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Agent Jane Blonde
agent jane blonde
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Agent Jane Blonde Overview

The quite successful and interesting casino game by Microgaming Agent Jane Blonde™ Slot is ready to transfer you to the world of action. It offers you the feeling of being the female James Bond, 007. Who said that the safety of the world should be relied only on a male agent?! Together with Jane Blonde, you are going to do great feats! Don’t forget to collect your wins on the way!

The 5-reel and 9-payline slot machine has cartoonish style with lots of colors. A blue concise frame surrounds the screen. Above the bar of the menu, you’ll find the game’s pink-blue logo. The game simulator can be controlled by the four blue-colored buttons. The player gets colorful pictures of diverse situations the heroine occurs in. All of them are the game’s symbols along with spy gadgets. The main personage Jane Blonde is a blonde green-eyed sexy woman, an all-mighty spy. The theme is already obvious, and the design is a suitable one.

Agent Jane Blonde Video Review


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Terry Gillis
September 9, 2018

If your attention falls on the Agent Jane Blonde, then you will have an excellent opportunity to make dangerous trips and feel adrenaline from exciting adventures, along with a charming blonde. Themes of the slot machine are devoted to detective adventures, so you will get excitement from the game simply incredible. It's quite easy to play Agent Jane Blonde. In addition to the normal game mode, there is the Expert mode, in which you can program the bets and the number of automatic starts. All these manipulations are available with the most common buttons located at the bottom of the screen. Make your bets, activate the slot and expect a guaranteed win.

Enjoy the original game, which has many different surprises.

Ernesto Payeur
September 6, 2018

Agent Jane Blonde slot's will allow you to enjoy the original game, which has a lot of different options!!!In addition to the usual options, wild symbol and scatter symbol here also available additional payments. The wild symbol will bring a doubling, and the scatter will take you to the prize free-spins, where all the payments are tripled. Risk game can help to increase the deposit and givesa lot of fun!

No progressive jackpot here!

Johnny Montano
September 2, 2018

Among the many gambling entertainments with spy themes, in the positive side it can be noted exactly the slot machine Agent Jane Blonde, where an experienced scout is a nice and pretty girl. Also this slot is worthy of your attention for the fact that the payments here will be rather tempting, since the winning backs here will be the result of the coincidence of combinations of bullet symbols, X-ray glasses, cocktails, lipsticks, Derringer guns and GPS trackers. A wild symbol here is the image of Lady Blond herself and is able to replace all the other symbols on the reels. The coincidence of three symbols with the logo of the slot, will bring you 15 bonus rounds of free spins.

The game guarantees everyone a great mood and big winnings.

Neil Loman
August 26, 2018

I strongly recommend that all novice and experienced players who spend a lot of time on online casino pages try their hand at the Agent Jane Blonde, the software of which is created by such a famous provider as Microgaming. The game is based on scenes from the life of spies and steep scouts, in the positive side you can note the graphic and sound design of the gameplay, attract attention bright and colorful characters, each of which has an individual value, and liking the range of possible rates. After a little studying the rules of the game and launching the Agent Jane Blonde drums, you will be able to get a perfect match and a significant financial profit.

The game without significant flaws.

Lesley Garrison
August 25, 2018

At first glance, I did not like Agent Jane Blonde slot, because there is no bonus game or jackpot. I decided to try playing this slot with a small deposit and at the small rates, and changed my mind, because in my opinion it can be a good win here, if you certainly understand the rules, interface and in general have own winning tactics. So, if u're a new player, the demo mod of the Agent Jane Blondewill definitely help u!

No jackpot and quite small RTP level

Philip Carr
August 19, 2018

It's unlikely that any of the gamble gamers will be able to pass by a gaming machine from the world of spying Wombat Fans, kindly provided by the slot Agent Jane Blonde of Microgaming. After all, a game where the main character is a pretty character, brings not only a great mood, but also a decent win in money equivalent. This agent jane blonde slot differs from other entertainment bright graphics, individual style, where it is never boring. A lot of nice bonuses and other additional support functions only enhance the attractiveness and profitability of Agent Jane Blonde.

There are no negative points here.

Alec Hallett
August 10, 2018

When it comes to spies or secret agents, immediately come to mind such famous names as James Bond or Stirlitz. But from the Agent Jane Blonde, gamers become aware of the circumstance that charming blondes do not badly cope with dangerous craft. In this slot, you can run Free spins with a multiplier of x3, and also get a wild symbol that will be able to double all the cash winnings. In agent jane blonde slot is allowed and the launch of a risky game, from which you can get a lot of fun and decent money. The range of rates here is from $ 0.01 to $ 45.

Here are attractive characters and a beautiful design of the screen.

Emmett Nathaniel
August 9, 2018

I love playing Agent Jane Blonde! the graphics is amazing, and it is also pleases me with generous payments and a lot of bonus features. My tactics are simple, I play until I win, because sooner or later success will surely smile at me. At the same time, I put the amount that I do not regret losing, and I usually play at low or medium stakes. If you are the same player as me, Agent Jane Blonde will be great adventure in online casinos!!!

I needed some time to understand the menu of this slot!

Ricky Petre
August 5, 2018

The slot machine Agent Jane Blonde, invites all notorious gamers to go on a dangerous but amazing adventure with a charming secret agent who is perfectly trained in his business. Agent jane blonde slot was created by the popular company MICROGAMING and the theme of the game is dedicated to detective adventures, so here it is guaranteed and getting pleasure and winning huge cash prizes. Agent jane blonde slot game is very qualitatively decorated with wonderful graphics, bright and beautiful animation and realistic sound. Here there are all necessary bonuses and additional auxiliary functions.

