free spins and some factors are also involved that are good at winning huge cash prizes. Meet each symbol presented here, because they have individual meanings and possibilities.

A very interesting game where you just win prizes.

Rolf Whetzel
August 7, 2018

Very often every advanced gamer wants to plunge into the tale with a head, and the Adventure Palace gaming machine, created by the well-known company Microgaming, can simply solve this problem. This virtual journey, which is provided by the adventure palace slot game, allows players to receive joy and pacification, and also with the right approach, good money. Also pleasant and unforgettable will be impressions from the gameplay slot, because the design of graphics and sound is as close to reality as possible. Players in Adventure Palace can collect successful combinations, activate a risky round and multiply their wins by four times.

A slot machine with a wonderful design and a clear interface.

Neal Ober
August 4, 2018

Adventure Palace is a very dynamic slot, so u'll definitely won't be bored while playing it! A lot of pay lines, excellent graphics and really generous bonuses! My favorite strategy while playing Adventure Palaceis to play with constantly increasing rates! Even with the small deposit it's easy to win of u have a proper strategy and the luck is on your side))) 

In general the slot is amazing, but I'd like to have more RTP level just for having more chances to win really good money.

Gertrude Zimmerman
July 6, 2018

The arcade adventure-palace takes among the many interesting entertainments that are compactly placed on online casino pages, the highest position and allows players to spend fascinating minutes in the beautiful jungles of India, in search of huge treasures. Developers adventure palace slots took care of creating the most favorable opportunities for the participants of the game to win their prizes, including several big jackpots. For this, gamers are provided with free spins, which are activated again, bonuses and additional auxiliary functions.

A simple game with learning elements and big cash winnings.

Ellen Losoya  
May 29, 2018

Adventure Palace gave me the opportunity to make good money through betting. I've been playing this slot for a long time. I like the menu options, and the interface, and the presence of scatter symbols, as well as symbols that give you the opportunity to access free bonus rounds. Due to this increase the chance to receive the maximum award - a jackpot of 150 000 currency units is much easier. It will be a great pleasure to continue to participate in the game process.

Alyse Blea  
May 26, 2018

Adventure Palace, in fact, is not much different from other gaming models of this type. The same scattered characters and wild symbols. The same function of auto mode. But I would like some raisins. In one of the slots where I played, for example, I launch bonus rounds in the form of boxes, where you can increase the base amount of the prize. Or there are two playing cards and at the time when you guess the card and the suit you have a chance to also get a bonus at the end of the round. And here - the usual and posredstvenny slot without any highlights.

Thomas J. Seeber
May 23, 2018

The majority of players who have at least a little understanding of the nuances of the game on slot machines, the Adventure Palace slot takes a special place, as it can be found among the many entertainments in the online casino. At once my attention was attracted by the graphic and sound design of the gameplay, with images of strange animals. Also of great importance is the simple management of the game, which makes possible the participation of even not very experienced gamers. And the help provided in the form of bonuses allows you to develop your success and already very soon get a jackpot of 150000 conventional units. And after a good job, you can grab a second prize, 50,000 coins.

Enjoy your holiday with money.

Harley Rogers
March 26, 2018

I found my way through the jungle by earning at the beat of the slot on average about $ 50 for a few hours of play. And who is the Indian Shah now? Of course I am! A cool slot though and quite simple! But he loves only the strong and risky!

Alex BMW
March 12, 2018

The game adventure-palace itself is fascinating. From time immemorial the jungle beckoned with its mystery. And the fact that the developers made this move in the game with India and the palace, it's fine, because all the time you want to play and return to the game. There are a lot of bonuses, as well as an elephant, which, with its appearance, makes me very happy as a player.

At this level, I did not determine.

Kira Oskar
February 26, 2018

The game palace of adventure, carries a lot of interesting things. The main thing is to read the rules and stick to them. The output is fast.

The only downside is that it's a little difficult to pass the jungle, as there are many obstacles.

Oscar V.
February 24, 2018

I really love extreme, for this game Adventure Palace is for me just right. After passing through the jungle to the Palace itself, you can take all the wealth. There is an opportunity to make a maximum bet with one click, and the Elephant can double your winnings. Join now.

I did not notice.



I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.