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HellBoy slot
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HellBoy Overview

Here is a new and very interesting HellBoy in UK presented to your attention.

HellBoy in UK is a cool and exciting slot game from the Microgaming games provider. This game makes it possible to win a 10000 with ease because of 20 paylines.

5 reels and 20 paylines bring in a strong winning possibility.

If you don’t want to take risks, place a minimum bet 1 and you won’t lose much. But if you place a maximum bet 0.25, you can win a 10000

And if you are still wondering whether there is an autoplay option in HellBoy in UK, our answer is – yes.

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Beverly Nichols
March 5, 2020

Hellboy slot is powered by microgaming. To begin with i will say that i love the movies and when i spotted this game i just had to try it. This is a 20 line game based on the comic books and the movie Hellboy. All of the main characters that you have seen in the movies could be found here.There are two features in this game. The Underworld bonus and a Supermode free spins feature. The underworld feature is triggered when three or more scatters. The bonus round is made out of four levels, where a player has to pick doors. There is a win all symbol and a blocked symbol. If the player picks win all then all of the prizes are awarded to him, but if he picks blocked twice then the bonus round is over. My usual bet on this game is €0.40 and max i won on this bonus was around €20. Even though it is a pretty cool bonus i feel as if more could have been added to it to make it more interesting, like a possibility to get a multiplier:)The Supermode activates randomly. For me it could come out few times in a row, or not come out at all for ages. When it does come out it awards player with 10 free spins with a chance of hellboy awarding sticky wilds. They do help a lot and if you get them with wild it doubles your win. Max i ever got on it was around €15. To be honest there are few things that i dont like in this game and that is probably why i dont play it a lot. I think this game would have been better with 30 or more lines and with free spins not being random:) The graphics are average and the music too.Over all the game is quite fun, but could have been better. 6 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

Anthony Cohen
February 27, 2020

Hellboy slot game made by Microgaming, and it is one of the best game with this soft. I love to play this slot, and usually slot gives me good game time and sometimes also very good wins.This slot has 20 paylines, and lowest possible bet is 0.20 per one spin. It is very good for me, because I can play this game even after my deposit without any bonus. This game is very hard to get huge win, because only 5 of a kind with wild in main game can award nice winnings, or probably even without wild, but top paying characters, like hellboy or his friends. There is awesome thing that freespins feature that called 'supermode' starting by random, and I never know when it will start, it can be start after any of my spin, and of course I am always waiting it to start and always happy when I see message that super mode comes to me. During super mode hellboy add few wilds on reelsthat will be held. Once he made 6 wilds, not at payline, but I won almost 200$ at 0.40 bet amount, and I think I can say that it is awesome result. In main game my best result is about 10 - 15 dollars wins with 0.20 or 0.40 bet amounts, nothing special, but this is also very good money when you play with low bets. Bonus game is also very nice here, and few times in my gambling I made hellboy to finish and have nice winnings. Best result I had is something about 55$ with 0.40 bet after bonus game, because I made good picks. As conclusion I can say it is awesome slot, but without bonus game or super mode it is hard to keep money balance alive. Based on this observation can say that playing this slot game with bet higher than 1$ is very risky and better not do it.

