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Cashapillar Slot
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Cashapillar Overview

Cashapillar in UK™ Slot is a unique slot machine based on a theme of an anniversary insect party. A colossal game awaits Cashapillar in UK players with an action taking place on a staggering 100 game lines – that equals to the number of centipede’s legs!

These are the Symbols that will bring you cash prizes: the Cashapillar in UK logo, cake, Lady Beetle, Snail, Rhinoceros Beetle, Wasp, Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. Note: the symbols must be next to each other on the activated line.

The central place in a friendly party is Cake for a birthday; Get 3 or more cake symbols anywhere on the five reels to activate bonus free games – 15 free spins. All winnings during bonus spins are tripled (x3).

Any gain on the reels activates the bonus button Gamble. Simply guess the card and double your current winning.

This wonderful new game gives an amazingly good chance of winning.

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Bonus amount
125% up to €300 + 200 spins
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Welcome offer is valid for New Players only. Welcome offer is valid for the first 5 deposits only. Minimum Deposit of €20 required. Wagering requirement x35

Cashapillar Video Review


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Beulah Santiago
February 3, 2020

Maybe luck was not on my side when I played this game, but I truly believe that this is a game for gamblers that have high bankrolls. You have the option to adjust the lines, let`s say to reduce them on 50 instead of 100 and play the game slowly, but I believe that even if you do that it will swallow your money in no time.

Emre Bowers
October 24, 2019

Cashapillar slot game made by Microgaming is very interesting and some kind of unique online game. I tried it couple of times, and I play this game very rare, I can not allow myself to play games with so high bets usually.There are 100 paylines in this slot, and lowest possible bet is very high - 1$. This means 1 penny per each line. I very rarely play with such high bets, but when I want to try this game I do some kind of trick. I usually play only half of lines. I just choose 50 lines and start playing. I think it is not bad idea, because most good wins come when stacked wilds appear on reels, and there is no any big difference in how much paylines I am playing. I am not sure in this, but this is the only way I can enjoy playing this slot game. Main game here is very interesting, and I can win lot of money if many stacked wilds will land on reels, and if this will be with good paying bee's of course my win will be great. But usually it does not pay so good, and my personal best during main game is not very big, 31$ at 0.50 bet per spin. It is not so great result for game with stacked wilds and so many paylines, but for me it is decent money.Freespins feature here have x 3 multiplier, and of course this gives even more chances to win very good. But there are not so many freespins, and during these spins it is very hard to get many wilds. My best result is only 40$ or so at 0.50 bet amount, and of course this is not what I am waiting when have freespins with x 3 multiplier and stacked wilds. As conclusion - this online slot for players who play big, even 0.50 bet amount is too big for me, and this is why I am play this game very rare.

Larry Partridge
October 8, 2019

There are very few slots of 5 x 5 reels that I know, and Cashapillar shows that it is a good alternative for getting out of standard 3 x 5 reels, and of course 100 paylines are necessary, because of the greatest number of possible combinations, in order to enhance the game, making it thus, really interesting for player, because how it is only logical, in such games we the players seek not only fun, but also the chance to earn some money and feel our blood bowling. There is nothing difficult to understand when playing Cashapillar, most important things are: 1) to know that the wild symbol, orange with the word Cashapillar on it, not only serves as a substitute, but also doubles the value of the gain when it is part of a winning combination. 2) An additional feature is these wilds can appear stacked on any of 5 reels to increase the chances of getting a large potential gain. 3) On the other hand, there are free spins that can be triggered with 3 or more symbols with the image of a birthday cake and the word “bonus” on them. Free spins are always 15 and winnings are generously tripled in them, therefore, wild symbols, especially those found stacked, acquire full significance, since with them gains could be multiplied up to 6x. That's all, as we can see Cashapillar is pretty easy to play. Smallest winnings’ payouts can be considered, by many people, something insignificant, but keep in mind that obtaining of substantial gains in this game is not unusual, since the frequency of the appearance of stacked wild symbols and bonus symbols are, in my of view, quite reasonable. For my part I can say that this game, over several sessions, did not punish me as much as others, and even found that on several occasions, my results have even been satisfactory, when I received a bit of luck on my side, of course.

