108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes

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108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes
108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes
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108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes Slot Overview

“108 heroes multiplier fortunes” is an updated version of “108 heroes” slot that has some new features along with literally “multiplying madness” that hasn’t been provided in any other slot before.

There are nine cells for symbols on the screen. Images alternate with spaces, so not all positions are occupied by icons. The “108 Heroes Multiplier Fortune” slot has standart symbols, additional multipliers, jokers, jackpots and respins.

The sequences of three identical symbols, as well as various variants of mixed combinations, which are just unpredictable, makes this particular slot really unique.

Symbols in the game are the red and blue sevens, as well as single, double and triple “BARs“. Different “777” form mixed combinations, as well as different symbols of BAR, including the “blue seven” with “BAR“.

The Wild Multipliers are depicted as “WARRIORS” and they differ in multipliers: x2 appears in all columns, and the multipliers x3, x4 and x5 appear only in the middle column. They form winning chains of the same and different options, they can also replace “BARs” and “777”.

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes Slot Video Review

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes REVIEWS BY PLAYERS
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Janie Stairs
September 13, 2018

The gameplay in 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortune is not built on jokers with multipliers. They help to form combinations, and bring large payments by itself.Also they can launch a free spins round that can significantly increase payments and deposit. This slot will surely appeal to many gamblers who can appreciate 3-reels slots as well as the bright design and quite simple menu.

The level of variance is low, and the return rate is average, this is the main minuses.

Gregory Bechard
September 13, 2018

One can only welcome the fact that we all managed to live at the time of technical and cultural progress in the world where every modern gamer can enjoy the most popular gambling entertainment that can be easily found on the Internet, and the best of them is the 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortune, where players can fully show their skills and skills, while throwing out winning combinations that bring enviable cash prizes. Moreover, the creators of the slot 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortune thought out the game's interface to the smallest detail, and also added quite profitable bonuses here.

Use all the auxiliary functions and win your prizes.

Jerald Shoe
September 7, 2018

It has long been proven by my old friends-gamers that it's best to spend your free time doing gambling at an online casino, especially if it's a 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortune gaming machine, enjoying which you can not only significantly improve your mood, but also earn a decent money. This is a classic gaming device that has very valuable and worthwhile bonuses. Winning sequences here are three identical elements, as well as different types of mixed combinations. Here, a fairly simple interface, on this slot 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortune is available even for a beginner player.

Enjoy the game, as well as good winnings.

Douglas Hooton
August 29, 2018

For many players who are just beginning to entertain themselves in online casinos and experienced gamers, the 108 heroes multiplier fortunes gaming machine may seem unusual and very different from other video slots of this provider. This slot draws our attention to the fact that it is available on desktop computers, tablets, and also on most other mobile devices. There is also a large range of possible rates (from 0.15 to 37, depending on the currency), and the design and graphics are very simple and make the game look like a typical ground machine for fruit. A lot of special characters and auxiliary functions will help the game in the extraction of their money.

The slot machine is very interesting and without any disadvantages.

Gerardo Raffield
August 27, 2018

Unlike the previous version, 108 heroes multiplier fortunes is much improved and more convenient for the player, in the sense that there are more payouts and winning combinations. Even if you play at low stakes you can win a large sum of real money. Yesterday I put $ 30 on the deposit, played a little and in an hour I already had $ 120! The main thing is that it will stop in time and then you will always win!

I had some time to get used to the menu and the interface! 

Aron Jetter
August 26, 2018

108 heroes - multiplier fortunes slot there are three reels and nine lines, very interesting slots. Attract impressive jackpots, jokers, additional multiplier, resp, so that the motivation to play enough. I play a month, and already I can boast a staggering win of 250,000. I am very pleased with this result. Super!


Stuart Cater
August 23, 2018

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes is a slot of five reels, with software from Microgaming in which a story about the martial arts created in the Far East and the famous story of one hundred and eight heroes are surveyed. The game can be played for free, for a great pleasure, but still advanced gamers prefer to bet and win decent money. The 'Spin' function sets the reels in motion, and the 'Autoplay' option is used to rotate the reels without interruption for the selected number of times. 'Max Bet' will set the maximum bet. Everything is very simple, and winnings are guaranteed.