Derek Lowe
December 22, 2019

Hellboy is another very good slot from microgaming which has 20 lines and 5 reels with a minimum and maximum coin value of 0.01 to 0.25 with a maximum of 10 coins per line. Hellboy is based on the comic series on which movie was also made. Now , this slot has medium to high returns on the base game and high returns on the bonus games. To justify former i would say that on base game the returns are good because of high paying symbols among which highest is paid by the wild symbol (hellboy logo) which pays a whooping 10,000 coins. Another reason is the wild symbol that when forms winning combinations doubles the wins and can replace all symbols except the scatter. Now what i have observed, the returns becomes even better when you get two wilds on first or last reel or first or third reel which results in combo wins. I have won $6 , $8 and $12 on a bet as low as $0.05 by getting two wilds as stated above. Now you wonder if the base game has so much to offer then bonus games are just cherry on the cake. One of them is the free spin feature or they call it super mode which gets triggered randomly and the hellboy converts three symbols into wilds for 10 free spins. This bonus game pays good amounts and specially because there are three wilds it becomes quite probable to get 5 of a kind which pays you hefty amounts. Now other bonus game is the underworld bonus game which gets activated when you get 3 or more scatter symbols. You have to find your way through four level to find the hidden relic and if you get a blocked tunnel the bonus game ends there. I guess the returns from the super mode is much higher then this bonus game reason being obviously three wilds. I have never reached the last level in underworld bonus game and after two levels i always choose the wrong way .. MY BAD ! Nevertheless it has always been a good slot to play and i must also tell you even if you don't get 3 scatters, 2 scatters occur very frequently( and it does mean very frequently ) and doubles your total bet on that spin. I frequently increase my bet time to time and if i get two scatters, my bet doubles and then i reduce the bet which leaves me with plenty of playtime. This was a small technique which might also help you because i have personally experienced this works. So overall a rating of 8 out of 10. Good luck with the slot !

Laurence Watkins
November 23, 2019

I did not like that supermode triggered very rare. Also hellboy never place wilds good for me, and also it is hard to get in to bonus game.

Kelly Henderson
November 7, 2019

Leagues of fortune is slot game made by Microgaming, and it is awesome game by potential, which for me unhappily still unrealesed at all.I like how this game look. Underwater theme here I guess, and it is really suits me good, I like it.I like that there is 1024 paylines. Of course there is price for that with 0.50 lowest stake, but still, not so often I could play any game with such amount of paylines. Netent even do not have any game with such amount of lines.I like payout potential in this game. 1024 lines with stacked wilds on all reels always could pay huge amount of money. I like this, and for sure I am love to play in this game.I like unique gamble feature in this game, it is quite impressive and unique. You can gamble with a chance to increase your balance by any %. You could try to boost your balance by 30% only, and will have 70% chance to do that. Couple of times I tried a system to increase many times big win by 10%, couple of times it worked, but once I did this on 100$ win and after I lost I decide to not do this anymore, was very painful.I like freespins feature here. It can be triggered when 3 or moer scatters appear anywhere on reels. Then cracken will award random amount of spins, and multiplier for freespins will be 5 x. Once i won 140 bets in this feature, but it is very far away from best possible, and i am thinking about myself as unlucky girl in this game.I like this slot a lot. Probably if i will continue playing one day I will see its potential and release it. I rate this game with 10 stars.

Krystal Wright
October 2, 2019

I tried Hellboy out after reading it's many fans boasting of huge wins in the games Supermode two or three years back, and was expecting great things when I tried the game myself. It didn't quite live up to my expectations but is still a very fun game.As ever the presentation is as close to flawless as you could hope - great quality, highly detailed graphics and fantastic looking symbols are almost a given with Microgaming slots as is top quality sound and user interface design and I'm pleased to say that all of those basic things are handled brilliantly in this game. Base game payouts are reasonably high, although not huge by Microgaming standards its a solid game capable of returning some chunky wins whilst also being of a reasonable enough level of variance to make this a good choice for bonus play.

Glenda Wells
September 26, 2019

Hellboy is an old microgaming game. But i think this is quite unique game, and i can't remember any other slot which trigger free spins just at random occasion. No more waiting this 3 stupid scatters, no angry kicks on table after 5 times i get 2 scatters. Just spin, and wait supermode, i like this idea. Base game here is interesting and can pay some nice wins, also here we have supermode, in which hellboy appears and make sticky wilds. Supermode triggers at random, which is great as i told. Also here is bonus game, and i will not spoil it, it is interesting to play, try yourself. I play hellboy many times, in different casinos. Last time i played this game was yesterday, at 32red casino. 25$ deposit with 100% bonus give me 50$ balance, and i open hellboy at start spinning at 0.60 bets, hit 3 times bonus round, two times supermode, but after hour of playing found that i did not have enough money to place bet. But at least i had a lot of fun with this game, and it was really interesting to play. My best result on this game was after supermode, i won 400 x total bet, because mr. hellboy appears few times and adds some wilds. My best result in bonus game is around 100 x, which is also nice result, in base game couple of times i had something like 200x. I like that game, and i am still playing it from time to time. Generally, i think i am even up with this game, it means i won more money that i lost, and of course every player will be happy to have such nice result.I think hellboy is medium variance game, and every player can expect some fun and entertainment while playing it. Big wins is possible, game does not allow you to start boring, and that's what i wait from good slots. 9 stars, nice game!