Zackary Kim
September 18, 2019

Cashapillar it is strange Microgaming slot for me, I played it probably only couple of times, and I am like it, but still trying to avoid.There is huge number of paylines, there is 100 paylines. It is not very nice for me, because there is 1$ min bet, I hate to play with such big bets, because it is required to make decent deposit, or win some money in other slots to play this one, I do not like things like that.Game looks okay, and I do not have any troubles with looking at this game as sounds. I am not a bear so I have nothing against bees, that's all I can say about this game.What I did like with this slot it is that stacked wilds appear everywhere on reels and it is really great. This wilds can land anywhere, and it is possible to get nice win, specially it will be good money because you will play at least 1$ per spin. Also there is freespins feature triggered by 3+ scatters and it is award 15 freespins with x 3 multiplier. I had it probably three times, but nothing decent happens to me, because looks like stacked wilds appear very rare during freespins, and at game like this it is hard to win something here without many wilds.Overall my experience is ok, but I can't say anything more exactly because I do not spent much time with this slot. It looks good, but it is better to have more money on account to play this slot, and since I make deposits 20-50$ only, this game is very rare for me.

Kaitlan Sutherland
September 15, 2019

Mega Fortune dreams it is jackpot game made by Netent. This is sequel game of original Mega Fortune slot, and it looks much more better. Also strange but this game is available at very low amount of casinos, this is a bit bad, because if it will be in many casinos - I could play it much more often.Actually there is many things that I like in this slot. I like how it look, totally, nothing bad to say. Also I like sounds and music. It is great looking game, much more better than original Mega Fortune.I like in game feature with wilds. It is interesting and could pay really huge winnings. if on reels lands 3 or more wilds - you will be awarded a respin with all these wilds stay on same position. It is could pay just awesome, once I won more than 100 bets during normal play after such respin with only 3 wilds.Another thing I like it is of course jackpots. Specially amounts of such jackpots. Jackpot bonus wheel is almost same as in Mega Fortune, but it is triggered by other way. You need 3 jackpot symbols on reels 3 4 5 to trigger it. Better than in original game.And freespins here is also a lot of fun. If you get 3 or more scatters you will got 10 freespins. Each scatter during freespins will add + freespins or + multiplier. Simple and very nice. Once I had x 8 multiplier, but sadly nothing good land on reels. My best win in this feature is total of around 250 bets. Not bad for game with huge jackpots.This game really good. 9 stars.

Garrett Casey
July 23, 2019

I can't find anything bad for me to write in thumbs down page. Very nice game.

Georgia Blackburn
July 6, 2019

Cashapillar is a game from Microgaming software that I tried only recently. I saw a great winning screenshot from this game and it encouraged me to try it. Also I was interested in this game because it has 100 paylines and that isn't a very common thing.The first thing I thought was that the design looked a little old but since the color scheme was bright, the game gave me positive emotions, but I would prefer if the design was a little more simplistic. But feature wise I like the simplicity, as there is only one bonus round, which is 15 free spins with 3x mutliplier.I have mixed feelings about the fact this slot has 100 paylines- from one side it makes me feel like I have more chances to win, but from the other side it makes the game really expensive, 1€ per spin is way too much for minimum bets. For me the only good thing about this game is the wild symbols, as they come up stacked and those are the times I've had a few decent hits. But speaking of winnings, this game has been really cruel to me. I've played it a couple of times now and not even once I've got over my inital balance, all the times this slot has taken away my money. Also, for me it seems almost impossible to trigger free spins. The first time I played this game I had over 60€ balance and I lost all of it without even one free spin round, while when I've had it a few times, the winnings have been disappointing, since the bets are 1€ and free spins are 3x multiplied- my best win has been only 30x bet. I have given this game few tries to win my heart but it just seems like this is no fit for me. I think this game has mid- high variance and if lucky, this game has the potential to award with huge winnings, but there's also big possibility that you'll lose all your credits just like I did. And I think this game is worth trying because the looks and paylines makes it stand out from other Microgaming slots, but at the same time it's important to play this game with decent bankroll, because of the bets.

Reginald Guerrero
July 4, 2019

Min bet at this slot is 1$. It is too high and can't be very comfortable for many players. Also during freespins feature stacked wilds appear very rare, and it is hard to get nice win there.