No downsides are observed.

Pete Ferrell
August 15, 2018

Based on the classic folk tales of the 14th century by the firm Microgaming, the video slot 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes, in addition to a very interesting story, enables all interested gamers to get a great pleasure from the game, as well as cash rewards. In this classic, three-drum game, a single bonus is available - repeated rotations with an additional multiplier to x10, and the maximum win is equal to multiplying the bet by 2136 times. All players who fulfill all the simple rules of the game are allowed to win the jackpot. But nevertheless success is the main factor of success.

The game is quite exciting, no comments.

Stuart Meder
August 13, 2018

108 heroes multiplier fortunes is an incredibly fun slot with an original storyline and lots of payouts. I play at medium and high stakes, I often win good money, but even if I lose, I'm not upset because playing in this slot I get tremendous pleasure. Special thanks to the developers for the storyline and design. Bonuses here are also quite generous.

I would like that bonuses drop out more often when you play at medium or low stakes, it's very motivating!

Mike Vandeusen
August 8, 2018

The gaming machine 108 heroes multiplier fortunes is a refreshed and improved version of its predecessor 108 heroes, created by the popular company Microgaming, the plot of which are colorful Far Eastern heroes who are always ready for decisive battles. It differs by the addition of new additional auxiliary functions, as well as the presence in 108 heroes multiplier fortunes slot of a huge jackpot, worth 100,000 conventional units, which has the ability to win any stubborn gamer. Also here there are a lot of wild symbols, regular re-rotation and other pleasant bonuses, multiplying times your rewards.

Excellent game with new features.

Christopher Dorais
August 3, 2018

108 heroes - multiplier fortunes slot - this is a fairly functional, colorful and bright slot game model, which is really designed to receive smart cash prizes. One jackpot in the form of ten thousand monetary units is worth it! Each win is accompanied by a characteristic sound series, which can not but rejoice. This model of the game slot contains a large number of active lines of payment and symbols. In general, the slot is very messy and many functions in this model, including auto mode, work quite well.

Alfie Jackson
May 6, 2018

108 heroes, which give an opportunity to really raise the game balance. Such characters in the form of symbols ... what can I say? Very well thought up these Koreans! Or who designed this slot! Jackpot of course could have done more, but otherwise this slot machine is very good! Damn nice! In a few days my game balance has increased by 300 euros! The East has always been my weakness. So the game process always gives joy, pleasure and so much adrenaline!

Pavel Andreev
April 18, 2018

A plot of the game is really unbelievable. Nice bright pictures like an fairy tale fantasy. Very interesting. Of course it will become boring to me over some time. But for now I am amazed by this slot. I will play for some days more for sure.

I don't watch for any faults.

Oscar V.
March 5, 2018

108-heroes-multiplier-fortunes is an updated version with new features, with standard symbols and unpredictable combinations. As in any slots the game is built only on luck and you do not decide anything here. If you are a gamer, then risk and try to break a big jackpot.

Did not notice.

Myroslav Roman
February 28, 2018

Ever since I have started playing in here, I noticed the abundance of payment methods available on the website. I also got fascinated with the variety of games and slots. It seems like I play the games I actually like instead of the dull and boring ones. Besides, the withdrawal options in here are simply great. Can't stop thinking about how I will spend money on my first transaction.

Simply none

Alex BMW
February 25, 2018

In game 108 heroes multiplier fortunes there are many pleasant moments that very well affect the game of the player new or experienced. Therefore, you should always look in both eyes and do not miss unnecessary symbols. Keep your luck by the tail and do not let go.

Did not bring

Andry Kal.
February 24, 2018

As for me, it's just a great slot on which I often play and I get to win not bad money. The slot is very simple and convenient even for beginners in this business. So it is worth trying to play for everyone.

There is no shortage

Oscar V.
February 23, 2018

Who managed to play in the updated 108 heroes multiplier fortunes, he really grabbed the luck by the tail. After all, here the slot has additional multipliers, jokers, jackpots and rispons, which means more chances to win good money. The number of winning combinations allows you to count on this.

All very cool

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