Tonya Ross
August 25, 2019

The aforementioned Supermode is a randomly activated free spins feature with sticky wilds, but these are also randomly activated meaning you might get one on your first spin or might have to wait until the fifth - you get a maximum of three, and in my experience you do tend to get all three although sometimes the last of them won't be added until the 8th or 9th spin but at least they stick around for the remainder of the feature when they do finally appear. Disappointingly there's no extra multiplier in the Supermode, and overall it doesn't seem all that super to me, and the fact it simply activates randomly rather than being tied to any specific combination landing on the reels feels a little bit off - I just don't really like this method of activating the feature, new ideas are always worth trying out at least once, but I think the typical three or more scatter method of activation just works a little better as there is at least a tangible goal that your looking out for as you play, I can imagine there will be many people feeling as if they are not getting their fair share of bonus rounds under this system of them simply popping up at random.

Lula Casey
August 22, 2019

Hellboy slot is Microgaming game that I did not like. There is not so many video slots that I did not like from Microgaming, but this games appear in this list. I think many players like this game, but for me it is very unlucky and I am not touching it.This game has 20 paylines, and in case of look of the game everything is ok here, nothing bad to say about it. Game designed good, sounds ok.There is very interesting way to get freespins feature. Actually, there is only one way to get it - play, play, play. Freespins here called 'supermode' and you get freespins when it is activated. I can say that it is not very easy to get supermode, and it is triggered very rare. In freespins hellboy can appear and shoot on symbols, making their sticky wild till the end of freespins feature. It is appear not very often, and best number of wilds I had was 4, they was very bad placed, and my win was not big. But if luck will suit me, of course hellboy can appear often and make some good combo of wilds, and this means big wins. Also there is bonus game, 3 or more scatter and you can try to pass hellboy to the end of bonus game to some crystal. Payouts are ok, and it is most interesting feature in this game, but also very hard to get it.I never had any very big wins on this slot, if only one, 30$ on 0.20 bet, but this is really my best result, not at feature, just hit 5 of a kind during game. Overall this game is not in my favorite pick, because it is hard to win.

Michele Martin
August 16, 2019

I have nothing bad to say about this slot!

Benny Bryant
August 5, 2019

The free spins bonus seems impossible to get at times.

Ed Allison
July 22, 2019

Again we see that the comic books and movies have great impact on slot games. So the Microgaming produces a slot, Hellboy inspired by its movie. The last time I played this slot on Casino luck with $40 account balance. And I started playing the slot with the bet of $0.40. I never could have won more spins than I won that day. The super mode feature activates randomly and awards up to 3 wilds. And if you are lucky as me you can really boost your balance. The wilds also play an important role which can substitute any reel icon. The slot has two ways of amazing wins which I could not get. The first one is Hellboy logo which pays ravishing 10000 coins and the second one is scatter of 5 of kind which pays around 500 times of the bet. The bonus game of the slot is really interesting and it triggers when three or more Hellboy’s massive arm of doom appears on the reel. Then comes the second stage when you have to choose from the series of tunnels. The first one has a monster which will award you a prize and open the next chambers. The second tunnel on finding the friend will open every paying passage and then the next passages.The second round ends if you are successful in finding a blocked passage. If you are successful in your choices you reach the chamber of fire. This leaves you with last choice and with only one chance in your hand you have to find the relic and if you do so it pays the largest bonus prize.So I had a great passage of time in playing the slot and really impressed by the bonus game of the slot. Thus, an assured 9 stars to this slot.

