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300 Shields
300 Shields Slot
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300 Shields Slot Overview

300 Shields™ Slot is a succeeded five-reel and twenty-five payline casino slot machine by NextGen based on both the comic series and the movie “300” shot in 2007. The theme, obviously, is Spartans and their fight against the Persian king Xerxes. The reels appear on the background of Spartan temples and a wheat field blown by the wind.

The RTP rate of the game is 95%. The minimal bet per spin is £0.02 and the maximal one is £250.00. The game also promises amazing jackpots – up to 1000x!


High-value symbols, meanwhile, are as follows:

  • Flying arrows
  • Persian ship
  • Sword with a scabbard
  • Warrior
  • Spartan warrior (stands for the wild)
  • Shield (stands for the scatter)

Bonus Feature

By landing over three scatter features regardless the reels, a player receives 3 free spins. Moreover, any win with a warrior will be multiplied! Landing scatter symbols during these free spins will bring you even more free spins and striking multipliers up to 300x!

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300 Shields Slot Video Review

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Leroy Abner
September 13, 2018

From the very name of the slot you can understand what this game will be about. Since the theme is very popular, because many gamers watched the movie of the same name, most players hang out on the 300 Shields slot machine, where tempting graphics and sound content, as well as many attractive bonuses and other auxiliary functions, help you to achieve good success and accordingly large cash winnings. You can also notice that often there are special symbols, among which there are replacing all the others, so there are quite often winning combinations.

A stylish and excellent game that helps everyone get rich.

Tonia Gantt
September 12, 2018

300 shields is one of my most successful slots in terms of winning. There are many winning lines, a convenient range of rates and of course a very generous charge for the chain of special symbols. I'm very happy with this slot and I play often after work when I need to relax and often win real money even playing with the low bets or with small deposit! All chances to win huge money!!!!

no progressive jackpots, this is the only minus for me!!

Marcelo Rosenfield
September 10, 2018

Purely Spartan themes with an excellent jackpot. You can do x1000 with an RTS 95% chance of winning is very high. Although we know that only casinos will win, but why not try yourself. 300 shields slot free play, this is a great opportunity to train. In general, you can win, but I still can not. Though in a minus too I do not leave. I'm losing time, but I still have a feeling that I'll be lucky soon. Excellent colors, beautiful design, designers tried very hard. Play and win!


Kellie Olszewski
September 7, 2018

Having a great desire to get some information about Ancient Sparta and the fierce battles of that era, take advantage of one of the best gambling entertainment on the pages of online casinos, the 300 Shields slot machine, where you can really get a huge positive energy and also the opportunity to simply get rich quick and fast. Popularity among the majority of gamers this slot brought an excellent theme of the game, as well as the plot of the famous Hollywood movie. Here you can observe colorful symbols, especial of which is a scatter that launches mega-profitable free spins. Having played a little you are guaranteed to be surprised by frequent and big winnings.

Do not go past - the game is almost without flaws.

Royce Glaser
August 31, 2018

One of the best entertainment and practically a pearl of the collection of video slots that have ever been on the pages of online casinos is the attractive 300 Shields slot machine, which tells of the long-gone days of human history and the famous battle, when a squad of 300 Spartan warriors was able to resist the Persian army. This game is a multi-functional emulator with a flexible betting system and generous winnings. Here the wild symbol helps to build combinations, and the scatterer activates the game of frisin. The payout multiplier became a feature of the round. With special luck, you can get 300-fold multiplier prizes.

The game is very profitable in terms of cash winnings.

Tony Giffin
August 24, 2018

All the events that appear in the plot of the 300 Shields slot machine are devoted to very old events - the Battle of Thermopylae, which occurred in September 480 BC. Those gamers who are interested in the history of 300 Spartans, have the opportunity to experience their skills and skills here, to receive from this event a great pleasure, as well as a good monetary win. This slot will appeal to players with their frequent dropouts of winning combinations, high probability of starting and acting bonuses and other additional support functions, as well as an attractive design of gameplay.

No cons.