Ayyan Galvan
June 22, 2019

I noticed that “Cashapillar” slot has received both 4 and 5 stars rating and also big marks from other players here. About under the same impressions I was myself, while I played here. First I thought that slot is very weak, then when I had a nice win in Free spins I began to be positively biased and then finally I revised my opinion and said again that this slot is actually rather weak. This slot “Cashapillar “ is quite special for Microgaming casinos because it has 100 paylines for 5 lines x 5 reels. Yet, the number of lines is still small compared to its complexity. Moreover, for 1 cent/payline you will pay here 1 Euro/spin for the minimum bet, which is a lot. The big trouble with this slot is that it pays about nothing. If you are not lucky enough to get in the Free Spins earlier, when wins are tripled, you will never have the chance to have a positive balance. Just imagine that you first pay 1 Euro/spin and then you win 2-8 cents from that spin. Lots of laughs (lol). Which means that this is more than ridiculous and even if from time to time you will win and as much as 1-3 Euro in a spin, these wins are too rare. The game is nice, I have nothing against it, the Wilds are stacked, even they double the winnings, but all is in for nothing, because the payouts are nonexistent. If you play 100 spins, you bet 100 Euro and when you are lucky the win is only 20-40 Euro. I sincerely doubt that this slot can provide a 95% return! (I know the casinos are tested and the games certified, but we are only humans, and humans do mistakes.) Because the biggest payout for 5 symbols is 10 Euro (1000 coins) and the loss that I had was 60 Euros, this means that I needed to have at least 4-5 times the maximum payout (5 Caterpillars) to return afloat. Going even further, the maximum payout advertised for this slot is 2 million coins (at max bet), but since the maximum bet is 1000 coins , if you play 100 spins you lose 100,000 coins and you only have a small chance at winning this giant payout as promised. I am speaking in coins, and not even dare to talk about Euros! So my hunch and final opinion about this game is that the slot is not worth much attention even if the theme and the game itself are quite beautiful.

Umaima Cohen
June 13, 2019

Cashapillar is a Microgaming slot with 100 paylines and 5 reels. These kinds of slots are very rare which made me curious to see what it is about. With 100 lines that pay there is a greater chance to win, but yet again, the minimum bet of 1 euro makes the game really expensive. I had only 15 euros on my balance and I lost it in only 20 something spins. The design looks a bit old but the bright colors are giving some kind of a positive feeling and will make you spend more time on this game. The symbols are very colorful and they include a snail, a cake with dancing candles, a turtle, a mosquito and playing cards from 10 to Ace. The caterpillar is the largest paying symbol of all of them and it can pay you up to 100 euros if you are lucky enough to get five of them on an active playline. This game is very simple to play because there is only one bonus round and that is 15 free spins with 3x multiplier. The wild symbol is an orange with the word “Cashapillar” on it. This wild serves as a substitute but also if it is a part of a winning combination it doubles the value of the money you have gained. Another great feature is that these wilds can appear stacked on any of the 5 reels and by default they increase the chances to win some big money. Free spins are triggered by 3 or more symbols of a cake with the word “Bonus” written on it. You get 15 free spins and the winnings are tripled.

Patty Yates
May 24, 2019

I've already told you how I hate the sight of this Cashapillar game because of its messiness, the 100 paylines is totally uncalled for, the $1.00 minimum bet means losing times four, a short play on this game and I was running for the door! I couldn't care if I never got any free spins game, or got any good payouts. I just couldn't play the game, it went like strike're out!

Isabel Mann
February 22, 2019

Cashapillar! Hey, dude, wanna some honey? :) I am happy to make review about this game, because this is one of the best microgaming game in my opinion.This game has 100 paylines, and what is very important for me there is stacked wilds across all reels. With 100 paylines and stacked wilds big hit potential is really great. Also there is possible to win free games with x 3 multiplier, for this player need 3+ scatters.I play this game a lot in different casinos, but i will share my recent story on this game, that was on 32red casino. I had 120$ on my balance after few nice hits on thunderstruck II, and i decide not withdraw and play cashapillar with 1$ spins. By the way this is lowest bet on this game, and this is really high min bet for slot, and i suggest you to start this game only with something like 100$ on balance. I go down to 70$ or about this, and finally free games comes to me, 3 scatters only, but still nice. Free games paid bad, and with 70$ i upped my bet to 2$, and of course there come losing streak, when i had something like 10-15$ i finally get free spins one more time, and someone can think that this is happy story, but no, free spins not pay again and i lost 120$. Just for stats, my best hit on this game is 150 x on base game, and around 400 x after feature. Once i get 3 retriggers on free spins,this is also interesting fact. By the way, if i remember good, 5 scatters on this game during free spins will pay more than 1000 x total bet, which is also great. Cashapillar is definitely high variance game, with high minimum bet. But i like it, and i rate it with 10 stars, very nice game. Only one bad thing is this really high min bet, not many players can deposit something like 100$.