Kellie Gutierrez
July 10, 2019

This is a Microgaming slot, I thought that will be an interesting one because of the title, I watched the movie and I liked it, so I decided to try it, to see what features has and the payout rate! I am playing very often at 32Red Casino and because I had some money in my account, I opened this slot because I wanted to try it for the first time. Because it has only 20 paylines, the minimum bet is decent, only 0.20 euro, it was a good opportunity for me, I like to play with small bets because I want to play for a longer period of time. About the graphics I want to say that are good, not something awesome but decent enough to give you a nice feeling when you spin the reels and you are waiting for a win. This slot has 2 features, one is a bonus game that is called Underworld Bonus and is triggered if you manage to catch 3 scatters anywhere on the reels. I managed to catch this bonus 3 times, the biggest win was only 24 euro, I am saying this because I know that is capable of bigger wins. The other feature is the free spins feature but the interesting thing is that is randomly triggered. Only one time I played the free spins, 10 free spins with with 3 wild positions held, I thought that won’t be something big, but it proved to be a 35 euro win, decent and enough for me because of the 0.20 euro bet.Overall it is a nice and interesting slot, I recommend you to play it, the graphics will receive an 8 and the features 9 because of the free spins and bonus features.

Herbert Mcdonald
May 31, 2019

Hellboy has 20 paylines and it is powered by Microgaming software. I like to play this video slot sometimes. I also like the movie which was about the Hellboy. I watched it at least two times.I tried to play this game only at minimum bets since I had low balance. Otherwise I think I could raise my bet, because the paytable look good at this game. The design is not special and the sounds are not so good. But the game looks old, I could play it anyway. The main thing which all has it is how much can you win at it and the second thing is design and all other things.The games has bonus feature where you need to pick some things, stuff. I don't like to see these bonuses where you must pick things, but it is still better than nothing at all. The free spins are much better and you can expect some great wins. The only ˝problem˝ is that free games are randomly rewarded to players. Feature gives you 10 free games and during this feature up to 3 wilds positions are randomly awarded and held in place till the end of the feature. This is great opportunity to get some insane big win even at minimum bets because paytable looks great.The only bad thing is that this feature is randomly. You can wait it even longer than on some other games scatters. I don't know what to say about this, because when I played I didn't receive those free games. Maybe I did not play it enough time. Otherwise I think this is great game which could provide big wins. And this kind of video slots we are all looking for. So I would like to recommend it to all to try it out.

Carla Rowe
May 13, 2019

I certainly found this out the hard way, right from the very first spin! Damn! The first Super Mode feature only came on after nearly 450 spins, paying me back only 40x my bet amount, and the first Underworld Bonus game almost 200 more spins later. In another instance, it took well over 500 spins to get the next Super Mode feature game, which then paid a blardy low 12x my bet amount! This is not to my liking at all, but can be expected of Microgaming high variance games. The best win I had from this blardy HellBoy game was just under 100x my total bet. The worst was 7x. Thankfully though, there wasn't any feature or bonus game that paid me a blardy zero win. However, I wouldn't be surprised at all if indeed there are!One of the worst game I've had to play right from the start, but regaining a little bit after a long blardy irritating battle with empty and useless spins, nonetheless getting everything taken away by the wind. Yeah, right, I know it's a high variance game, but the way HellBoy plays and pays, that'll be my first and my last play on it! I know of much better higher variance games that do not play and pay like HellBoy does!

Paulette Jacobs
April 21, 2019

There are a lot of online slots which for a theme have some blockbuster movie or a famous comic book. Some are really good and some are just average. I have to say I would put this game somewhere in between. A good game to play and have some fun, eventually win some money but still not a great slot where you can have some incredible wins. For me it’s a low variance slot and I never play it chasing some big win.This is a 20 payline, 5 reel slot coming from the great provider Microgaming. The theme of the game is Hellboy but this slot is based on the comic book and not the movie. The symbols and overall design of the game reminds me of the comic book so I can’t say that it has great graphic and animations. Overall a descent look.The paytable is rock solid with a max 10 000 x line bet for 5 wilds and a 5 000 x line bet win for 5 Hellboy symbols on a winning payline. Somehow I think that they should make a 243 payline version of this game. From the features this game has a cash bonus and a free spins bonus. The cash bonus is triggered when you 3 or more Hellboys rock arm symbols anywhere on the reels. Here you have to advance through the Underworld defeating enemies or meeting friends along the way. If you manage to get to the end you shoot the crystal which reveals a cash prize. You get prizes along the way for every level and if your choice is blocked the bonus ends. This is a descent bonus and you can have some nice wins especially if you get to the end and have one or two picks of win all. The free spins bonus is activated randomly. You get 10 free spins which can’t be retriggered and 3 random positions turn wild and remain wild to the end of the bonus. You have to be lucky to get good wilds on the screen and nice paying symbols afterwards.