A simple and convenient game with big winnings.

Adam Cowman
August 1, 2018

Agent Jane Blonde Slot attracted me with its graphics and themes. So I wanna say great respect to the developers. Bonuses are generous, there are a lot of them and they can significantly increase the deposit even if playing at low stakes. My strategy for playing Agent Jane Blonde Slot is to play at low stakes and smoothly raise them to the maximum. My maximum winnings were $ 800 ... I hope to get even more real money!

I'd like to have progressive jackpot here, but this is no big minus for me

Sam Turner
July 29, 2018

Agent Jane Blonde I liked its beautiful graphics and the fact that this online casino in its structure is very diverse. And this is not a little important for lovers of gambling. Here you play with great pleasure and with all this you can win very good money. The casino is fair and the money is withdrawn instantly. But don't forget about the fact that every casino is a casino game where you can win or lose.

Cons no

Danna Lacefield
July 21, 2018

 Despite the fact that I did not manage to win very big money here, I still like and often play Agent Jane Blonde Slot. Graphics are normal, soundtrack too. You can play at any rate - there's always a chance to win, if you're lucky. As for bonuses, the manufacturer provided a large number of pleasant surprises for players in the form of bonuses and winning combinations.I hope one day I will win a lot of money here!!!!!

I'd like to have jackpot here

Marri Cattie
July 9, 2018

This is my first and my favorite casino. Agent Jane Blond has become popular thanks to a modern and beautiful graphics and a simple interface. When you will play in this slot, you most likely will not want to leave it to find something else. Since I am not a professional in this game, I am very pleased with the minimum deposit.

Any newcomer has problems with gambling, and everything is in order. I had problems with withdrawing funds. But when I became proficient, I understood everything

Maryjane Kilroy
July 6, 2018

The FBI response to the famous British superman and scout agent 007, was announced created an exciting slot machine agent-jane-blonde, which immediately took the lead among a lot of entertainment on online casino pages. Attention of advanced gamers, he attracts with his spy theme, as well as using high-quality graphics in the comic style, with realistic sound reproduction. Any winning combination involving a wild symbol (Jane Blond) has a double multiplier, which is very important, and the maximum payout here is 10,000 conventional units.

It's very simple, - play, you will not regret.

Levi Walters
July 6, 2018

Agent Jane Blonde will please all fans of slots with a huge amount of free spins that are easy to get. At least I was lucky while playing this slot with real money! A lot of winning symbols and combinations, despite the difference between the jackpot and bonus games, it's fun and pleasant to spend time here. There is a demo game mode. Excellent graphics and music.

There is no progressive jackpot and bonus games, but this is not a big problem for me. Here is a lot of winning combinations. 

Felicitas Muntz
June 13, 2018

Agent Jane Blonde is a quality slot game based on the famous film of the same name. It's a pleasure to play through this slot. By him, you can get a high odds ratio at the rates due to a large number of active paylines. I think this model is simple, but at the same time very popular and original. Quite a small amount of jackpot, but the chance to get it is quite large. Certainly, one of the best models of its kind.

Kittie Gatto  
May 29, 2018

Making a fascinating journey through the pages of online casinos, you will certainly find a very interesting and fascinating slot Agent Jane Blonde, which displays the activities of the fighter for the justice of James Bond, only in the female form. This gaming machine attracts the attention of all advanced gamers with its colorful graphics and realistic sounding gameplay. As in any kind of entertainment of this kind, the game brings the participant nothing but emotional satisfaction, but also real monetary gains. If you take advantage of all the bonuses and additional features provided, it will very soon be possible for a gamer to pick up a jackpot in the amount of 10,000 conventional units.

Instead of cons, only entertainment and big winnings.

Zakary Hegmann
May 12, 2018

In a wide range of exciting games that are collected in convenient online casinos, the Agent Jane Blonde slot features an interesting graphic design, sound and story with a pretty blonde who, like James Bond, fights for justice. Pleases and the fact that enjoying entertainment, a gamer can win and cash prizes. If you do not fear and skillfully use all the provided additional bonus features, then you can easily break the jackpot in the amount of 10,000 conventional units. Also, do not forget about the ongoing support, which helps to solve various emerging problems.

Now everything is clear.

Kira Oskar
May 2, 2018

Agent Jane Blonde in conjunction with Microgaming, has created a decent game, where you can not bad money. Since I am an experienced player, I can say with great pleasure. that the game is real and everything here works well. The minimum deposit has its nice side, and the big jackpot also affects the income. The graphics and the plot are beautiful.

You can play freely. Problems were not once!

Kira Oskar
March 13, 2018

I've been playing agent jane blonde for more than a month. So far so good, while the game is in my favor. I always know when I need to stop, but when I can move on. this experience comes with the years, and the person learns from his mistakes. The main thing is to have a measure.

Until I noticed nothing. Only I look.

March 10, 2018

Once on the site with an exciting game agent-jane-blonde, I could not leave it anymore. The excitement and expectation of good wins are unlikely to let me do it. Here on the five drums with different spy symbols create excellent combinations, which can be great to earn.

No problem.

Alex BMW
February 27, 2018

Microgaming surprised me very much with my game agent-jane-blonde. The speed of the game itself is normal, and the main prize motivates for the further play and its training. In order to win there is everything, the main thing is to be able to use it properly and not be greedy.

The main character is very beautiful, and only she distracts from the gameplay.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.