Omar Shannon
January 28, 2019

Well well well, what do you know? First, there was Casanova, the world's greatest lover and womaniser. Then came Cashanova, arguably the world's greatest chickeniser, as made popular by you-know-who. Arguably, because, there aren't any recorded statistics of what that Cashanova Rooster had achieved. Maybe there were more 'successful' cashanova roosters around, who knows right? Hmm, whatever. And now, our you-know-who had come out with yet another version of Casanova. Yes, arguably the world's greatest caterpillaniser...Cashapillar! But looking at that caterpillaniser there, hmm, I think its days of caterpillanising is almost over, or maybe it has! Hahaha.One look at the game and I went oh gaawd! It was like looking down on a busy walkway from a high building, with people hurrying here, there and everywhere, some probably not even going anywhere. It looks a real mess! And that is only having 5 reels and 5 rows. Now, there are even a few games that uses 6 reels and 7 reels! Oh my gaawd! One look at them and I immediately turned away! Those kinds of games are a total madness to me. Definitely not my kind of games, no matter how good they can play and pay. My mindset and my eyesight are more valuable than what those games can ever pay!So, okay, what does this Cashapillar has to offer? Hmm, basically, it has what many other similar games have too, and that is Stacked Wilds, but these Stacked Wilds double all wins with them, unlike most others. The Logo 'Cashapillar' is the Stacked Wild symbol, it doesn't pay anything for itself but substitute for most other symbols. The game plays with 100 paylines, with a minimum starting bet of $1.00...oh my gawd...creating more havoc than ever! Why not just make it 243 ways then? Wouldn't that be better and also save a lot of aching eyes, aching hearts and aching wallets?! Hmm, you-know-who knows better I guess! Sheesh!The Cake is the Bonus symbol, 5 of which pays 100x the total bet, and 3, 4 or 5 of them award 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier, which can be retriggered. Wins with a Wild pays 6x. Hmm, get those Cakes often and you can go eat cake by the ocean! Not the DNCE song version but the PlayNSee game version. Hahaha. The other symbols pay from 1000x right down to 40x the line bet. Is that good? Are you kidding me? That is very low!

Merilyn Schreiner
January 11, 2019

Cashapillar casino slot has 100 pay lines, 5 reels and 3 rows. This is a great entertainment for the casino, which once again proves that prizes can be won even in the company of insects! Play the Cashapillar slot machine online to discover various bonuses that will help you get fantastic prizes. As in many fun online gambling entertainment with bonus free spins, this feature is also available here. At least 3 bonus symbols on the Cashapillar slot reels will bring you 15 free spins. All your winnings will be tripled during the game. And the function can be started again with the help of bonus symbols. Wild symbol and Stacked Wild symbol are also part of the game.

Donovan Rothschild
July 17, 2018

 Even if you play cashapillar slot at low stakes, without winning you will not leave! cashapillar is a very generous slot with a huge number of winning lines and combinations !! Pleasant graphics and interface, great music and a lot of positive emotions from winning !!!! By the way, the menu is very understandable even for beginners, but if there are problems with winning tactics, then in the demo mode you can earn game skills)))

too childish interface...but this is not huge problem for me!

Declan Emard
May 10, 2018

A good and high-quality Cashapillar slot with the possibility of a double jackpot. Big amounts at the rates and real cash prizes can be earned in many game rounds. Dynamic animated series and the presence of scatter symbols and wild symbols increase the opportunity to obtain the maximum monetary prize. I managed to get a single jackpot. Now I want to get a double. With such a number of bonus rounds, this is quite possible. Definitely this model of the slot game deserves attention.

Kira Oskar
April 25, 2018

The game Cashapillar is like a child, but still it's more cartoon characters, and the seriousness of the game is already adult. I have been playing for a long time, so I can say that there is improvement. Constant updating of games, and also bonuses.

Today there are no minuses.

Alex BMW
March 3, 2018

The main advantage of this cashapillar game is that it has 100 paylines, thanks to which you can win the main prize. But he still needs to get to it. The path can be either long or short. It all depends on the player and his train of thought.

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