Edmundo Chiesa
August 16, 2018

One of the most popular in the world of online gambling, among users still are slots about historical events or famous personalities. This is the 300 Shields slot machine, which is the product of a well-known developer and tells of the heroic struggle of the Spartan soldiers. The player is at the epicenter of the developed activities and he is given the right to a free game, without registration. Start entertainment only after a detailed study of the rules and payment table of the machine. In slot 300 Shields there is a bonus game, which will be activated after the three shields on the reels fall.

Everything is very simple and understandable.

Gino Taketa
August 15, 2018

 Personally, I was first a little disappointed with the interface, I like the brighter and more modern design in the slots, but 300 Shields Slot is really a decent slot in the online casino due to its generous payouts. I managed to win $ 400, while on the deposit I initially had only $ 20. Luck? Maybe! But it did not stop me and I recently very often play 300 Shields Slots, because this is really a worthy playground!

The interface could be more modern, but it's all a matter of taste, and this is my personal opinion.

Joey Berens
August 9, 2018

300 Shields Slots is quite an interesting and fascinating slot. Most of all I liked the number of bonus games and very generous payouts. I play usually at middle bets and win good money, even if I do not raise the bet to the maximum! 300 Shields Slot is an excellent choice for those players who like similar subjects and design, in the style of battles and antiquity. I'm satisfied a lot!

It would be nice if there was a progressive jackpot here, it would greatly increase my motivation!

Leopoldo Galbreath
August 9, 2018

I would like to advise all experienced players who are actively searching for suitable entertainment on online casino sites, the exciting 300 Shields gaming machine, which is the product of Nextgen Gaming and created on the plot of the original comics, as well as the film of the same name. Very much draws attention to the appropriate theme design graphics and sound gameplay 300 shields slot. Also gamers will appreciate the characters, with individual values ​​that are collected in the necessary combinations, the ability to get free spins, other profitable bonuses and additional support functions.

Negative qualities are not noticed.

Lily Brayboy
August 7, 2018

300 shields are not on the one hand is not very different from other similar games. On the other hand, you can plunge into the ancient Greek theme and have a more enjoyable time. From the plus it is possible to allocate the low price to an input of all that 0.02 £, it is a lot of bonuses 3 free spins and other bonuses. Jackpot by the way at an altitude of x1000 made and no problems. The 300 shields freeplay available. You can start either without attachments or with minimal investment, which for me used to be the most important factor. I liked the game, I recommend everyone to try! Good luck!


Arturo Zale
August 3, 2018

The 300 Shields slot machine was created for fans of Ancient Sparta on the plot of the famous movie '300 Spartans', the popular company NextGen. In 300 shields slot there are 12 different symbols, among which are wild and scatter symbols, and also mega profitable free spins can be obtained. In another 300 shields video slot there is also a very pleasant surprise, concluded in a profitable multiplier, which can bring a gamer to a huge cash prize. We can also say that 300 shields online slot is simply stuffed with various auxiliary functions, among which is a risky game.

An attractive slot in which big wins.

James James
March 14, 2018

When I play 300 Shields slot, I always try to make the largest bet as I have luck here. The largest prize that I have gotten gambling at 300 Shields was 400 Euros.

I suppose that jackpot could be BIGGER, not 250 coins only.

Kira Oskar
March 13, 2018

300 shields offers its players 25 paid and such sweet lines. If you know the rules well, then these lines can bring a wonderful income, from which the player will return to 300 shields slot every day.

Everything is fine, I did not notice during the game.

Denis Toratotis
March 10, 2018

In my opinion, 300 Shields slot is one of the coolest slots ever. Wild simbols appear very frequently in 300 shields, in addition, sounds and video effects make me feel the atmosphere of ancient military combats.

Alex BMW
March 8, 2018

25 pay lines are a very good offer in the game 300 shields. The marine theme calms the human nervous system, and the bonus function offers quite favorable conditions. 300 shields slot is the place where you can rest your thoughts and earn money.

I would like to pay more.

Ov Vo
March 7, 2018

Compared with other interesting games, 300 shields, I think the best. The symbols on the drums remind of the life of the Spartans. You can bet from 0.02 to 250 pounds sterling, and also a huge jackpot is possible up to 1000x! Good bonuses make the game 300 shields slot even more fascinating, as each player hopes to increase the possible jackpot.

No problems.


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