Christopher Mendez
April 14, 2019

When I first came across this HellBoy game many years ago, I wasn't that impressed with its graphics at that time. Today, I'm still not impressed, but playing games to win has nothing much to do with impressive graphics. Nice beautiful graphics doesn't mean nice beautiful wins, nor vice versa, so we can never judge a game by its cover. The only way to know for sure is to play the game, and play it many times, because one, two or even a few games played would not reflect the game's true winning potentials. It takes lots of time, money and effort to really know a game's true traits. HellBoy here is no exception.There are only 2 feature games in HellBoy - the 'Super Mode' feature and the 'Underworld Bonus' game. In the base game, the Super Mode feature can be randomly activated at any time, awarding 10 free spins with up to 3 Sticky Wilds randomly placed onto the reels. These Sticky Wilds remain in position for the remainder of the free spins. The Super Mode feature cannot be retriggered. The Underworld Bonus game is activated whenever 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. In this game, there are 4 levels to clear, each level requiring a pick on one of the doors to go to the next level, with the fifth level winning the Relic of Power artifact and awarding an extra reward. Finding a Team member awards all prizes in that level, but finding a blocked door ends the picking.The logo 'HellBoy' is the Wild symbol, paying a super 10,000x the line bet for 5 of them. The Wild symbol also doubles all wins, including substituting for other symbols except the Scatter symbol. The Wrist is the Scatter symbol, no need to say whose wrist that belongs to, it 's obvious enough, and pays a marvelous 500x the total bet for 5 of them. Not many Microgaming games have 5 Scatters that pay this good. This is one of the rare ones. 3 or more of these Scatters award the 'Underworld Bonus' game. HellBoy himself pays 5000x the line bet for 5 of him, the Lady 2000x the line bet, and the others from 1000x to 80x the line bet, all for 5 of each kind. Without a doubt, this paytable is a very good one, meaning, this game is a very high variance game, so winning from it may be a very difficult task indeed.

Brooke Moreno
March 19, 2019

I took one star because there is an almost similar game, with better look.

Angelina Mendoza
February 6, 2019

A creature from earth's core is not always bad as they say.Another game that based on a comic book and movie. Microgaming is known for it's brand games and Hellboy is one of them. I always hoped that this game would be made in 3D graphics but instead they give the game a comic book layout. I don't dislike it though but I think if the game was made with 3D layout, it would be more entertaining.Last time I played this game was somewhere in 2016 and I remembered like it was yesterday, not because I had massive win but the other way around. I made a deposit of €40 at a Microgaming only casino and my gut told me to play this game, I was disappointed big time. I know that game could be cold and whenever this happens you need to get out but sometimes when your balance is low like under the €3, a bonus round will triggered and pays all your stakes back plus a small winning. Well, this time it didn't happened and I end up with zero balance. I've pressed the spins button a little bit more than 200 times and no bonus was triggered.It was probably bad luck because earlier I won a few big wins and I just couldn't believe the game was stone cold. I've learned my lesson but the next day I gave the game another try and after a few spins, the bonus round was triggered and I managed to win about 250x bet. I was happy to see my balance going up and after the bonus round I immediately exit the game because there's no way I'd win another big win but we all know that.It is hard to see if a game is stone cold but that's how things work. Sometimes a game could give it's potential 2 or maybe 3 times in a row but I'll never take the risk so after a big win at least 100x bet I always exit the game.Hellboy is a good game but it's also kinda outdated and I think it never had any update.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.